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Optimal Stratification and Allocation for the June Agricultural Survey

:// (accessed January 20, 2018). Day, C.D. 2009. “Evolutionary Algorithms for Optimal Sample Design.” A paper presented at the 2009 Federal Committee on Statistical Methodology Conference, November 4, 2009. Washington DC: Federal Committee on Statistical Methodology. Available at: (accessed January 20, 2018). Freuder, E.C. and R.J. Wallace. 1992. “Partial Constraint Satisfaction.” Artificial Intelligence 58: 21-70. Doi:

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Detecting Fraudulent Interviewers by Improved Clustering Methods – The Case of Falsifications of Answers to Parts of a Questionnaire

6. References Althöfer, I. and K.-U. Koschnik. 1991. “On the Convergence of Threshold Accepting.” Applied Mathematics and Optimization 24: 183–195. Doi: . Baragona, R., F. Battaglia, and I. Poli. 2011. Evolutionary Statistical Procedures . Statistics and Computing. Heidelberg: Springer. Bredl, S., N. Storfinger, and N. Menold. 2013. “A Literature Review of Methods to Detect Fabricated Survey Data.” In Interviewers’ Deviations in Surveys - Impact, Reasons, Detection and Prevention , edited by P. Winker, N

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Random Walks on Directed Networks: Inference and Respondent-Driven Sampling

from In-Degree.” In Algorithms and Models for the Web-Graph , edited by W. Aiello, A. Broder, J. Janssen, and E. Milios, 59–71. Heidelberg: Springer. Freeman, L.C., C.M. Webster, and D.M. Kirke. 1998. “Exploring Social Structure Using Dynamic Three-Dimensional Color Images.” Social Networks 20: 109–118. Doi: . Ghoshal, G. and A.L. Barabási. 2011. “Ranking Stability and Super-Stable Nodes in Complex Networks.” Nature Communications 2: 394. Doi: . Gile, K

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Pierre Liardet (1943–2014)

Fifth Conference on Artificial Evolution (EA-2001), (P.Collet, C. Fonlupt, J.-K. Hao, E. Lutton, and M. Schoenauer, eds.), LNCS Vol. 2310, Springer Verlag, Le Creusot, France, 2002 pp. 42–53. [L38] K átai , I.—L iardet , P.: Additive functions with respect to expansions over the set of Gaussian integers , Acta Arith., 99 (2001), no. 2, 173–182. [L39] B arat , G.—D ownarowicz , T.—L iardet , P.: Dynamiques assocées à une échelle de numération , Acta Arith. 103 (2002), 41–77. [L40] A upetit , S.—L iardet , P.—S limane , M.: Evolutionary search

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