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Usefulness of measuring the concentration of thyroglobulin antibodies in serum of dogs for the assessment of thyroid functioning

References 1. Boretti F.S., Breyer-Haube I., Kaspers B., Reusch C.E.: Clinical, hematological, biochemical and endocrinological aspects of 32 dogs with hypothyroidism. Schweiz Arch Tierheilkd 2003, 145, 149-156, 158-159 2. Breyer U., Reese S., Deeg C., Kaspers B., Kraft W.: Diagnostic and predictive value of autoantibodies to thyroglobulin (TgAA) in dogs. Tierarztl Prax. Ausg K Kleintiere/Heimtiere 2004, 32, 207-213. 3. Czumińska K.: Lymphocyte thyroiditis in dogs. Med Weter 2001, 57, 905-909. 4

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Therapeutic effect of hydrogen injected subcutaneously on onion poisoned dogs

molecule alleviates TNFα-induced cell injury in osteoblast. Mol Cell Biochem 2013, 373, 1–9. 4. Chow C.K.: Vitamin E and oxidative stress. Free Radical Bio Med 1991, 11, 215–232. 5. Cope R.B.: Allium species poisoning in dogs and cats. Vet Med 2005, 100, 562–566. 6. Furusawa M., Tsuchiya H., Nagayama M., Tanaka T., Oyama M., Ito T., Iinuma M., Takeuchi H.: Cell growth inhibition by membrane-active components in brownish scale of onion. J Health Sci 2006, 52, 578–584. 7. Harvey J.W., Rackear D.: Experimental onion-induced hemolytic anemia in dogs

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Occurrence of Malassezia Yeasts in Dermatologically Diseased Dogs

References 1. Aizawa, T., Kano, R., Nakamura, Y., Watanabe, S., Hasegawa, A., 1999: Molecular heterogeneity in clinical isolates of Malassezia pachydermatis from dogs. Vet. Microbiol., 70, 67-75. 2. August, J. R., 1988: Otitis externa, a disease of multifactorial etiology. Vet. Clin. North. Am. Small Anim. Pract., 18, 731-742. 3. Cabañes, F. J., Coutinho, S. D., Puig, L., Bragulat, M. R., Castellá, G., 2016: New lipid-dependent Malassezia species from parrots. Revista Iberoamericana De Micologia, 33, 92

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Mitral regurgitation in Dachshund dogs without heart murmurs

G., Tarducci A., Häaggstrom J.: Survival characteristics and prognostic variables of dogs with preclinical chronic degenerative mitral valve disease attributable to myxomatous degeneration. J Vet Intern Med 2011, 26, 69-75. 4. Borgarelli M., Savarino P., Crosara S., Santilli R.A., Chiavegato D., Poggi M., Bellino C., La Rosa G., Zanatta R., Häggström J., Tarducci A.: Survival characteristics and prognostic variables of dogs with mitral regurgitation attributable to myxomatous valve disease. J Vet Intern Med 2008, 22, 120-128. 5

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Correlation between endoscopic and histopathological findings in dogs with chronic gastritis

Helicobacter species in dogs from random sources and pet dogs: animal and public health implications. J Clin Microbiol 1996, 34, 3165-3170. 7. Elta G.H., Appelman H.D, Behler E.M., Wilson J.A., Nostrant T.J.: A study of the correlation between endoscopic and histological diagnoses in gastroduodenitis. Am J Gastroenterol 1987, 82, 749-753. 8. Greenlaw R., Sheahan D.G., Deluca V., Miller D., Myerson D., Myerson P.: Gastroduodenitis. Digestive diseases and sciences 1980, 25, 660-672. 9. Guilford W.G.: Idiopathic inflammatory bowel

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Influence of Invasion of Intracellular Parasites on Platelet Response in Dogs Based on Clinical Cases

References 1. Adaszek Ł., Martinez A.C., Winiarczyk S.: The factors affecting the distribution of babesiosis in dogs in Poland. Vet Parasitol 2011, 181, 160-165 2. Bout D., Joseph M., Pontet M., Vorng H., Deslee D., Capron A.: Rat resistance to schistosomiasis: plateletmediated cytotoxicity induced by C-reactive protein. Science 1986, 231 , 153-156. 3. Chadderdon R.C., Cappello M.: The hookworm platelet inhibitor: functional blockade of integrins GP IIIb/IIIa (allbb3) and GP Ia/IIa (a/2b1) inhibit

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Antipruritic application of ovocystatin in atopic dermatitis in dogs - preliminary study

Dermatol 2010, 21, 23-30. 7. Gołąb K., Warwas M.: Chicken egg proteins- biochemical properties and applications. Adv Clin Exp Med 2005, 14, 1001-1010. 8. Gołąb K., Gburek J., Juszczyńska K., Trziszka T., Polanowski A.: Stabilization of monomeric hen’s egg white cyststin. Chem Industry 2012, 91, 741-744. 9. Gross T.L., Walder E.J., Ihrke P.J.: Subepidermal bullous dermatosis due to topical corticosteroid therapy in dogs. Vet Dermatol 1997, 8, 127-131. 10. Hill P.B., Lau P., Rybnicek J.: Development of an

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Seminoma, Sertolioma, and Leydigoma in Dogs: Clinical and Morphological Correlations

testicular cancer. Endocr Relat Cancer 2005, 12 , 645-655. 7. Gorolla A., Terlin A., Vinanzi C., Roverato A., Sotti G., Antibani W., Foresta C.: Molecular analysis of the androgen receptor gene in testicular cancer. Endocr Relat Cancer 2005, 12 , 645-655. 8. Grieco V., Riccardi E., Greppi G.F., Teruzzi F., Iermano V., Finazzi M.: Canine testicular tumours: a study on 232 dogs. J Comp Path 2008, 138 , 86-89. 9. Hemminki K., Sweden L.X.: Familial risk in testicular cancer as a clue to heritable and environmental aetiology

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Antifungal Susceptibility of Malassezia pachydermatis Isolates from Dogs

REFERENCES 1. Bloom, P., 2009: A practical approach to diagnosing and managing ear disease in dogs. Compend. Contin. Educ. Vet. , 31, 5, 1—5. 2. Bond, R., 2002: Advances in Veterinary Dermatology . Vol. 4. Oxford, UK, Blackwell Science, 2002. Pathogenesis of Malassezia dermatitis, 69—75. 3. Cabañes, F. J., Coutinho, S. D., Puig, L., Bragulat, M. R., Castellá, G., 2016: New lipid-dependent Malassezia species from parrots. Rev. Iberoam. Micol. , 33, 2, 92—99. DOI: 10.1016/j.riam.2016.03.003. 4. Carrillo-Munoz, A. J., Giusiano, S

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Evaluation of Radiographic Coxofemoral Measurements in Boerboel Dogs

distraction index as measures of coxofemoral degenerative point susceptibility in seven breeds of dogs. Veterinary Surgery , 35, 453—459. 4. Fluckiger, M., 2007: Scoring radiographs for canine hip dysplasia: the three big organizations in the world. European Journal of Companion Animal Practice, 17, 135—140. 5. Gray, M. J., Kirberger, R. M., Spotswood, T. C., 2003: Cervical spondylomyelopathy (wobbler syndrome) in the Boerboel. Journal of South African Veterinary Association , 74, 104—110. 6. Guilliard, M., 2014: The PennHIP method of predicting

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