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Stress and methods of coping with it among students of the Medical University of Lublin


Introduction. Stress is a complex and ubiquitous phenomenon. According to the World Health Organization, it is one of the most common problems of the 21st century. It is no surprise that the majority of people associate stress with something entirely negative. However, there is no life without stress and a certain amount of stress in life is necessary.

Aim. The aim of the study was to assess the occurrence of stress among students of the Medical University from the faculties of Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry and Public Health, and evaluate its influence on physiological changes and behavior, and present the ways of coping with it.

Material and methods. The study comprised 240 students from the faculties mentioned above. Stress was measured by means of a questionnaire consisting of 14 fully anonymous questions which concerned factors causing stress, ways of reacting to it and methods of coping with it.

Results. It was found out that stress as an intense emotional reaction to a number of stimuli triggers some physiological and psychological adaptation responses among students.

Conclusions. The findings of this research suggest that pharmacy students are the most exposed to high levels of stress. Oral examination is considered to be the most stressful form of testing students’ knowledge. According to survey respondents, the most common symptoms of stress include abdominal pain palpitations, sleep disorders, excessive sweating, hand shaking. The majority of respondents listed the following activities to beat stress: sports, sleeping or listening to music, as most effective in reducing stress. Some of the respondents also turned to substances, such as tobacco or alcohol. The respondents admitted that they have also used drugs

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Approximal Plaque Index, parameters of calcium-phosphate and iron metabolism and the quality of life of hemodialysis patients


Introduction. Hemodialysis patients require high standards in the field of dental diseases prevention and also in pharmacological and dialysis methods of combating biochemical disorders. It is necessary to question the methods of monitoring oral hygiene quality among hemodialysis patients.

Aim. The aim of this study was to determine the relationship between Approximal Plaque Index (API) and the quality of life and biochemical parameters of the calcium, phosphate and iron metabolism.

Material and methods. The study was conducted on a group of 124 individuals – 65 women (52%) and 59 men (48%) aged 24-90, volunteered to undergo hemodialysis in chronic renal failure, who consented to participate in this study. All participants of the study were treated for at least 6 months, through repeated hemodialyses in dialysis centers in Lublin. The dental examination was performed and Approximal Plaque Index (API) was determined. The Polish version of the quality of life questionnaire SF-36 was used. The values of urea, serum creatinine concentration, serum level of calcium, serum phosphorus, parathormone, transferrin, ferritin, and iron were also under control. The Kruskal-Wallis H test and Spearman Rank Correlation was used.

Results. Patients with optimal API reported higher levels of iron and lowest concentration of transferrin and serum phosphorus before HD. Patients who were characterized by high levels of phosphate and parathyroid hormone evaluated their functioning in the emotional sphere as worse compared to others. Higher concentrations of iron and transferrin favor a better sense of the quality of life.

Conclusions. Lower concentrations of phosphate before hemodialysis and higher iron levels contribute to maintaining optimal interdental hygiene in patients treated with renal replacement therapy. Normalization of biochemical parameters of calcium-phosphate and iron metabolism promotes a sense of better quality of life among patients on chronic hemodialysis. The level of interdental hygiene does not distinguish between general indicators of the sense of quality of life.

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What causes depression in adults?

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Do duties of students of medicine be cause for stress?

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The cult of the body and its psychological consequences among adolescent girls

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Anxiety and stress in miscarriage

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Attitudes Of Regular Alcohol Drinking Adolescents To Intersubjective Relations And Everyday Life

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The Personalities of Significant Others in Association with Regular Drinking in Adolescence

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Sensation Seeking as one of the Motivating Factors for Performing Skydiving

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Quality of Life and Burden in caregivers of Multiple Sclerosis patients

References 1. Akkuş Y. Multiple sclerosis patient caregivers: the relationship between their psychological and social needs and burden levels. Disabil Rehabil, 2011; 33(4): 326-333 2. Argyriou AA, Karanasios P, Ifanti AA, Iconomou G, Makridou A, Giannakopoulou F, Makris N. Quality oflife and emotional burden of primary caregivers: a case-control study of multiple sclerosis patients in Greece. Qual Life Res, 2011; 20(10): 1663-1668 3. Aronson KJ. Quality of life among persons with multiple sclerosis and their

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