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Characterisation and In Vivo Safety of Canine Adipose-Derived Stem Cells

inquiry. Nature , 468 , 485. de Bakker, E., Van Ryssen, B., De Schauwer, C., Meyer, E. (2013). Canine mesenchymal stem cells: State of the art, perspectives as therapy for dogs and as a model for man. Vet. Quart. , 33 , 225–233. De Jesus, M. M., Santiago, J. S., Trinidad, C. V., See, M. E., Semon, K. R., Fernandez, M. O., Jr., Chung, F. S. (2016). Autologous adipose-derived mesenchymal stromal cells for the treatment of Psoriasis vulgaris and psoriatic arthritis: A case report. Cell Transplant. , 25 , 2063–2069. Desiderio, V., De Francesco, F

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Chiral-Gas Chromatography-Selected Ion Monitoring-Mass Selective Detection Analysis of Tobacco Materials and Tobacco Smoke

and /-isomer on nicotinic receptors; J. Pharmacol. Exp. Ther. 222 (1982) 463-470. 4. Holmstedt, B.: The Use of Enantiomers in Biological Studies: A Historical Review; in: Chirality and biological activity, edited by Frank, H., Holmstedt, B. and B. Testa, New York, Alan R. Liss, 1990, pp 1-14. 5. Risner, M. E., E. J. Cone, N. L. Benowitz, and P. I. Jacob, III: Effects of the stereoisomers of nicotine and nornicotine on schedule-controlled responding and physiological parameters of dogs; J. Pharmacol. Exp. Ther

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Cigarette Mainstream Smoke: The Evolution of Methods and Devices for Generation, Exposure and Collection

. 26 (1998) 307–314. 374. Coggins, C.R.E.: A Review of Chronic Inhalation Studies with Mainstream Cigarette Smoke, in Hamsters, Dogs, and Nonhuman Primates; Toxicol. Pathol. 29 (2001) 550–557. 375. Coggins, C.R.E.: An Updated Review of Inhalation Studies with Cigarette Smoke in Laboratory Animals; Int. J. Toxicol. 26 (2007) 331–338. 376. Coggins, C.R.E.: Letter to the Editor; Toxicol. Pathol. 28 (2000) 754. 377. Hahn, F.F., A.P. Gigliotti, J.A. Hutt, T.H. March, and J.L. Mauderly: A Review of the Histopathology of Cigarette Smoke-Induced Lung

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A Review of the Uses of Nuclear Radiation in Tobacco and Smoke Research

A. C. Case: Deposition of radionuclide labeled cigarette smoke in dogs; J. Appl. Physiol. 37 (1974) 630— 633. 109. Johnson, R. R., and T. E, Smith: The formation of methyl chloride in burning cigarettes; presented at the 24th Tob. Chem, Res. Conf., Montreal, Canada, 1970. 110. Baker, R. R.: Temperature variation within a cigarette combustion coal during the smoking cycle; High Temp. Sci. 7 (1975) 236—247. 111. Egerton, A., K. Gugan and F. J, Weinberg: The mechanism of smouldering in

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Influence of Additives on Cigarette Related Health Risks

Chronic Inhalation Studies with Mainstream Cigarette Smoke, in Hamsters, Dogs, and Nonhuman Primates; Toxicol. Pathol. 29 (2001) 550–557. 217. Witschi, H., I. Espiritu, S.T. Dance, and M.S. Miller: A Mouse Lung Tumor Model of Tobacco Smoke Carcinogenesis; Toxicol. Sci. 68 (2002) 322–330. 218. Witschi, H.: The A/J Mouse Lung Tumor Model: Strengths and Weaknesses; Presentation at the LSRO Biological Effects Assessment (BEA) Committee Meeting, Bethesda, MD, June 28–29, 2005. 219. Mauderly, J

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