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Cardiorespiratory and gastrointestinal parasites of dogs in north-west Italy

Introduction Dogs can host several helminth species, many of which are of zoonotic importance and may be a threat to human health causing serious diseases ( Soriano et al ., 2010 ; Mateus et al ., 2014 ). In fact, dog parasites represent a potential risk to public health, especially in children or immuno-compromised people, since direct or indirect transmission of parasitic infections from dogs to humans can occur ( Martínez-Moreno et al ., 2007 ; Xhaxhiu et al ., 2011 ). Thus, there is continuing interest in implementing control measures ( Traversa

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Social Behavior of Captive Black-Tailed Prairie Dogs (Mammalia, Rodentia) with Changing Numbers of Observers

behavior, social organization, and population dynamics in a black-tailed prairie dog town in the Black Hills of South Dakota // Contributions from the Laboratory of Vertebrate Biology, University of Michigan. — 1955. — 67 . — P. 1-123. Loughry W. J., Lazari A. The ontogeny of individuality in the black-tailed prairie dogs, Cynomys ludovicians // Canadian Journal of Zoology. — 1994. — 72 . — P. 1280-1286. Mitchell G., Tromborg C. T., Kaufman J. et al. More on the ‘influence’ of zoo visitors on the behaviour of captive

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Molecular detection of E. granulosus sheep strain (G1) infections in naturally infected dogs in Punjab (India)

[1] Boufana, B. S., Campos-Ponce, M., Naidich, A., Buishi, I., Lahmar, S., Zeyhle, E., Jenkins, D. J., Combes, B., Wen, H., Xiao, N., Nakao, M., Ito, A., Qiu, J., Craig, P. S. (2008): Evaluation of three PCR assays for the identification of the Sheep strain (Genotype 1) of Echinococcus granulosus in canid feces and parasite tissues. Am. J. Trop. Med. Hyg., 78(5): 777–783 [2] Deka, D. K., Islam, S., Borkakoty, M., Saleque, A., Hussain, I., Nath, K. (2008): Prevalence of Echinococcus granulosus in dogs and

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Parasitic contamination of urban and rural environments in the Slovak Republic: dog’s excrements as a source

[1] Amaral, H. L., Rassier, G. L., Pepe, M. S., Gallina, T., Villela, M. M., Nobre Mde, O., Scaini, C. J., Berne, M. E. (2010): Presence of Toxocara canis eggs on the hair of dogs: a risk factor for Visceral Larva Migrans. Vet. Parasitol., 174: 115–118. DOI: 10.1016/j.vetpar.2010.07.016 [2] Antolová, D., Reiterová, K., Miterpáková, M., Stanko, M., Dubinský, P. (2004): Circulation of Toxocara spp. in suburban and rural ecosystems in the Slovak republic. Vet. Parasitol

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Peculiarities of Dog Babesiosis Distribution in Kyiv City

., Zapadynska, S., Kudrin, A., Pfister, K. 2013. Vector-borne pathogens in ticks and EDTA-blood samples collected from client-owned dogs, Kiev, Ukraine. Ticks and tick-borne diseases , 4 (1), 152–155. Kapustin, V. F. 1955. Atlas of parasites of animal blood and ticks ixodid . Selkhozizdat, Moscow, 1–215 [In Russian]. Krylov, M. V. 1996. The determinant of parasitic protozoa . Nauka, SPb, 1–602 [In Russian]. Mukha, S. M. 1984. Blood test in animals . MVA, Moscow, 1–40 [In Russian]. Prus, M. P. 2000. Some questions of epizootology of babesiosis of

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Dirofilariosis in Slovakia - a new endemic area in Central Europe

[1] Anderson, R. C. (2000): Nematode parasites of vertebrates, their development and transmission. 2nd Edition, CABI Publishing, Wallingford, UK, 650 p. [2] Cancrini, G., Sun Yanchang, Della Torre, A., Coluzzi, M. (1988): Influenza della temperatura sullo sviluppo larvale di Dirofilaria repens in diverse specie di zanzare. Parassitologia, 30: 38 [3] Cringoli, G., Rinaldi, L., Veneziano, V., Capelli, G. (2001): Prevalence survey and risk analysis of filariosis in dogs from the Mt

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Serological survey for canine angiostrongylosis in Slovakia

References ALHO, A.M., SCHNYDER, M., MEIRELES, J., BELO, S., DEPLAZES, P., MADEIRA DE CARVALHO, L. (2014): Preliminary results on the seroprevalence of Angiostrongylus vasorum and co-infection with Dirofilaria immitis in shelter dogs from Portugal. Parasit. Vectors, 7: O26. DOI:10.1186/1756-3305-7-S1-O26 BARUTZKI, D., SCHAPER, R. (2009): Natural infections of Angiostrongylus vasorum and Crenosoma vulpis in dogs in Germany (2007 - 2009). Parasitol. Res., 105 Suppl 1: 39 - 48. DOI: 10.1007/ s00436-009-1494-x BOLT

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Comparative Evaluation of Biochemical Parameters During Urinary Infection in Maltese and Belgian Shepherd Dogs

REFERENCES Bubenik, L.J., Hosgood, G.L., Waldron, D.R. & Snow, L.A. (2007). Frequency of urinary tract infection in catheterized dogs and comparison of bacterial culture and susceptibility testing results for catheterized and noncatheterized dogs with urinary tract infections. J. Am. Vet. Med. Assoc. , 231(6): 893-899. Delacroix, S.E. Jr. & Winters, J.C. (2010). Urinary tract injures: recognition and management. Clin.Colon.Rectal Surg. , 23(2): 104-112. Fearnley I.M., Walker, J.E., Martinus, R.D., Jolly, R.D., Kirkland, K.B., Shaw, G

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Stray dogs of Sofia (Bulgaria) could be an important reservoir of heartworm (Dirofilaria immitis)

Introduction Dirofilaria immitis is a parasitic nematode that causes heartworm infection. It is a vector-borne disease transmitted by culicid mos- quitoes and that mainly affects dogs and cats. Furthermore, D. immitis is a zoonotic parasite that causes pulmonary dirofilariosis in infected humans ( McCall et al., 2008 ; Simón et al., 2012 ). Heartworm is a worldwide distributed infection. Due to the humid- ity and temperature required by mosquito vectors, the disease is mainly present in tropical and subtropical areas. In Europe, D. im- mitis is endemic

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Segregated settlements present an increased risk for the parasite infections spread in Northeastern Slovakia

, I., N ápravník , J., J ankovská , I., V adlejch , J., P ekár , S., F echtner , J. (2007): The prevalence of intestinal parasites in dogs from Prague, rural areas, and shelters of the Czech Republic. Vet. Parasitol. , 145(1–2): 120 – 128. DOI: 10.1016/j.vetpar.2006.11.006 E lyana , F. N., A l -M ekhlafi , H. M., I thoi , I., A bdulsalam , A. M., D awaki , S., N asr , N. A., A troosh , W. M., A bd -B asher , M. H., A l -A reeqi , M. A., S ady , H., S ubramaniam , L. R., A nuar , T. S., L au , Y. L., M oktar , N., S urin , J. (2016): A tale of two communities

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