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A Review of the Radio Frequency Non-destructive Testing for Carbon-fibre Composites

References [1] Soutis, C. (2005). Carbon fiber reinforced plastics in aircraft construction. Materials Science and Engineering A, 412 (1-2), 171-176. [2] Zhang, J., Shi, C., Ma, Y., Han, X., Li, W., Chang, T., Wei, D., Du, C., Cui, H.L. (2015). Spectroscopic study of terahertz reflection and transmission properties of carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic composites. Optical Engineering, 54 (5), 054106. [3] Pozar, D.M. (2009). Microwave Engineering. John Wiley & Sons. [4] Tse, K.W., Moyer, C.A., Arajs

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A Method for Optimizing Lightweight-Gypsum Design Based on Sequential Measurements of Physical Parameters

., Raether, F. (1996). Optimization of gypsum plaster composition supported by experimental design. ConChem Journal, 1996 (4), 64-71. [5] Gencel, O., del Coz Diaz, J.J., Sutcu, M., Koksal, F., Alvarez Rabanal, F.P., Martinez-Barrera, G., Brostow, W. (2014). Properties of gypsum composites containing vermiculite and polypropylene fibers: Numerical and experimental results. Energy and Buildings, 70, 135-144. [6] Jinzhi, W., Guili, L., Xinjun, X., Chunyan, X., Wenjing, D., Jun, X. (2014). Simplex optimization for aloe-emodin separation and purification using

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RFID Tag as a Sensor - A Review on the Innovative Designs and Applications

monitoring of carbon fiber composites. Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing, 42 (9), 1263-1274. [7] Zhang, Y., Bai, L. (2015). Rapid structural condition assessment using radio frequency identification (RFID) based wireless strain sensor. Automation in Construction, 54, 1-11. [8] Sunny, A.I., Tian, G.Y., Zhang, J., Pal, M. (2016). Low frequency (LF) RFID sensors and selective transient feature extraction for corrosion characterisation. Sensors and Actuators A: Physical, 241, 34-43. [9] Leon-Salas, W.D., Halmen

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Gas–liquid Flow Pattern Recognition Based on Wavelet Packet Energy Entropy of Vortex-induced Pressure Fluctuation

fluctuations. Chemical Engineering and Processing , 22 (1), 45-52. [7] Lin, S., Kew, P.A. (2001). Pressure fluctuation and flow regimes of air-water flow in a small tube. Experimental Heat Transfer , 14 (2), 135-144. [8] Xie, T., Ghiaasiaan, S.M., Karrilab, S. (2004). Artificial neural network approach for flow regime classification in gas-liquid-fiber flows based on frequency domain analysis of pressure signals. Chemical Engineering Science , 59 (11), 2241-2251. [9] Ding, H., Huang, Z.Y., Song, Z.H., Yan, Y. (2007). Hilbert

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