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Verita Sriratana

The Precession of Simulacra . In: Leitch, Vincent B. et alia (eds), The Norton Anthology of Theory and Criticism . London–New York: W.W. Norton & Company. 1732–1741. BRITISH EMPIRE EXHIBITION. 2016 [1924]. . 13 April 2016. . ČAPEK, Karel. 1945. The Biggest Samples Fair, or The British Empire Exhibition. In: Čapek, Karel: Letters from England . Paul Selver (transl.). Frome & London: Butler and Tanner Ltd. 62–72. CAREY, John. 2010

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Henriet Kovács and Ursula K. Mindler-Steiner

, Sabine (2012): Die Ausstellung “Az elárult állampolgár” im staatlichen Museum Auschwitz-Birkenau [The exhibition ‘The Betrayed Citizen’ at Auschwitz Birkenau Memorial and State Museum], unpublished thesis, University of Vienna, Political Sciences. Rásky, Béla (2012): Die Debatte über Ungarns Mitschuld am Holocaust [The debate about Hungary’s complicity in the Holocaust], Die Presse (01 September): 9. Ripp, Zoltán (2011): A többpártrendszer létrejötte és a pártrendszer változásai (1989–2010) [The establishment of a multiparty system and changing of the

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Tereza Juhászová

official narrative of Slovak history presented in cultural institutions changed in the years after the fall of the communist regime; I also concentrate on the extent to which these institutions deal with the controversial issues of the Slovak past. In brief, I focus on the exhibition Exchanged Homes (Vymenené domovy) ( Figures 1 – 3 ), which aims to commemorate the fates of Hungarians, Germans, and Slovaks affected by the population transfers. The exhibition explicitly states that its goal is to “build a memorial of this period”. Therefore, the theoretical part of this

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Mika Kerttunen

-187. Markie, P. 2008. "Rationalism vs. Empiricism", The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (Fall 2008 Edition). Edward N. Zalta (ed.), URL = [The British] National Army Museum, The Malayan Emergency, Paret, P. 1989. “The Genesis of War” in Carl von Clausewitz, On War. Princeton: Princeton University Press. Patton, P. 2010. Deleuzean Concepts. Philosophy, Colonization, Politics

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Yumiko Nunokawa

: Painter and Composer, Collected Essays and Notes, 1906-1989. Vilnius: Vaga. Hofstätter, H. H., 1965. Symbolismus und die Kunst der Jahrhundertwende (Symbolism and art of the turn of the century). Cologne: Dumont. Kikuchi, S. ed., 1980. Porando hizo ukiyo-e meisakuten (Exhibition of ukiyo-e Masterpieces in Polish Collection: exhibition catalogue). Tokyo: Kyodo Tsushin. Koval, A., 1994. Whistler in His Time. London: Tate Gallery Publications. Król, A., 2007. An Image of a Floating World: Japanese Art

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Daniella Trimboli

Racconti ? Two digital stories created in 2014 by sisters Katrina and Grace Lolicato begin to elicit some answers. Katrina and Grace co-run an oral history archive in Melbourne and, in 2014, curated the exhibition Italo-Australian: Defining Diaspora/Understanding Culture . The exhibition included a short promotional digital story of the same title, as well as their own personal digital story, Her, Grace , narrated by their father. The promotional digital story diverges from the conventional form of the genre, with a range of voices heard. Various statements about

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Kamil Minkner

by the Warsaw Zachęta and signed with the seal of the Jewish Renaissance Movement The note was issued in connection with the display of the work of Y Bartany at the International Art Exhibition in Venice in 2011 Bilewicz M , Marchlewska M , Soral W , Winiewski M , Mowa nienawiści. Raport z badań sondażowych, Warszawa 2014 Bilewicz M , Soral W , Winiewski M , Antisemitism in Poland 2013: Research Report based on Polish Prejudice Survey II, Warszawa 2013 Bilewicz M , Wyjaśnianie Jedwabnego: antysemityzm i postrzeganie

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Elisabeth Kovtiak

first part, I have carried out discourse analysis of museums’ permanent exhibitions that are thematically connected to the Soviet Past: Museum of Soviet Occupation and National Art Museum, which are the parts of the National Museum of Georgia and Joseph Stalin Museum in Gori. The second part of my research was a participant covert observation with a series of ethnographic interviews. A total of 15 interviews with vendors and visitors of the market were held to explore their personal attitudes to the market, motivations for the visit, and their opinions about the

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Stefan Couperus, Harm Kaal, Nico Randeraad and Paul van Trigt

provincie Holland over het jaar 1832, Den Haag 1833. With regard to fishing and trade, the request for ad-hoc support came from the industry itself, which in times of crisis tried to convince the province that extraordinary measures were needed. Farming, being institutionally organized in self-regulatory, private regional bodies, could count on a more systematic provincial contribution. Exhibitions, education programs, propaganda, technological experiments and breeding programs, organized through the regional bodies, received provincial funding well into the 20th century