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Biomaterials and Implants in Cardiac and Vascular Surgery - Review

.: Polyester prostheses as suhstitutes in the thoracic aorta of dogs. II. Evaluation of alhuminated polyester grafts stored in ethanol. Journal biomedical material research 18 (1984), 1059-1072. 31. Cengiz M., Sauvage L.R., Berger K, Rohel S.B., Robel V., Wu H.D., Walker M., Appleyard R.F., Wood S.J.: Effects of compliance alteration on healing of a porous Dacron prosthesis in the thoracic aorta of the dog. Surgical gynecological obstet 158 (1984), 145-151. 32. Błażewicz M., Błażewicz S., Chłopek J., Staszków E.: Structure and properties of carbon materials for medical

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Optimization of Hydroxyapatite Synthesis and Microplasma Spraying of Porous Coatings Onto Titanium Implants

Applications, R. Pignatello [ed.], InTech, London, UK, 2013, pp. 23-50. 5. Rahbek O., Overgaard S., Lind M., Bendix K., Bunger C., Soballe K.: Sealing effect of hydroxyapatite coating on peri-implant migration of particles. An experimental study in dogs. J Bone Joint Surg Br. [ed.], 2001, 83, 441–7. 6. Geesink RG.: Osteoconductive coatings for total joint arthroplasty. Clin Orthop Relat Res. [ed.], 2002, 395, 53–65. 7. Waheed S., Sultan M., Jamil T., Hussain T.: Comparative analysis of hydroxyapatite synthesized by sol-gel, ultrasonication and microwave

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Optimal Features of Porosity of Ti Alloys Considering their Bioactivity and Mechanical Properties

fluids. Mater. Sci. Eng., C29 (2009), 165-171. Wang X. J., Li Y. C., Lin J. G., Hodgson P. D., Wen C. E.: Apatite-inducing ability of titanium oxide layer on titanium surface: the effect of surface energy. J. Mater. Res., 23 (2008), 1682-1688. Gibson L. J.: Biomechanics of cellular solids. J Biomechanics, 38 (3) (2005) 377-399. Zhao C. Y., Zhu X. D., Yuan T., Fan H. S., Zhang X. D.: Fabrication of biomimetic apatite coating on porous titanium and their osteointegration in femurs of dogs

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Stress-Dilatancy for Soils. Part IV: Experimental Validation for Simple Shear Conditions

] LINGS M.L., DIETZ M.S., An improved direct shear apparatus for sand, Geotechnique, 2004, 54, No. 4, 245-256. [16] LOPEZ-QUEROL S., COOP M.R., Drained cyclic behaviour of loose Dog’s Bay sand, Geotechnique, 2012, 62, No. 4, 281-289. [17] LUZZANI L., COOP M.R., On the relationship between particle breakage and the critical state of sands, Soils and Foundations, 2002, Vol. 42, No. 2, 71-82. [18] MILATZ M., GRABE J., A new simple shear apparatus and testing method for unsaturated sands. Geotech. Testing J., 2015, Vol. 38, No

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