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Piotr Benduch and Agnieszka Pęska-Siwik

model and update concept based on LiDAR, image matching and cadastre information. Innovations in 3D Geo-Information Sciences. Springer International Publishing, pp. 143–157. Benduch, P. and Pęska, A. (2016). Comparison of the methods of capturing data concerning parcel boundaries in aspects of their accuracy and reliability. In International Geographic Information Systems Conference and Exhibition “GIS ODYSSEY 2016”, 5 th to 9 th September 2016 (pp. 25–34). Perugia, Italy: Croatian Information Technology Society – GIS Forum. Bieda, A., Hanus, P

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Sumanta Das, Malini Roy Choudhury, Subhasish Das and M. Nagarajan

, Marjan, Keshavarzi, and Atefeh (2010). Evaluations of Vgetation and Soil Indices For Saline Land Classification. [In] Neyshabour Region Using ETM+ LANDSAT. Avadhesh Kumar Koshal. (2010). Indices Based Salinity Areas Detection Through Remote Sensing & GIS in Parts of South West Punjab, MAP INDIA,13 th Annual Conference And Exhibition On Geospatial Information And Technology. Bannari, A. (2009). Slight And Moderate Saline And Sodic Soil Characterization In Irrigated Agricultural Land Using Multispectral Remote Sensing. The International Archives of the

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Adam Bolesław Łyszkowicz and Anna Bernatowicz

altimetry (DTU13). 76th European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers Conference and Exhibition 2014: Experience the Energy - Incorporating SPE EUROPEC 2014, pp. 3049-3053. DOI: 10.3997/2214-4609.20140897 Bosch, W., Dettmering, D. and Schwatke, C. (2014). Multi-mission cross-calibration of satellite altimeters: constructinga long-term data record for global and regional sea level change studies. Remote Sensing, 6, 2255-2281. DOI: 10.3390/rs6032255 Cheng, Y., Andersen, O.B. (2012). A new global ocean tide model and its improvements in

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Paweł Pędzich

-Skłodowskiej. Schuricht S., 2001, Exhibition of the buckymap puzzle at Buckminster Fuller - Your Private Sky exhibition, Bauhaus Dessau, Germany (access 10.11.2016). Snyder J., 1993, Flattening the earth. Two thousand years of map projections. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. Szurek M., 2000, Matematyka dla humanistów. Warszawa: Wydawn. RTW. van Leeuwen D., Strebe D., 2006, A “Slice-and-Dice” approach to area equivalence in polyhedral map projections. “Cartography and Geographic

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Aleksander Zarnowski, Anna Banaszek and Sebastian Banaszek

References Boroń, A., Borowiec, M., & Wróbel, A. (2009). Rozwój cyfrowej technologii w inwentaryzacji obiektów zabytkowych na przykładzie doświadczeń Zakładu Fotogrametrii i Informatyki Teledetekcyjnej AGH. Archiwum Fotogrametrii, Kartografii i Teledetekcji, 19, 11-22. Bruno, F., Bruno, S., De Sensi, G., Luchi, M. L., Mancuso, S., & Muzzupappa, M. (2010). From 3D reconstruction to virtual reality: A complete methodology for digital archaeological exhibition. Journal of Cultural Heritage, 11(1), 42-49. Brumana, R., Oreni, D., Alba, M

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Lucyna Szaniawska

85922693/f1.item . Map in the collection of Bibliothèque nationale de France, département Cartes et plans, GE DD-2987 (178) (access 14.06.2018). Geological Society of London, General Map of Strata found in England & Wales, 1801 : : ..; Reconstruction of William Smith’s Geological Map of Bath (1799) https

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Anna Przewięźlikowska

public records. Reports on Geodesy and Geoinformatics , 103:78–93, doi:10.1515/rgg-2017-0007. Buśko, M. and Przewięźlikowska, A. (2016). The problem of demonstrating cadastral changes in surveying documentation. In Bieda, A., Bydłosz, J., and Kowalczyk, A., editors, „GIS ODYSSEY 2016” Geographic Information Systems Conference and Exhibition: 5–9 September 2016, Perugia, Italy , pages 50–62. Zagreb: Croatian Information Technology Society — GIS Forum. Buśko, M. (2016). Bulding contour line in the database of the real estate cadastre in poland pursuant to

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Małgorzata Buśko

T. & Cygan M. (2016). The problem of adjusting Polish spatial information resources to the standards of the Inspire. Geographic Information Systems Conference and Exhibition GIS ODYSSEY 2016, Conference Proceedings, 5th to 9th September 2016, Perugia, Italy. pp. 14-24. Biłozor A. & Renigier-Biłozor M. (2016). Procedure of Assessing Usefulness of the Land in The Process of Optimal Investment Location for Multi-Family Housing Function. Procedia Engineering. Volume 161, 2016, Pages 1868-1873. World Multidisciplinary Civil Engineering

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Piotr Benduch and Paweł Hanus

standards of floor area measurements on the example of of-fice premises. In Geographic Information Systems Conference and Exhibition „GIS ODYSSEY 2017”, 4–8 September 2017, Trento-Vattaro, Italy . PN-70/B-02365 (1970). Powierzchnia budynków. Podział, określenia i zasady obmiaru. PN-ISO 9836:1997 (1997). Właściwości użytkowe w budownictwie. Określanie i obliczanie wskaźników powierzchniowych i kubaturowych . ictwie. Określanie i obliczanie wskaźników powierzchniowych i kubaturowych . Pokorska, I. and Kysiak, A. (2012). Interpretacja spornego