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Minimally invasive electrochemotherapy procedure for treating nasal duct tumors in dogs using a single needle electrode

Introduction Spontaneous tumors of the nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses in canine patients account for 1% of all neoplasms. Their etiology is unknown, but animals living in urban areas are at an increased risk, due to the nasal filtering of pollutants. Also, exposure to tobacco smoke and fossil fuel combustion products increase the risk of this type of cancer. The average age of dogs with nasal cancer is around 10 years, predominantly in medium and large breeds. Common clinical signs include epistaxis, mucopurulent nasal discharge, facial deformity

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KRAS, NRAS, BRAF, HER2 and microsatellite instability in metastatic colorectal cancer – practical implications for the clinician

cancer treated with cetuximab: Overall and KRAS-specific results of the NCIC CTG and AGITG CO.17 Trial J Clin Oncol 2009 27 1822 8 10.1200/ JCO.2008.19.6048 36 Matallanas D, Birtwistle M, Romano D, Zebisch A, Rauch J, von Kriegsheim A, et al. Raf family kinases: old dogs have learned new tricks. Genes Cancer 2011; 2: 232-60. doi: 10.1177/1947601911407323 10.1177/1947601911407323 21779496 Matallanas D Birtwistle M Romano D Zebisch A Rauch J von Kriegsheim A et al Raf family kinases: old dogs have learned new tricks Genes

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Identification and Cementoblastic / Osteoblastic Differentiation of Postnatal Stem Cells from Human Periodontal Ligament

, Bartold PM. Stem cells in the periodontal ligament. Oral Diseases. 2006;12:358-363. Karring T, Nyman S, Lindhe J. Healing following implantation of periodontitis affected roots into bone tissue. J Clin Periodontol. 1980;7:96-105. Akizuki T, Oda S, Komaki M. Application of periodontal ligament cell sheets for periodontal regeneration: a pilot study in beagle dogs. J Periodont Res. 2005;40:245-251. Hasegawa M, Yamato M, Kikuchi A, Okano T, Ishikawa I. Human periodontal ligament cell sheets can

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Implant Therapy in the Esthetic Zone-Surgical Considerations

and zirconia disks with microstructured surfaces. An experimental in vitro study. Clin Oral Implants Res, 2015 Mar 25. DOI: 10.1111/clr.12585. 15. Delgado-Ruiz RA, Markovic A, Calvo-Guirado JL, Lazic Z, Plattelli A, Boticelli D, et al. Implant stability and marginal bone level of microgrooved zirconia dental implants: A 3-month experimental study on dogs. Vojnosanit Pregl, 2014:451-461. 16. Chen S. Buser D, Wismeijer D. Ridge Augmentation Procedures in Implant Patients - A Staged Approach. Berlin; London: Quintessence, 2014.

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Application of High-Power Diode Laser and Photodynamic Therapy in Endodontic Treatment - Review of the Literature

. Preliminary investigation of the histological effects of laser endodontic treatment on the periradicular tissues in dogs. J Endod , 1992; 18:47-51. 34. Wyman A, Duffy S, Sweetland HL, Sharp F, Rogers K . Preliminary evaluation of a new high power diode laser. Lasers Surg Med , 1992; 12:506-509. 35. Souza EB, Amorim CVG, Lage-Marques JL . Effect of diode laser irradiation on the apical sealing of MTA retrofillings. Braz Oral Res , 2006; 20:231-234. 36. Stabholz A, Zeltser R, Sela M, Peretz B, Moshonov J, Ziskind D, et al . The use of lasers in

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Regulation of Cough by Voltage-Gated Sodium Channels in Airway Sensory Nerves

. Coleridge HM, Coleridge JC. Impulse activity in afferent vagal C-fibres with endings in the intrapulmonary airways of dogs. Respir Physiol 1977; 29 (2): 125-142. 29. Chuaychoo B, Lee MG, Kollarik M, Undem BJ. Effect of 5-hydroxy-tryptamine on vagal C-fiber subtypes in guinea pig lungs. Pulm Pharmacol Ther 2005 ; 18 (4): 269–276. 30. Chuaychoo B., Lee MG, Kollarik M, Pullmann R Jr, Undem BJ (2006). Evidence for both adenosine A1 and A2A receptors activating single vagal sensory C-fibres in guinea pig lungs. J Physiol; 575 (Pt 2): 481–490. 31. Kwong K

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Ridge Splitting Technique for Horizontal Augmentation and Immediate Implant Placement

:257-264. 11. Hämmerle CH, Jung RE. Bone augmentation by means of barrier membranes. Periodontol 2000, 2003; 33:36-53. 12. Jung RE, Lecloux G, Rompen E, Ramel CF, Buser D, Hammerle CH. A feasibility study evaluating an in situ formed synthetic biodegradable membrane for guided bone regeneration in dogs. Clin Oral Implants Res, 2009; 20:151-161. 13. Machtei EE. The effect of membrane exposure on the outcome of regenerative procedures in humans: a metaanalysis. J Periodontol, 2001; 72:512-516. 14. Nyström E, Ahlqvist J, Kahnberg

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Endodontic and Prosthetic Management of a Mid-Root and Crown Fracture of a Maxillary Central Incisor

Endod , 2008; 34: 812-817. 23. Holland R, de Souza V, Nery MJ, Otoboni Filho JA, Bernabé PF, Dezan Júnior E . Reaction of dogs’ teeth to root canal filling with mineral trioxide aggregate or a glass ionomer sealer. J Endod , 1999; 25:728-730. 24. Huang HM, Ou KL, Wang WN, Chiu WT, Lin CT, Lee SY . Dynamic finite element analysis of the human maxillary incisor under impact loading in various directions. J Endod , 2005; 31:723-727. 25. Kusgoz A, Yildirim T, Tanriver M, Yesilyurit C . Treatment of horizontal root fractures using MTA as apical plug

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Bisphosphonate - Related Osteonecrosis of the Jaw – Five Years Experience

-Related Osteonecrosis of the Jaw: So many Hypotheses, So Few Data, J Oral Maxillofac Surg 2009, Suppl 1 (67): 61−70. 9. Sonis ST, Watkins BA, Lyng GD, Lerman MA, Anderson KC. Bony changes in the jaws of rats treated with zolendronic acid and dexamethazone before dental extractions mimic bisphosphonate-realted osteonecrosis in cancer patients. Oral Oncology 2009 (45):164-172. 10. Allen MR, Burr DB. Mandible matrix necrosis in beagle dogs after 3 years of daily oral bisphosphonate treatment. J Oral Maxillofac Surg 2008 (66): 987. 11

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Analgesic Effects of Intrathecally Administered Fentanyl in Spinal Anaesthesia for Lower Limb Surgery

-809. 22. Maves TJ, Gebhart GF. Antinociceptive surgery between intrathecal morphine and lidocaine during visceral and somatic nociception in the rat. Anesthesiology. 1992; 76: 91-99. 23. Wang C, Chakrabarti MK, Whitwam JG. Specific enhancement by fentanyl on the effects of intrathecal bupivacaine on nociceptive afferent but not on sympathetic efferent pathway in dogs. Anesthesiology. 1993; 79: 766-773. 24. Biswas BN, Rudra A, Bose BK, Nath S, Chakrabaty S, Bhattacharjee S. Intrathecal fentanyl with hyperbaric bupivacaine improves

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