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M. Kamenský and K. Kováč

Iterative Method and Dithering with Averaging used for Correction of ADC Error

Additive iterative method in combination with averaging of dithered samples is designed for self-correction of ADC linearity error in the paper. Iterative method is one of the automated error correction techniques. Dithering is a special tool for quantizer performance enhancement. Dither theory for Gaussian noise and averaging has been used for exhibition of method abilities in ADC characteristic improvement.

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Ítalo Brasileiro, Iallen Santos, André Soares, Ricardo Rabêlo and Felipe Mazullo

References [1] A. Kretsis, K. Christodoulopoulos, P. Kokkinos, and E. Varvarigos, Planning and operating flexible optical networks: Algorithmic issues and tools, Communications Magazine, IEEE, vol. 52, no. 1, pp. 61-69, 2014. [2] A. Stavdas, T. Orphanoudakis, and A. Drakos, Qos performance benchmarking of networking paradigms in core networks, in European Conference and Exhibition on Optical Communication (ECOC)(Turin, Italy, 2010), 2010. [3] I. G. S. Santos, G. Duraes, W. Giozza, A. Soares, and B. Catu, A new

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Shugui Liu, Hongling Zhang, Yinghua Dong, Shaliang Tang and Zhenzhu Jiang

. Proceedings of SPIE 5638 , 835-842. [12] Huang, F.S., Qian, H.F. (2009). The model and its solution’s uniqueness of a portable 3D vision coordinate measuring system. In Communications and Photonics Conference and Exhibition (ACP) , 2-6 November 2009. IEEE, 1-6. [13] Li, J.J., Zhao, H., Jiang, T., Zhou, X. (2008). Development of a 3D high-precise positioning system based on a planar target and two CCD cameras. In Intelligent Robotics and Applications. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 5315. Springer, 475-484. [14] Zhang, P

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Opeyemi Bello, Javier Holzmann, Tanveer Yaqoob and Catalin Teodoriu

gradient, Kuwait University, 2000. [30] T. Sadiq, R. Gharbi, Prediction of Frictional Drag and Transmission Of Slack-Off Force In Horizontal Wells Using Neural Networks. SPE 51083, Kuwait University, 1998. [31] L. Saputelli, H. Malki, J. Canelon, M. Nikolaou, A Critical Overview of Artificial Neural Network Applications in the Context of Continuous Oil Field Optimization. SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition, 29 September-2 October, San Antonio, Texas, 2002. [32] A. Shabalov, E. Semenkin, P. Galushin, Integration of Intelligent Information

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R. Martin, F. Vazquez, S.E. Solis-Najera, O. Marrufo, R. Godinez and A. O. Rodriguez

). Dynamic magnetic resonance imaging of the rat brain during forepaw stimulation. Journal of Cerebral Blood & Flow Metabolism, 14 (4), 649-655. [23] Yang, X., Hyder, F., Shulman, R.G. (1996). Activation of single whisker barrel in rat brain localized by functional magnetic resonance imaging. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA, 93 (1), 475-478. [24] Sawiak, S.J., Wood, N.I., Williams, G.B., Morton, A.J., Carpenter, T.A. (2009). SPMMouse: A new toolbox for SPM in the animal brain. In ISMRM 17th Scientific Meeting & Exhibition

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Linus Michaeli and Ján Šaliga

), 502-511. [50] De Vito, L., Lundin, H., Rapuano, S. (2006). Bayesian calibration of a lookup table for ADC error correction. IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement, 56 (3), 873-878. [51] Wegener, C., Kennedy, M.P. (2003). Linear modelbased error identification and calibration for data converters. In Design, Automation and Test in Europe Conference and Exhibition. IEEE, 630-635.

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Darko Belavič, Andraž Bradeško, Marina Santo Zarnik and Tadej Rojac

References [1] Partsch, U., Arndt, D., Georgi, H. (2007). A new concept for LTCC-based pressure sensors. Proc. of 3rd International Conference and Exhibition on Ceramic Interconnect and Ceramic Microsystems Technologies CICMT 2007 , Denver, Colorado, USA, 367–372, CD-ROM. [2] Belavič, D., Hrovat, M., Pavlin, M., Santo Zarnik, M. (2003). Thick-film technology for Sensor Applications. Informacije MIDEM , 33(1), 45–50. [3] Maeder, T., Jacq, C., Briol, H., Ryser, P. (2003). High-strength Ceramic Substrates for Thick-film Sensor Applications. Proc

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Popescu Mara and Zsuzsanna Tasnádi

, Uniunea Arhitectilor din Romania, 2011 [6.] IONESCU G.: Arhitectura populara romaneasca, Technical Publishing,1957 [7.] MINKE G.: Construind cu Pamant – Proiectare si tehnologii pentru o arhitectura durabila, Simetria Publishing, Bucharest, 2008 [8.] GILYÉN N.: Az Erdélyi Mezőség Népi Épitészete, Terc Kiadó, Budapest, 2005 [9.] STANCIULESCU Fl., GHEORGHIU P., STAHL P., PETRESCU P.: Arhitectura populara romaneasca regiunea Dobrogea, Technical Publishing, 1957 [10.] NAGYNÉ BATÁRI Z.: An Exhibition is Born, Hungarian Open Air Museum

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Janusz Górski, Aleksander Jarzębowicz and Jakub Miler

. 25th Anniversary Healthcare Computing: Invitation to the Future: Conference & Exhibition (HC 2008) , Harrogate. Proc. of the Workshop on Selected Problems in Environmental Risk Management and Emerging Threats, June 2009, Gdansk, Poland Eriksson, H.-E., Penker, M. (2000). Business Modeling with UML. Business Patterns at Work, J Wiley. European Society for Quality in Healthcare Monitoring of e-services and websites

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Maria Borocz

from Vattenfall - EURELECTRIC 2012. 12. 06 [13] Rogai S. (2007): Telegestore Project - Progress & Results, IEEE ISPLC Conference, Pisa, 26th March 2007 [14] Fiorelli R. (2011): Optimizing Field performance and Efficiency. Metering Billing/CRM Europe conference, 5th of October, 2011, Amsterdam, 2013 [15] Vadacchino V., Denda R., Fantini G. (2013): First results in Endesa smart metering roll-out. Electricity Distribution (CIRED 2013), 22nd International Conference and Exhibition 10-13th of June, 2013, Stockholm. DOI:10