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The outcome-based iCAN! / theyCAN! feedback paradigm differentiates strong and weak learning outcomes, learner diversity, and the learning outcomes of each learner: A shift to metacognitive assessment

Clinical research” and the L2LOs from “i1 Biology of normal cells” to “iv5 Cancer research” protocol. After the meeting, the students self-assessed the L1LOs from “ix Oncology emergencies” to “viii Paraneoplastic syndromes” and the L2LOs from “vi1 TNM system” to “viic6 Anticancer-agent pharmaco-kinetics/dynamics/genetics”, while the teachers assessed the L1LOs from “viia Surgical therapy” to “viii Paraneoplastic syndromes” and the L2LOs from “iv3 Moral-ethical issues” to “viic6 Anticancer-agent pharmaco-kinetics/dynamics/genetics”, respectively. That is, the score ranks

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