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Genetic Variation Amongst and Within the Native Provenances of Pinus radiata D. Don in South-eastern Australia. 3. Molecular and Quantitative Structure

., P. K. ADES and K. G. ELDRIDGE (1997): Growth of natural Californian provenances of Pinus radiata in New South Wales, Australia. New Zealand Journal of Forestry Science 27: 23-38. KARHU, A., C. VOGL, G. F. MORAN, J. C. BELL and O. SAVOLAINEN (2006): Analysis of microsatellite variation in Pinus radiata reveals effects of genetic drift but no recent bottlenecks. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 19: 167-175. KINLOCH, B. B. and W. J. LIBBY (1997): Variation in susceptibility to Western gall rust in Pinus radiata and P

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Direct and Competition Additive Effects in Tree Breeding: Bayesian Estimation From an Individual Tree Mixed Model

missing records via full conjugate Gibbs. Can. J. For. Res. 36: 1276-1285. CASELLA, G. and E. I. GEORGE (1992): Explaining the Gibbs Sampler. Am. Stat. 46: 167-174. DEMPSTER, A. P., N. M. LAIRD and D. B. RUBIN (1977): Maximum likelihood from incomplete data via EM algorithm. Journal of the Royal Statistics Society 39: 1-38. DUANGJINDA, M., I. MISZTAL, J. K. BERTRAND, S. TSURUTA (2001): The empirical bias of estimates by restricted maximum likelihood, Bayesian method, and method R under selection for additive, maternal, and

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Development and validation of Acacia koa and A. koaia nuclear SSRs using Illumina sequencing

changing environment. Evolutionary Applications. 0(0): 1-12. Hopley T, LM Broadhurst and MG Gardner (2015) Isolation via 454 sequencing and characterisation of microsatellites for Acacia montana (Fabaceae), Mallee wattle: an endemic shrub from southeastern Australia. Conserv Genet Resour. 7(1): 171-172. Le S, R Wickneswari, CE Harwood, MJ Larcombe, RA Griffin, A Koutoulis, JL Har­bard, KS Cyer, LW Yee, TH Ha and RE Vaillancourt (2016) A multiplexed set of

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Mating system variation among populations, individuals and within and among fruits in Bertholletia excelsa

analyses and microscopy. Botany 86: 1-13. GOODWILLIE, C., S. KALISZ and C. G. ECKERT (2005): The evolutionary enigma of mixed mating systems in plants: Occurrence, Theoretical explanations, and empirical evidence. Annual Review of Ecology, Evolution, and Systematics 36: 47-79. GOUDET, J. (1995): Fstat. (Version a computer program to calculate F-statistics. Journal of Heredity 86: 485-486. GUARIGUATA, M. R., J. C. LICONA, B. MOSTACEDO and P. CRONKLETON (2009): Damage to Brazil nut trees (Bertholletia excelsa

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