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Builders and Users of Ritual Centres, Yampil Barrow Complex: Studies of Diet Based on Stable Carbon and Nitrogen Isotope Composition

. Journal of Anthropological Archaeology 24: 135--162. Farquhar G.C., O’Leary M.H., Berry J.A. 1982 On the relationship between carbon isotope discrimination and the intercellular carbon dioxide concentration in leaves. Australian Journal of Plant Physiology, 9: 121-137. Fischer A., Olsen J., Richards M., Heinemeier J., Sveinbjörnsdöttir A.E., Bennike P. 2007 Coast-inland mobility and diet in the Danish Mesolithic and Neolithic: evidence from stable isotope values of humans and dogs. Journal of Archaeological Science 34: 2125

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Polish Contemporary Legal System in Court Shows and Courtroom Dramas

, deontology, law] , P. Steczkowski (eds.), Rzeszów 2008, p. 384-396. P. Grabarczyk, T. Stempowski (eds.), Prawo w flmie [ Law in film ], Warszawa 2009. J. Kuisz, Między Psami a Długiem [Between Dogs and The Debt ], „Res Publica Nowa” no. 1/2009. K. Goetz, R. Zubek, Stanowienie prawa w Polsce . Reguły legislacyjne a jakość ustawodawstwa, Raport Sprawne Państwo - Program Ernst & Young [ Legislative process in Poland. Legislative rules and quality of legislation. The report Efective State - Ernst & Young program ], Warszawa 2005. System stanowienia Prawa

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Combat Training for Horse and Rider in the Early Middle Ages

-upon-Thames: Cadmos, 2014) Buhrs, Elfi, Old Companions, Noble Steeds: Why Dogs and Horses were Buried at an Early Medieval Settlement Along the Old Rhine , MSc thesis Archaeology, Leiden 2013 Claridge, Jordan, Horses for Work and Horses for War: The Divergent Horse Market in Late Medieval England , Master Thesis University Edmonton AB, 2011 Cooke, Siobhan, ‘Trading Identities: Alternative Interpretations of Viking Horse Remains in Scotland. A Pierowall Perspective’, in: Papers from the Institute of Archaeology , Vol. 25(2)/Art. 16 (2016) < DOI: http

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Narrative des Anthropozän – Systematisierung eines interdisziplinären Diskurses

. Hamilton, Clive (2015): The Theodicy of the ‚Good Anthropocene‘. In: Environmental Humanities 7, S. 233-238. Hamilton, Clive/Grinevald, Jacques (2015): Was the Anthropocene anticipated? In: The Anthropocene Review 2.1, S. 59-72. Haraway, Donna (2003): The Companion Species Manifesto. Dogs, People, and Significant Otherness. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. Haraway, Donna (2015): Anthropocene, Capitalocene, Plantationocene, Chthulucene: Making Kin. In: Environmental Humanities 6, S. 159-165. Heise

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