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Association of cognitive-emotional regulation strategies to depressive symptoms in type 2 diabetes patients

Development. The development of emotion regulation: behavioral and biological consideration. 1994; 59 (2/3):25-52. 11. KOBER, H., & OCHSNER, KN. Regulation of emotion in major depressive disorder. Biol Psychiatry. 2011; 70 (10):910-911. 12. BEAUREGARD M, PAQUETTE V, LEVESQUE J. Dysfunction in neural circuitry of emotional self-regulation in major depressive disorder. Neuroreport. 2006; 17 : 843-846. 13. GARNEFSKI N, KRAAIJ V, BENOIST Z, KARELS E, SMIT A. Effect of cognitive-behavioral self-help intervention on depression, anxiety and coping self

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Four years Follow-up of Patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome

: prevalence, symptomatology, and association with emotional stress. J Pediatr Gastroenterol Nutr, 2011, 53:659-665. 3. ZHOU H, YAO M, CHENG G-Y, CHEN Y-P, LI D-G. Prevalence and associated factors of functional gastrointestinal disorders and bowel habits in Chinese adolescents: a school-based study. J Pediatr Gastroenterol Nutr2011, 53:168-173. 4. 4. RUTTEN JM,VLIEGER AM,FRANKENHUIS C,GEORGE EK,GROENEWEG M,NORBRUIS OF,TJON A TEN W,VAN WERING H,DIJKGRAAF MG,MERKUS MP,BENNINGA MA. Gut-directed hypnotherapy in children with irritable bowel

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Eosinophil count (EC) as a diagnostic and prognostic marker for infection in the internal medicine department setting

REFERENCES 1. BASS D.A. Behavior of eosinophil leukocytes in acute inflammation. II. Eosinophil dynamics during acute inflammation . J Clin Invest. 1975; 56 (4):870-9. 2. BASS D.A., GONWA T.A., SZEJDA P., COUSART M.S., DECHATELET L.R., MCCALL C.E. Eosinopenia of acute infection: Production of eosinopenia by chemotactic factors of acute inflammation . J Clin Invest. 1980; 65 (6):1265-71. 3. DREYFUSS F., FELDMAN S. Eosinopenia induced by emotional stress . Acta Med Scand. 1952; 144 (2):107-13. 4. IVES M., DACK G.M. Alarm reaction and

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