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Wenju Wang, Zhang Xuan, Liujie Sun, Zhongmin Jiang and Jingjing Shang


BRLO-Tree (Block-R-Tree-Loose-Octree) is presented in this paper based on the R-Tree and Loose-Octree. The aim of the structure is to visualize the large scale and complex dynamic scenes in a 3D (three-dimensional) GIS (Geographic Information System). A new method of clustering rectangles to construct R-tree based on an improved K-means algorithm is put forward. Landform in 3D GIS is organized by R-Tree. The block is used as the basic rendering unit. The 3D objects of each block are respectively organized by a Loose-Octree. A series of techniques, based on this data structure, such as LOD (Level of Detail), relief impostors are integrated. The results of the tests show that BRLO-Tree cannot only support the large scale 3D GIS scene exhibition with wandering and fighting, but it can also efficiently manage the models in a dynamic scene. At the same time, a set of integrated techniques based on BRLO-Tree can make the rendering pictures more fluence and the rendering time vastly improved.

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Ireneusz Olszewski

in spectrum sliced elastic optical path network. IEEE Communications Letters, 15(8), 884-886. [4] Jin, Q., Wang, L., Wan, X., Zheng, X., Zhou, B., Liu, Z. (2011, November). Study of dynamic routing and spectrum assignment schemes in bandwidth flexible optical networks. In Asia Communications and Photonics Conference and Exhibition (p. 83101F). Optical Society of America. [5] Christodoulopoulos, K., Tomkos, I., Varvarigos, E. A. (2010, December). Routing and spectrum allocation in OFDM-based optical networks with elastic bandwidth

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Vinai George Biju and CM Prashanth

Statistics-Simulation and Computation 44.3, pp.636-646, 2015. 24. Abdollahi-Arpanahi, R., et al. “Assessment of bagging GBLUP for wholegenome prediction of broiler chicken traits.” Journal of Animal Breeding and Genetics 132.3, pp.218-228, 2015. 25. Hegde, Chiranth, Scott Wallace, and Ken Gray “Using Trees, Bagging, and Random Forests to Predict Rate of Penetration During Drilling”. SPE Middle East Intelligent Oil and Gas Conference and Exhibition. Society of Petroleum Engineers , doi:10.2118/176792-MS, 2015. 26. Korytkowski, Marcin, Leszek Rutkowski

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Daniela Borissova and Ivan Mustakerov

Energy Association Conference and Exhibition, 1986, pp. 407-410. 18 Kokash, N. An Introduction to Heuristic Algorithms. 2005. 19 Kuo, J. Y. J., D. A. Romero, C. H. Amon. A Mechanistic Semi-Empirical Wake Interaction Model for Wind Farm Layout Optimization. - Enegry, Vol. 93, 2015, pp. 2157-2165. 20 Kwong, W.Y., P.Y. Zhang, D. Romero, J. Moran, M. Morgenroth, C. Amon. Multi- Objective Wind Farm Layout Optimization Considering Energy Generation and Noise Propagation with NSGA-II. - J. Mech. Design., Vol. 136, 2014

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Yuri Merkuryev

Simulation: Systems, Science & Technology, The Nottingham Trent University, vol. 8, no. 1, 2007, pp. 16-24. [8] Y. Merkuryev, J. Petuhova, H. Van Landeghem et al. Simulation-basedanalysis of the bullwhip effect under different information sharingstrategies, Proceedings of the 14th European SimulationSymposium&Exhibition “Modeling, Simulation and Optimisation" , 2002, Dresden: SCS-Europe BVBA, pp. 294-299. [9] O. Soshko, Y. Merkuryev and H. Van Landeghem, Achieving the bestperformance of supply chain operation: Proceedings of 5

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Ning Gu and Mary Lou Maher

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Xiao Hu, Eric M. Y. Ho and Chen Qiao

’ perspectives. The findings will not only benefit the Panorama DL, but also all end-user oriented digital presentations of Dunhuang heritage, such as interactive media presentations or 3D immersive exhibitions. The methods used in this study also provide a reference for future evaluations of digital platforms of cultural heritage in Dunhuang and beyond.The Dunhuang Mogao Cave Panorama DL is available on the Dunhuang Research Academy website . It includes 17 scenes: the surroundings of the academy, the exhibition center outside the Grottoes, and 14 caves

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Dan Wu, Man Zhu and Aihua Ran

Wikipedia , Open Directory Project (DMOZ) , and actual queries formulated by our 30 participants. We created 13 categories to include all queries as noted in Table 5 . Table 5 Categories of information need types. Category Examples Natural science Chemistry, physics, astronomy Social science Economics, history, celebrities Culture & art Museum, exhibition, performing arts, photography City & architecture Chicago, Wuhan, Roman catholic cathedral Education School

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Antanas Mitasiunas, Tatiana Rikure, Leonids Novickis and Aleksejs Jurenoks

Further Development of Information Technology Transfer Concept for Adaptation and Exploitation of European Research Results in the Baltic Sea Region Countries

This paper describes further development of information technology transfer concept for adaptation and exploitation of European research results in the Baltic Sea Region (BSR) countries. Riga Technical University (RTU) and Vilnius University (VU) as the partners of BSR Interreg Programme project BONITA (Baltic Organisation and Network of Innovation Transfer Associations) participate in the research which aims to develop a generic innovation & technology transfer concept (ITTC) to improve the collaboration between academia and industry. Particular attention in the paper is paid to the successfully proven concept of small and specialized exhibitions (the so-called "showrooms") run by technology suppliers and technology transfer facilitators. The creation of the distributed multi-organisational showroom-network environment in the framework of BONITA project for the purpose of technology & innovation transfer improvement is described.

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M. Šimon, L. Huraj and M. Čerňanský

REFERENCES ALI, W. N. A. W., TAIB, A. H. M., HUSSIN, N. M., BUDIARTO, R., and OTHMAN, J. Distributed security policy for IPv6 deployment. Sustainable Energy & Environment (ISESEE), 2011 3rd International Symposium & Exhibition in IEEE, 2011, pp. 120-124. ALSHAMMARI, M. and BACH, C. Defense mechanisms for computer-based information systems. International Journal of Network Security & Its Applications, 2013, 5.5: 107-114. BRASILEIRO, Francisco, et al. An approach for the co-existence of service and opportunistic grids: The EELA-2 case. In Latin