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Laryngeal Mask Ventilation during Tracheostomy Improves Intraoperative Hemodynamic Stability in Patients Undergoing Total Laryngectomy

instillation of capsaicin and distilled water into the larynx in anesthetized dogs. J Vet Med Sci 1997; 59(9):801-6. 10. Lee JC, Stoll BJ, Downing SE. Properties of the laryngeal chemoreflex in neonatal piglets. Am J Physiol 1977; 233(1):R30-6. 11. Nishino T. Physiological and pathophysiological implications of upper airway reflexes in humans. Jpn J Physiol 2000; 50(1):3-14. Review. 12. Wang X, Guo R, Zhao W. Distribution of Fos-Like Immunoreactivity, Catecholaminergic and Serotoninergic Neurons Activated by the Laryngeal Chemoreflex in the Medulla

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Asthma and Environmental Factors in Children

smoking and childhood asthma: clinical implications. Treat Respir Med, 2005. 4(5): p. 337-46. 21. Brunekreef, B., et al. Exposure to cats and dogs, and symptoms of asthma, rhinoconjunctivitis, and eczema. Epidemiology, 2012. 23(5): p. 742-50. 22. Rao, D. and W. Phipatanakul, Impact of environmental controls on childhood asthma. Curr Allergy Asthma Rep, 2011. 11(5): p. 414-20. 23. Salo, P.M. and D.C. Zeldin, Does exposure to cats and dogs decrease the risk of developing allergic sensitization and disease? The Journal of

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Subconjunctival Dirofilaria Repens


Dirofilariasis is a relatively rare zoonotic disease that affects mainly dogs. The two most common representatives are Dirofilaria immitis and Dirofilaria nochtiella. Studies have documented the spread of the disease across Central and Eastern Europe in recent years due to global changes. In Bulgaria since 2001 there are around 20 cases of dirofilariasis in dogs registered yearly. We report a case of subconjuctival dirofilariasis in a 47-year-old woman living in Southwestern Bulgaria. The infection manifested as a painful, inflamed nodule in the left eye, containing a vital parasite. Morphological analysis aroused suspicion for a filarial worm belonging to the genus Dirofilaria. Subsequent analysis confirmed suspicions and identified the parasite as Dirofilaria repens. After removal, the subconjunctival nodule completely resolved and the patient was successfully cured.

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Pulp-Capping with Mineral Trioxide Aggregate

partial pulpotomy and capping with calcium hydroxide in permanent incisors with complicated crown fracture. - J Endod 1978;4:232-237. 9. Eidelman E, G Holan, A Fuks. Mineral trioxide aggregate vs. Formocresol in pulpotomized primary molars: A preliminary report. - Pediatr Dent 2001;23:15-18. 10. Faraco I., R. Holland, Response of the pulp of dogs to capping with mineral trioxide aggregate or a calcium hydroxide cement. - Dent Traumatol 2001;17:163-166. 11. Fischer E, D.Arens, C. Miller, Bacterial leakage of mineral

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Apical Microleakage of four Materials after Root End Resection (In Vitro Study)

of Paediatric Dentistry: 13, 6, 2012, 252-255. 23. Torabinejad M, Watson T, Ford T. Sealing ability of mineral trioxide aggregate when used as a root end fi lling material. J Endod 19, 1993, 591-595. 24. Torabinejad M, Hong CU, Lee SJ, Monsef M, Pitt Ford TR. Investigation of mineral trioxide aggregate for root end filling in dogs. J Endod 21, 1995, 603-608. 25. Torabinejad trioxide aggregate as a M, Rastegar A, Kettering J. Bacterial leakage of mineral rootend filling material. J Endod: 21, 1995, 109

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New-Onset Atrial Fibrillation in the Post-Primary PCI Setting: A Systematic Review

;122(13):1258-64. 3. Sinno H, Derakhchan K, Libersan D, et al. Atrial ischemia promotes atrial fibrillation in dogs. Circulation. 2003;107(14):1930-6. 4. Worme MD, Tan MK, Armstrong DWJ, et al. Previous and New Onset Atrial Fibrillation and Associated Outcomes in Acute Coronary Syndromes (from the Global Registry of Acute Coronary Events). Am J Cardiol. 2018. 5. Jabre P, Roger VL, Murad MH, et al. Mortality associated with atrial fibrillation in patients with myocardial infarction: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Circulation. 2011;123(15):1587-93. 6

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