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The Impact Of Increased Stability And Efficiency Through Automatic Control System For A Steam Power Plant

References 1. Marian Popescu, Ilie Borcoși, “Increasing productivity at the level of the power plant by optimizing the distributed systems and hierarchical systems”, Annals of the University Constantin Brancusi, Series Engeneering, ISSN 1842-4856. No.3/2013, pp. 241-244, (2013) 2. Ion Marian Popescu, “Necessity Implementation of advanced control algorithms in the complex processes in the energy industry”, Annals of the University of Craiova, Series: Automation, Computer, Electronics and Mechatronics, ISSN 1841-0626, Vol.11 (38), issue 1, (2014

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The Effect of Interference Parameters on the Exploitation Capabilities of an Underwater Vehicle

References [1] Dulęba I., Metody i algorytmy planowania ruchu robotów mobilnych i manipulacyjnych, EXIT, Warszawa 2001 [Methods an algorithms used for planning movement of mobile and manipulation robots - available in Polish]. [2] Fossen T. I., Fjellstad O. E., Nonlinear modelling of marine vehicle in 6 degrees of freedom, ‘Journal of Mathematical Modelling of Systems’, 1995, No. 1. [3] Fossen T. I., Guidance and Control of Ocean Vehicles, John Wiley & Sons Ltd., 1994. [4] Garus J., Dynamika i

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Embedded Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System with Hardware Implemented Real Time Parameter Update

-23, 2010 [6] Zangeneh, A.Z., Mansouri, M., Teshnehlab, M., Sedigh, A.K., "Training ANFIS system with DE algorithm," Advanced Computational Intelligence (IWACI), pp. 308-314, 2011. [7] Carrano, E.G., Takahashi, R.H.C., Caminhas, W.M., Neto O.M., "A genetic algorithm for multiobjective training of ANFIS fuzzy networks," Evolutionary Computation CEC . IEEE Congress, Vols. 3259-3265, 2008. [8] Banu, U.S., Uma, G., "ANFIS gain scheduled CSTR with genetic algorithm based PID minimizing integral square error," Information and

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Automated evaluation of agricultural damage using UAV survey

., “Evolutionary algorithm for optimizing parameters of GPGPU-based image segmentation”, (2013) Acta Polytechnica Hungarica , 10 (5), pp. 7-28. [14] Kertész, G., Szénási, S., Vámossy, Z., “Parallelization Methods of the Template Matching Method on Graphics Accelerators”, (2015) 16th IEEE International Symposium on Computational Intelligence and Informatics – CINTI , pp. 161-164. ISBN:978-1-4673-8520-6

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