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Carles Hernando, Karol Szawaryn and Ignacio Ribera

, Inclusions, Amber In Art And Cultural History. Exhibition Catalogue, German Amber Museum, Ribnitz-Damgarten, 192 Pp. Gröhn C. 2015: Einschlüsse Im Baltischen Bernstein. Wachholtz Murmann Publishers, Kiel & Hamburg, 426 Pp. Hernando C. & Ribera I. 2003: Phalacrichus Semicaecus Sp.Nov., The Fi Rst Micropterous And Microphthalmic Forest-Litter Species Of Limnichidae (Coleoptera). Entomological Problems 33: 25-29. Hernando C. & Ribera I. 2016: 19.5. Limnichidae Erichson, 1846. Pp. 605-612. In: Beutel R. G. & Leschen R. A. B. (Eds

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Yumiko Nunokawa

: Painter and Composer, Collected Essays and Notes, 1906-1989. Vilnius: Vaga. Hofstätter, H. H., 1965. Symbolismus und die Kunst der Jahrhundertwende (Symbolism and art of the turn of the century). Cologne: Dumont. Kikuchi, S. ed., 1980. Porando hizo ukiyo-e meisakuten (Exhibition of ukiyo-e Masterpieces in Polish Collection: exhibition catalogue). Tokyo: Kyodo Tsushin. Koval, A., 1994. Whistler in His Time. London: Tate Gallery Publications. Król, A., 2007. An Image of a Floating World: Japanese Art