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Simulation of Processes Occurring in the Extrusion Head Used in Additive Manufacturing Technology

., (2015), Influence of layer thickness and raster angle of mechanical properties of 3D-printed PEEK and a comperative mechanical study between PEEK and ABS, Materials , 8(9), 5834-5846. 11. Wilczewska I., Kaczyński R., (2009), Identification of friction and wear parameters of carbon fiber polymers in diferent working environments - in Polish, Acta Mechanica et Automatica , 3(2), 106-110. 12. Zhao G., Hussainova I., Antonov M., Wang Q., Wang T., Yung D.L . (2015), Effect of temperature on sliding and erosive wear of fiber reinforced polyimide hybrids

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Estimation of Flow Rate Through Analysis of Pipe Vibration

environment, Procedia engineering , 189, 45-50. 4. Dinardo G., Fabbiano L., Vacca G., Lay-Ekuakille A. (2018), Vibrational signal processing for characterization of fluid flows in pipes, Measurement , 113, 196-204. 5. Guozhen Y., Yongqian L., Zhi Y. (2016), A novel fiber Bragg grating acceleration sensor for measurement of vibration, Optik-International Journal for Light and Electron Optics , 127(20), 8874-8882. 6. Hobeck J. D., Inman D.J. (2015), Low-Cost Pressure Probe Sensor for Predicting Turbulence-Induced Vibration from Invasive Low

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