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Disorders of cognitive and emotional development in children of mothers with substance abuse and psychiatric disorders

REFERENCES Achenbach T. M., Dumenci, L., & Rescorla, L. A. (2003). Are American children’s problems still getting worse? A 23-year comparison. Journal of Abnormal Child Psychiatry, 31 , 1–11. Alexander, M. J. (1996). Women with co-occurring addictive and mental disorders: An emerging profile of vulnerability. American Journal of Orthopsychiatry, 66 (1), 61–70. Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification System (ATC) (2012). Oslo: WHO Collaborating Centre for Drug Statistics Methodology, Guidelines for ATC classification and DDD assignment

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Investigating the relationship between childhood maltreatment and alcohol misuse in a sample of Danish young adults: Exploring gender differences

. Retrieved from Kendler, K., Bulik, C., Silberg, J., Hettema, J., Myers, J., & Prescott, C. (2000). Childhood sexual abuse and adult psychiatric and substance use disorders in women: An epidemiological and Cotwin control analysis. Archives of General Psychiatry, 57 (10), 953–959. Keyes, K. M., Hatzenbuehler, M. L., Grant, B. F., & Hasin, D. S. (2012). Stress and alcohol: Epidemiological evidence. Alcohol Research: Current Reviews, 34 (4), 391-400. Keyes, K. M., Shmulewitz, D., Greenstein, E

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A new view is emerging of patients with substance use disorders

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Risk, control and self-identity: Young drunk drivers’ experiences with driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs

-drivers. International Journal of Drug Policy, 22, 437-444. Krüger, H.-P. & Vollrath, M. (2004). The alcohol-related accident risk in Germany: Procedure, methods and results. Accident Analysis and Prevention, 36, 125-133. Lapham, S. C., Baca, J. C., McMillian, G. P., & Lapidus, J. (2006). Prevalence of psychiatric disorders among persons convicted of driving while impaired. Journal of Studies on Alcohol, 9, 707-713. Laurendeau, J. (2006). ‘He didn’t go in doing a skydive’: Sustaining the illusion of control in an edgework activity

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Battered Women: Victims or Survivors?

References American Psychiatric Association. 2000. Posttraumatic stress disorders. In Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders DSM-IV-TR (4th edition), 838. Arlington: American Psychiatric Publication. Anderson, Deborah K. and Daniel G. Saunders. 2003. Leaving an abusive partner: An empirical review of predictors, the process of leaving, and psychological well-being. Trauma, Violence and Abuse 4 (2): 163-191. Anderson, Kristin L. 2008. Is Partner Violence Worse in the Context of Control? Journal of

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The Impact of a Parenting Guidance Programme for Mothers with an Ethnic Minority Background

-based parent- training programmes for improving emotional and behavioural adjustment in children f r o m birth to three years old (Review)”, The Cochrane Collaboration, vol.17, no. 3, CD003680, doi: 10.1002/14651858.CD003680. pub2 Bernal, G, Jimenez-Chafey, MI & Rodríguez, MMD 2009, “Cultural adaptation of treatments: A resource for considering culture in evidence-based practice”, Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, vol. 40, no. 4, pp. 361-368. Bernal, G & Rodríguez, MMD 2009, “Advances in Latino family research: Cultural

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Polydrug Use by European Adolescents in the Context of Other Problem Behaviours

within a prospective study. Journal of Addictive Diseases 16 , 51–89. NIDA. (2011). Prescription drugs: Abuse and addiction. Research Report Series National Institute on Drug Abuse. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. National Institutes of Health. NIH Publication Number 11-4881. O’Connell, M. E, Boat, T., & Warner, K. E. (Eds.) (2009). Preventing mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders among young people: Progress and possibilities . Washington, DC: National Academies Press. O’Connor, R. C., Rasmussen, S., Miles, J., & Hawton, K. (2008). Self

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Employment Prospects of Young Adults With Mental Disorders

Research. American Psychologist 36(2): 184–191. Janosz, Michel, Isabelle Archambault, Julien Morizot, and Linda S. Pagani. 2008. School Engagement Trajectories and Their Differential Predictive Relations to Dropout. Journal of Social Issues 64(1): 21–40. Kern, Lee, Steven W. Evans, Timothy J. Lewis. 2015. CARS Comprehensive Intervention for Secondary Students With Emotional and Behavioral Problems. Journal of Emotional and Behavioral Disorders 23(4): 195–205. Lesnard, Laurent. 2010. Setting Cost in Optimal Matching to Uncover Contemporaneous Socio

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”Whatever Does Not Kill Me Makes Me Stronger”: A Sociological Analysis of Uses of the Concept of Resilience. The Case of Boris Cyrulnik’s Self-Help Books Readers

Rorschach: Response to Smith and Gorrell Barnes. Journal of Family Therapy 21(2) : 159–160. Rutter Michael, 1985. Resilience in the Face of Adversity – Protective Factors and Resistance to Psychiatric Disorder. British Journal of Psychiatry 147: 598–611. Simonds, Wendy. 1992. Women and Self-Help Culture: Reading Between the Lines. New Brunswick, N. J.: Rutgers University Press. Sontag, Susan. 1990. Illness as Metaphor. New York: Penguin Books. Southwick, Steven M., George A. Bonanno, Ann S. Masten, Catherine Panter-Brick, and Rachel Yehuda

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Evaluating the Level of Burnout among Healthcare Professionals

References Ahola, Kirsi, Hakanen, Jari. 2007. Job Strain, Burnout and Depressive Symptoms: A Prospective Study among Dentists. Journal of Affective Disorders 104: 103–110. Ahola, Kirsi, Vänäänen, Ari, Koskinen, Aki, Kouvonen, Anne, Shirom, Arie. 2010. Burnout as a Predictor of All-Cause Mortality among Industrial Employees: A 10-year Prospective Register-Link Age Study. Journal of Psychosomatic Research 69: 51–57. Alarcon, Gene M. 2011. A Meta-Analysis of Burnout with Job Demands, Resources and Attitudes. Journal of Vocational Behaviour 79

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