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Press-Fit Evaluation and Study of Displacement in Temperature Changes

References [1] Ran Zhiguo, Yan Ying, Li Jianfeng, Qi Zhongxing, Yang Lei. Determination of thermal expansion coefficients for unidirectional fiber-reinforced composites. Chinese Journal of Aeronautics 2014 (27), No. 5, 1180 - 1187. DOI: 10.1016/j.cja.2014.03.010 [2] Zdeněk Vlasák, Výpočet tolerovaných rozměrů, Oddyseus, 2004, online: [3] MSC-MENTAL, Advanced Nonlinear Simulation Solution, MSC Software Corporation, 2015. [4

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Optimization of Sluice Gate under Fatigue Life Subjected for Forced Vibration by Fluid Flow

, Shreyas Kulkarni, Shreesha Koppal, Shridhar N Mathad. Design and Analysis of Backpack Structure for School Children using FEA Tool. Int. J. Adv. Sci. Eng. 2018 (5), No. 1, 862 - 870. DOI: 10.29294/IJASE.5.1.2018.862-870 [8] Oscar Castro-Orgaz, Willi H. Hager. Transitional flow at standard sluice gate. Journal of Hydraulic Research 2014 (52), No. 2, 264 - 273, DOI: 10.1080/00221686. 2013.855951 [9] R. Owsińskir, A. Niesłony. Identification of Fatigue Cracks on the Basis of Measurable Changes in System Dynamics. Journal of Mechanical

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Computational Homogenization of Cement-Based Porous Piezoelectric Composites with Random Structure

References [1] Rajan G., Prusty B. G. “Structural Health Monitoring of Composite Structures Using Fiber Optic methods”, CRC Press, 2017 . [2] Giurgiutiu, V., Zagrai, A. N. “Embedded self-sensing piezoelectric active sensors for on-line structural identification”, Transactions-American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Journal of Vibration and Acoustic s 124, pp. 116 – 125, 2002 . [3] Kovac, T., Horvat, F., Hucko, B., Janco, R., Musil, M. “The effects of piezoelectricity matrix constants on the charge of a thin membrane”, Strojnícky časopis

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Industrial Application Of Psyllium: An Overview

, 1992; Vol. 4, p 969. 11 Martinez-Lirola, M. J.; Gonzalez-Tejero, M. R.; Molero-Mesa, J. Ethnobotanical resources in the province of Almeria, Spain:Campos de Nijar. Econ Bot 1996, (1) (50), 40-56. 12 Jewvachdamrongkul, Y.; Dechatiwongtse, T.; Pecharaply, D.; Bansiddhi, J.; Kanchanapee, P. Identification of some Thai medicinal plants. Mahidol Univ. J. Pharm. Sci 1982, 3 (9), 65-73. 13 Solà, R.; Godàs, G.; Ribalta, J.; Vallvé, J. C.; Girona, J.; Anguera, A.; Ostos, M. A.; Recalde, D.; Salazar, J.; Caslake, M.; Martín-Luj án, F.; Sal s-Salvadó, J

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Effects of Raster Orientation, Infill Rate and Infill Pattern on the Mechanical Properties of 3D Printed Materials

References 1. Ziemian, C., M. Sharma, and S. Ziemian, Anisotropic mechanical properties of ABS parts fabricated by fused deposition modelling, in Mechanical engineering. 2012, InTech. 2. Melenka, G.W., et al., Evaluation and prediction of the tensile properties of continuous fiber-reinforced 3D printed structures. Composite Structures, 2016. 153: p. 866-875. 3. Zou, R., et al., Isotropic and anisotropic elasticity and yielding of 3D printed material. Composites Part B: Engineering, 2016. 99: p. 506

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Surface Quality of the Materials used for Lighting Columns

REFERENCES Augustyn, E., Kozien, M.S., 2014. A Study on Possibility to Apply Piezoelectric Actuators for Active Reduction of Torsional Beams Vibrations . Acta Physica Polonica A, 125, A164-A168. Bara, M., Skoneczny, W., Hajduga, M., 2009. Ceramic-graphite surface layers obtained by the duplex method on an aluminium alloy substrate . Chemical and Process Engineering, 30, 431-442. Fabis-Domagala, J., Filo, G., Momeni, H., Domagala, M., 2018. Instruments of identification of hydraulic components potential failures . MATEC Web Conf., 183, art

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A Comparative Analysis of Artificial Intelligence-Based Methods for Fault Diagnosis of Mechanical Systems

1 Introduction Demand for materials with high strength and stiffness and low weight has increased in various industries since about half a century ago. Because no single-component material could manage to meet all these needs, the composite theory was introduced. The advantage of the composite is that it reveals the best features of its constituents and has features that can be viewed in none of its individual components. Fiber composites consist of two constituents, including fiber and matrix. The fibers can be placed at the matrix in different directions

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Finite element simulation and experimental validation of the effect of tool wear on cutting forces in turning operation

. Numerical Simulation of Low Velocity Impact Analysis of Fibre Metal Laminates Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering 20 515 530 2016 [23] Milani, A. S., Dabboussi, W., Nemes, J. A. and Abeyaratne, R. C.: An improved multi-objective identification of Johnson–Cook material parameters, International Journal of Impact Engineering, vol. 36, pp. 294-302, 2// 2009. 10.1016/j.ijimpeng.2008.02.003 Milani A. S. Dabboussi W. Nemes J. A. Abeyaratne R. C. An improved multi-objective identification of Johnson–Cook material parameters International Journal of Impact Engineering 36 294

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