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Mars and Venus in Action? The US and EU’s foreign relations strategies in academic discourse

Journal of North African Studies , 14:1, pp. 57–73. Bruszt L., Greskovits B., 2009. Transnationalization, Social Integration, and Capitalist Diversity in the East and the South. Studies in Comparative International Development , vol. 44, pp. 411–434. Bruszt, L., McDermott, A., 2011. Integrating Rule Takers: Transnational Integration Regimes Shaping Institutional Change in Emerging Market Democracies. Review of International Political Economy, Vol. 19 – Issue 5, pp. 742–778. Bruszt, L., McDermott, A., 2014. Assembling Level Playing Field

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Immigration and Federalism in Canada: beyond Quebec Exceptionalism?

): 191-233. • Schuck Peter H., 2007, ‘Taking Immigration Federalism Seriously’, University of Chicago Legal Forum , I(4): 57-92. • Schwartz Bryan, 1987, Fathoming Meech Lake , Winnipeg: Legal Research Institute of Manitoba, 132-133. • Seidle F. Leslie, 2013, ‘Canada’s Provincial Nominee Programs’, IRPP study, n. 43, 2013, available at . • Simeon Richard and Robinson Ian, 2004, ‘The Dynamics of Canadian

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Beyond Second Chambers: Alternative Representation of Territorial Interests and Their Reasons

References Ackrén Maria, Olausson Pär M., 2008, ‘Condition(s) for Island Autonomy’, International Journal on Minority and Group Rights, XV(2): 227-258. Adam Marc-Antoine, Bergeron Josée and Bonnard Marianne, 2015, ‘Intergovernmental Relations in Canada: Competing Visions and Diverse Dynamics’, in Poirier Johanne, Saunders Cheryl and Kincaid John (eds), Intergovernmental Relations in Federal Systems, Oxford Univ. Press, 135-163. Aja Eliseo and Albertí Rovira Enoch (eds), 2005, La reforma constitucional del Senado

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Constitutional Politics in East Germany and the Grand Coalition State

. • Gunlicks Arthur B., 2012, ‘Legislative Competences, Budgetary Constraints, and the Reform of Federalism in Germany from the Top Down and the Bottom Up’, in Burgess Michael and Tarr G. Alan (eds), Constitutional Dynamics in Federal Systems, McGill Queen’s University Press, Montreal etc., 61-87. • Hölscheidt Sven, 1995, ‘Die Praxis der Verfassungsverabschiedung und der Verfassungsänderung in der Bundesrepublik’, Zeitschrift für Parlamentsfragen , XXVI(1): 58-84. • Ismayr Wolfgang, 2008, ‘Gesetzgebung im politischen System Deutschlands’, in Ismayr Wolfgang

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Promoting solidarity in crisis times: Building on the EU Budget and the EU Funds

References Amato Giuliano, 2007, ‘Future prospects for a European Constitution’, in Amato et al. (eds) Genesis and Destiny of the European Constitution, Bruylant, Brussels. Bachtler John, Mendez Carlos and Wishlade Fiona (eds), 2013, EU Cohesion Policy and European Integration - The Dynamics of EU Budget and Regional Policy Reform, Ashgate, Farnham. Barnard Catherine, 2005, ‘EU Citizenship and the Principle of Solidarity’ in Spaventa Eleanor and Dougan Michael (eds), Social Welfare and EU Law, Hart Publishing

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The quantitative and qualitative analysis of public administration reforms in post-communist countries

overview of recent literature and research on NPM and alternative paths. International Journal of Public Sector Management, 26(1), pp.4-16. Drechsler, W. and Randma-Liiv, T., 2014. The New Public Management Then and Now: Lessons from the Transition in Central and Eastern Europe. Working Papers in Technology Governance and Economic Dynamics, 57, pp.1-26. ECORYS, 2011. Assessment of administrative and institutional capacity building interventions and future needs in the context of European Social Fund, Final Report, 21 March, Rotterdam

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