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Jakub Swacha and Robert Ittermann


The main purpose of this paper is to describe key gamification techniques that can be applied to enhance the tourist attraction visiting process. The paper is based on the methodology of design patterns; particularly it adopts the definition and classification schemes originally proposed and developed in the context of gamification of work to specify gamification techniques related to various aspects of the tourist attraction visiting process. The main result is the selection of twelve gamification techniques for enhancing the tourist attraction visiting process, four for each of the three phases of the visiting process (before, during and after the visit). The paper shows that gamification techniques can be applied to enhance the tourist attraction visiting process. Implementation of the proposed gamification techniques is supposed to both improve visitor experience and give the tourist attraction managers a tool for boosting interest in less popular exhibitions and events.

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Vlado Popović, Borut Jereb, Milorad Kilibarda, Milan Andrejić, Abolfazl Keshavarzsaleh and Dejan Dragan

.” Renewable & Sustainable Energy vol. 19, pp. 247–254 (2013) 41. Quinn, C., Zimmerle, D., & Bradley, T.H.: “The effect of communication architecture on the availability, reliability, and economics of plug-in hybrid electric vehicle-to-grid ancillary services.” Journal of Power Sources vol. 195, pp. 1500:1509 (2010). DOI: 10.1016/j.jpowsour.2009.08.075. 42. Brooks, A., & Gage, T.: Integration of electric drive vehicles with the electric power grid - a new value stream. 18th International Electric Vehicle Symposium and Exhibition (2001) 43. Parsons, G. R

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Dariusz Kwaśniewski, Tadeusz Juliszewski, Józef Walczyk, Paweł Tylek, Florian Adamczyk and Jan Szczepaniak

., Ganko, E., Pisarek, M., Nilsson, L. (2006). An agro-economic analysis of willow cultivation in Poland. Biomass and Bioenergy, 30(5), 16-27. Frąckowiak, P., Adamczyk, F., Juliszewski, T., Tylek, P., Walczyk, J., Szczepaniak, J. (2016) Application of New Mulcher With Fixed Teeth of Two Vertical Rotors to Eradicate Plantation of Willow (Salix Viminalis) Using for Energy Purposes. Book of abstracts summaries. 24 yh European Biomass Conference and Exhibition, EUBCE 2016, Amsterdam 6-9 June 2016, p. 327. http

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Marek Wróbel, Jarosław Frączek, Marcin Jewiarz, Krzysztof Mudryk and Krzysztof Dziedzic

, K., Wróbel, M. (2010). Nakłady energetyczne w procesie brykietowania wierzby Salix viminalis L. Inżynieria Rolnicza, 3(121), 45-52. Grinzi, G., Guidetti, L., Allesina, G., Libbra, A., Martini, P., Muscio, A. (2012). Increase of net power generation of biogas plants by reduction of heat loss. 20th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition. Huang, X.J., He, N., Liu, M.D., Yang, D., Wang, Y. J. (2014). A Study on Release of Nutrients from Ash Fertilizer. Applied Mechanics and Materials 535, 523-527. Karbowniczak, A