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Tibor Hadarics

, Budapest, p. 16. (in Hungarian and German) Madarász, Gy. 1891. Magyarázó a második Nemzetközi Ornithologiai Congressus alkalmával Budapesten rendezett magyarországi madarak kiállításához [Guide to the exhibition of the birds of Hungary organized at time of the second International Ornithological Congress in Budapest]. – Franklin Társulat, Budapest, p. 71. (in Hungarian) Madarász, Gy. 1899–1903. Magyarország madarai. A hazai madárvilág megismerésének vezérfonala [Birds of Hungary. Guideline to the knowing of the inland birds]. – Budapest, pp. 108–109. (in

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Stanisław Cios

). Anonymous 1880 - Catalog of artifacts of the ethnographic exhibition of the Czarnohora Section of the Tatrzanskie Society including the districts of Ko3omyjski, Kossowski, OEniatynski, Horodenski, Zaleszczycki, and Borszczowski and an exhibition of mountain products - Czcionkami Drukarni Ludowej, Lwow, 22 p. (in Polish). Anonymous 1888 - Register of expenses for the needs of the prince in Ko3aczkowce and Kropiec and what was given to him - Akty izdavaemye Vilenskou Arheografieeskou Kommissieu 14: 431-433 (in Polish). Anonymous 1900 - Huchen

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Sanda Maican and Rodica Serafim

LITERATURE CITED ADAM, C., L. A. MOSCALIUC, 2013 - Moroccan exploits. “Dakhla” (2012) and “Merzouga” (2013) scientific expeditions [Collective photo exhibition]. pp.: 219-220. In : D. Murariu, C. Adam, G. Chişamera, E. Iorgu, L. O. Popa, O. P. Popa (eds), Annual Zoological Congress of “Grigore Antipa” Museum - Book of abstracts. “Grigore Antipa” National Museum of Natural History, Bucharest, Romania, 225 pp. BEENEN, R., 2010 - Subfamily Galerucinae Latreille, 1802. pp. 443-491. In : I. Löbl, A. Smetana (eds), Catalogue of Palaearctic Coleoptera

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T. V. Krakhmalnaya and O. M. Kovalchuk

. N. 1995. Late Pleistocene distribution and diversity of Mammals in Northem Eurasia. Paleontologia i Evolucio , 28-29 , 5–143. Markova, A. K., Puzachenko, A. Yu., Kolfschoten, T.v., Kosintsev, P. A., Kuznetsova, T. V., Tikhonov, A. N., Bachura, O. P., Ponomarev, D. V., Plicht, J. van der, Kuitems, M. 2015. Changes in the Eurasian distribution of the musk ox ( Ovibos moschatus ) and the extinct bison ( Bison priscus ) during the last 50 ka BP. Quaternary International , 378 , 99–110. Pidoplichko, I. G. 1933. Exhibition “Quaternary period in Ukraine

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Hamid Staji and Ladan Zandiar


Salmonella spp. is the leading cause of zoonotic enteric diseases wich represents a public health concern worldwide. The incidence of zoo-associated salmonellosis is rather high due to the high prevalence and shedding of this bacterium from wild animals specially kept in stressful conditions. To determine the potential public health risk presented by zoo animals in Semnan, we investigated the prevalence of Salmonella serovars Enteritidis and Typhimurium among wild animal species kept in the zoo and pet shops. Totally, 152 fecal samples from species in the zoo and pet shops were collected and Salmonella prevalence and identification was assessed via standard bacteriologic culture methods, serotyping, multiplex-PCR and antimicrobial susceptibility testing. Overall, 21% (32/152) of the samples were confirmed positive for Salmonella and serotyping showed 12.5% (19/32) Salmonella serovar Enteritidis and 8.5% (13/32) serovar Typhimurium, respectively. All the Salmonella isolates were sensitive to Chloramphenicole, Flurefenicole, Meropenem, Ceftizoxime, Imipenem and Ampicillin, while resistance was observed in the case of Nalidixic acid (78%) as the highest resistance, Streptomycin (28%), Oxytetracycline, Neomycin, Furazolidone (each one 15%) and Lincospectin (9.3%). The high occurrence of multidrug resistance Salmonella in zoo and pet animals represents a potential threat to public health and requires strict surveillance and application of hygienic criteria.

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Oana Paula Popa and Luis Ovidiu Popa

) NEGOESCU, I. - Activités du Muséum (1990). Travaux du Muséum d`Histoire Naturelle “Grigore Antipa”, 32: 491-495.(in French) NEGOESCU, I. - Review: RAMOGE. Synthese des travaux des différents groupes de travail. Anexe 5. 1990. Travaux du Muséum d`Histoire Naturelle “Grigore Antipa”, 32: 551-552. (in French) NEGOESCU, I. - Leptanthura baliensis n.sp. (Crustacea, Isopoda, Anthuridea) of SE Bali Island (Indonesia). “4 naturalişti români în Indonezia” (Guide of temporary exhibition - 21.IV -30.X.1992). NEGOESCU, I

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JunHua Li and YanTing Fan

References 1. Axworthy,D.(1997) Water distribution network modelling from steady state to waterhammer. Ph.D. thesis, Dept. of Civil Engineering,Univ of Toronto,Toronto. 2. Betamio de.Almeida.A and Koeile.E.(1992).Fluid transients in pipe networks.Computational Mechanics Publications.Southampton.C.K. 3. Cheong,L.C.(1991).Unaccounted for water and economics of leak detection.8th Int.Water Supply Congress and Exhibition.Water Suppply:The review journal of the Int. Water Supply. 4. Karney B.W.. and

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Jun Du, Yan Zhang and Zeliang Cai

REFERENCES 1. Baik J H, Yim S D, Nam I S, et al., Control of NO x emissions from diesel engine by selective catalytic reduction (SCR) with urea [J]. Topics in Catalysis, 2004, 30–31(1–4): 37–41. 2. Lei Z, Wen C, Chen B., Optimization of internals for Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) for NO removal [J]. Environmental Science & Technology, 2011, 45(8): 3437–3444. 3. Chen, Ming, and S. Williams. Modelling and Optimization of SCR-Exhaust Aftertreatment Systems . SAE 2005 World Congress & Exhibition, 2005. 4. Weltens, Herman, et al

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Xiao-Yan Xu, Janusz Mindykowski and C. Chen

), pp. 85-89, 1995 Mindykowski, J.: ‘Assessment and improvement of electric power quality in ships’ modern systems', Proc. 2003 Int. Marine Electrotechnology Conf. and Exhibition , Shanghai, China, Sep., pp. 8-21, 2003 Mindykowski, J. ‘Assessment of Electric Power Quality in Ship System Fitted with Converter Subsystem’ (Gdansk: Press of Shipbuilding and Shipping Ltd, 2003), pp. 1-2, 2003 Mindykowski, J., and Tarasiuk, T.: ‘Electrical energy quality under ship's conditions’. Proc. 16th

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J. Romero Gómez, M. Romero Gómez, R. Ferreiro Garcia and A. De Miguel Catoira

References 1. Bortnowska M.: Development of new technologies for shipping natural gas by sea. Polish Maritime Research. No 3(61) Vol 16, pp 70-78, 2009 2. Kuver M, Clucas C, Fuhrmann N.: Evaluation of propulsion options for LNG carriers. In: The 20th international conference and exhibition for the LNG, LPG and natural gas industries (GASTECH 2002). 3. Romero Gomez, J., Ferreiro Garcia, R., Carbia J.: Analisis de la relicuacion del boil off en buques de GNL Alternativa al proceso basado en el ciclo Brayton de