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Industry-science collaboration in joint projects: harvesting potential of the RDI Information System for targeted innovation policy / Spolupráce podniků a znalostních institucí formou kolaborativních projektů: možnosti využití dat IS VaVaI pro cílenější podporu

úřad, Praha. [8] EC (2001): Benchmarking Industry-Science Relations - The Role of Framework Conditions. European Commission, Vienna. [9] Edquist, C. (2005): System of innovation: Perspectives and challenges. In: Fagerberg, J. et al.: The Oxford handbook of innovation. Oxford University Press, New York, 181-208. [10] Etzkowitz, H.; Leydesdorff, L. (2000): The dynamics of innovation: from National Systems and “Mode 2” to a Triple Helix of university- -industry-government relations. Research Policy 29, 2, 109

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Mars and Venus in Action? The US and EU’s foreign relations strategies in academic discourse

Journal of North African Studies , 14:1, pp. 57–73. Bruszt L., Greskovits B., 2009. Transnationalization, Social Integration, and Capitalist Diversity in the East and the South. Studies in Comparative International Development , vol. 44, pp. 411–434. Bruszt, L., McDermott, A., 2011. Integrating Rule Takers: Transnational Integration Regimes Shaping Institutional Change in Emerging Market Democracies. Review of International Political Economy, Vol. 19 – Issue 5, pp. 742–778. Bruszt, L., McDermott, A., 2014. Assembling Level Playing Field

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Analysis of Leading Cities in Central Europe: Control of Regional Economy

, D.A. 1977: Global cities of tomorrow. In: Harvard Business Review , 55 (May/June), pp. 79-92. Hymer, S. 1972: The multinational corporation and the law of uneven development. In: Bhagwati, J. editor, Economics and World Order from the 1970s to the 1990s , New York: Collier-MacMillan, pp. 113-140. Ivanička, K. Sr. and Ivanička, K. Jr. 2007: Regional growth dynamics in Central and Eastern Europe in the socio-economic and geographic context of a post-socialist reality. In: Stanilov, K. editor, The Post

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Demographic development and changes of land-use in the Beskid Niski Mountains, Poland, between 1869 and 2009

w Polsce w latach 1975-1988 (Transformations of land use in Poland in years 1975‒1988 - in Polish). In: Prace Geograficzne , Nr 168, IGiPZ PAN, Wrocław: Continuo, p. 103. Guzik, Cz. and Zborowski, A., 1988: Wpływ użytkowania ziemi oraz wybranych czynnikow społeczno-ekonomicznych na przestrzenne zrożnicowanie dynamiki rozwoju ludności w Karpatach (The influence of land use and chosen socio-economic factors on the spatial differentiation of the dynamics of the development of the population in Carpathians - in Polish). In: Folia Geographica, Series

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‘VIPsm’, A Threat to Social Stability in South Africa: From Apartheid Exclusions to Democratized Inequalities

6. References Amstrong, P., Lekezwa, B. & Siebrits, K. (2008). Poverty in South Africa: A profile based on recent household surveys. Stellenbosch Economic Working Papers: 04/08. Appolis, J. & McKinley, D. (2009). Movement-Building: The Capitalist Crisis and the South African Elections. Pampazuka. Issue 428. Bass, B. M. (1985). Leadership and Performance Beyond Expectations . New York: The Free Press. Bass, B. M. (1990). From Transactional to Transformational Leadership: Learning to Share the Vision. Organizational Dynamics, 18(3), 19

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Small enterprise development in South Africa: The role of business incubators

in South Africa’s Priority Sectors. In: South African Journal of Economics and Management Science, Vol. 11 (1), pp. 54-68. Rogerson, C.M., 2012: Supplier Diversity: A New Phenomenon in Private Sector Procurement in South Africa. In: Urban Forum, Vol. 23, pp. 279-297. Rogerson, C.M., 2013: Improving Market Access Opportunities for Urban Small, Medium and Micro-Enterprises in South Africa. In: Urbani Izziv, Vol. 24 (2), pp. 133-143. Rogerson, C.M., 2014: Reframing place-based economic development in South Africa: the

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Demographic stagnation and decline in Spain: A cause for concern?

population in the period 1970-1986), Madrid: Síntesis, 109-117. Billari, F. and Wilson, C. (2001). Convergence towards diversity? Cohort dynamics in the transition to adulthood in contemporary Western Europe. Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research, Working Papers, 2001-039. Billari, F. and Kohler, H.P. (2002). Patterns of Lowest-Low Fertility in Europe. Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research, Working Papers, 2002-040. Borjas, G.J. (1994). The Economics of Migration. Journal of Economic Literature , 32, 4, 1667-1717. Brettell, C

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Longitudinal correlations of car ownership with socio-economics, urban form, and transport infrastructure in Latin America: Example from Ensenada, Mexico

, S., Orozco Camacho, M., Padilla Rodriguez, X., Treviño Theesz, X. and Veloz Rosas, J., 2013: Hacia una estrategia Nacional Integral de Movilidad Urbana (Towards a National Integral strategy of Urban Mobility - in Spanish). México: ITDP. Brueckner, J.K. and Fansler, D.A., 1983: The Economics of Urban Sprawl: Theory and Evidence on the Spatial Sizes of Cities. In: The Review of Economics and Statistics, Vol. 65, No. 3, p. 479. Cervero, R. and Kockelman, K., 1997: Travel demand and the 3Ds: density, diversity, and design. In

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Transformations of traditional land use and settlement patterns of Kosarysche Ridge (Chornohora, Western Ukraine)

: Pryroda i rosłynni bahatstwa ukrajins’kych Karpat (Nature and plant diversity of the Ukrainian Carpathians - in Ukrainian), Lwów: Wisnyk L’wiw. Un-tu. Krukar, W., 2006: O górach Huculszczyzny (About the mountains of Hutsulshchyna - in Polish). In: Wielocha, A. editor, Góry Huculszczyzny, Kraków: COTG PTTK, pp. 5-24. Krukar, W. and Troll, M., 2010: Czarnohora. Mapa turystyczno- nazewnicza (Chornohora. Tourist and nomenclature- defining map - in Polish), 1:60 000, Krosno: Wydawnictwo Ruthenus. Kubijovyč, V., 1924

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The process of transformation of academic centres as a factor upgrading the quality of human capital in the regions of France

. In: Journal of Educational Planning and Administration , Vol. XXII, No. 1, pp. 27‒43. Jaoul-Grammare, M . and Guironnet, J-P., 2009: Does Over-education Influence French Economic Growth?. In: Economics Bulletin , Vol. 29, Issue 2, p. 1190‒1200. Komorowski, J.W., 2008: Zrożnicowanie przestrzenne i dynamika akademickiego potencjału kształcenia dla gospodarki innowacyjnej w Polsce (Spatial diversity and dynamics of the academic potential of education for the economy of innovation in Poland - in Polish), In: Słodczyk, J. and

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