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Dace Āriņa, Kaspars Kļavenieks and Juris Burlakovs

- Biological Pre-treatment of Waste - Hope and Reality, 1-16. Retrieved May 13, 2013, from: 25. Tsilemou, K., & Panagiotakopoulos, D. (2004). Estimating Costs for Solid Waste Treatment Facilities. 1-12. In: ISWA World Environmental Congress and Exhibition, 17-21 October 2004 (, Rome, Italy. Proceedings. 26. Tsilemou, K., & Panagiotakopoulos, D. (2007). Economic Assessment of Mechanical-Biological Treatment Facilities. Aplinkos tyrimai, inžinerija ir vadyba (Environmental Research, Engineering and Management). 1(39), 55

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Zbigniew Marczyński, Sławomira Nowak, Jerzy Jambor and Marian Mikołaj Zgoda


Introduction: The general Hildebrand-Scatchard theory of solubility supplemented by Fedors’ solubility parameter δ12 was used to estimate the real solubility by −log x2 (log of the mole fraction) of phytochemicals contained in Ext. Taraxaci e radix cum herba aqu. siccum. Surface activity of aqueous solution of extracts was determined and quantified – solubilizing capabilities of solutions of cexp. ≥cmc in relation to cholesterol particle size of Ø=1.00 mm, as well as of ketoprofen were defined.

Objective: The calculated value −log x2 collated with the polarity of extraction medium εM allows to estimate the optimal solubility of phytochemicals that determine the viscosity of the aqueous extract of dandelion and above all its surface activity and the ability to solubilize lipophilic therapeutic agents (ketoprofen).

Methods: Viscosity of water model solutions of dandelion extracts and exhibition solutions after the effective micellar solubilization of cholesterol and ketoprofen was measured using Ubbelohde viscometer in accordance with the Polish Standard. The surface tension of aqueous solutions of extract and exhibition solutions after solubilization of cholesterol and ketoprofen was measured according to the Polish Standard with stalagmometric method.

Results: The calculated factual solubility, and mainly the determined and calculated hydrodynamic size mean, that despite the complex structure of the micelle, it solubilizes cholesterol (granulometric grain of diameter Ø=1.00 mm) and ketoprofen (state of technological fragmentation) in equilibrium conditions. Equilibrium solubilization of ketoprofen also occurs in an environment of model gastric juice (0.1 mol HCl).

Conclusions: The obtained results indicate that after the administration (and/or dietary supplementation) with Ext. Taraxaci e radix cum herba aqu. siccum, the physiological parameters of gastric juice would not be measured and its presence (phytosurfactant) in the body of the duodenum (bile A) increases abilities of solubilizing lipophilic therapeutic agents and cholesterol accounting for its use in the treatment of liver diseases and cholesterol gall bladder stones.

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J. P. Adams, R. J. Rousseau and T. D. Leininger


Open-pollinated progeny tests of American sycamore (Platanus occidentalis L.), which included 55 open-pollinated families selected from several prior Westva - co progeny tests and seed orchards and six control-pollinated families were established in 2002 and 2003. The half-sibling families were planted at two sites in western Kentucky and southeastern Missouri. The six full-sibling families, generated from selections based on exhibition of parental disease resistance and susceptibility to a variety of diseases, were also planted near Stoneville, MS at the US Forest Service Center for Bottomland Hardwoods Research. All full-sibling families planted at the Stoneville site were inoculated in the fall 2002 with the leaf-scorch-causing bacterium, Xylella fastidiosa. Diameter and height data for trees of both half- and full-sibling families were recorded at ages three, five, seven, and nine at the various sites. Bacterial leaf scorch disease presence was also recorded as symptomatic or asymptomatic/ mildly symptomatic. Average family heritability across ages was 0.58, 0.50, and 0.55 for height, diameter, and volume, respectively, indicating that increased growth traits can be gained from family selection. In conjunction with derived age-age correlations, selection based on age-five data results in the greatest gain per unit time for age nine gains for half-sibling families. Breeding for bacterial leaf scorch resistance can also be successfully undertaken if proper selection and breeding of two resistant parents are undertaken which can result in a 4.5 fold decrease in the probability in symptoms of offspring by age nine. Results indicate a large potential for increased growth and disease resistance in American sycamore through traditional breeding.

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Yuichiro Hiraoka, S. Hanaoka, A. Watanabe, T. Kawahara and M. Tabata

. and A. KAKUDA (eds) (2008): An exhibition of Shisui Rokkaku, who established the Japanese ‘National Treasure’ (in Japanese) [*Title is a tentative translation by authour]. Hiroshima Pref Art Mus, Hiroshima. MORIGUCHI, Y., H. YOMOGIDA, H. IWATA, T. TAKAHASHI, H. TAIRA and Y. TSUMURA (2011): Paternity analysis in a progeny test of Cryptomeria japonica revealed adverse effects of pollen contamination from outside seed orchards on morphological traits. Tree Genet Genomes 7: 1089-1097. PRITCHARD, J. K., M. STEPHENS and P. DONNELLY (2000

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Olalekan Jacob Olaoye, Godfrey Nnamdi Onyenoro Ezeri, Yemi Akegbejo-Samsons, Joseph Mubo Awotunde and Wahab Gbenga Ojebiyi

Publishers, 87pp. Ande, C. E. (2008): Essential Economics for senior secondary schools (2 nd edition). Ogun State, Nigeria: TONAD Publishers Limited, 157pp. Agbebi, F. O. (2012). Assessment of the impact of extension services on fish farming in Ekiti State, Nigeria. Asian Journal of Agriculture and Rural Development, 2, 1, 62-68. Areola, F. O. (2007): Fish marketing and export potentials of fish and fisheries products of Nigeria. A lecture delivered at educative and informative aquaculture workshop and aqua-exhibitions tagged: sustainable fisheries