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Forest stand biomass of Picea spp.: an additive model that may be related to climate and civilisational changes

influence, “forest with its mystic grounds and shade brings a poetic spirit to the people living in it”. He believed that this distinctive culture could originate without any outside influence other than in forest country ( Usoltsev, 2019 : 9). Thus, forests play an important role both in the history of civilisation and in its future, and therefore any changes in the areas, structure, biological diversity and biological productivity of forests under the influence of climate should be in the focus of world scientists. One of the most important ecological properties of

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Creative Clusters in Visegrad Countries: Factors Conditioning Cluster Establishment and Development

: Creative Industries Mapping Document. Available from:, DoA: 18 May 2015. Derudder, B. and Taylor, P., 2012: World City Network. Project 97. Available from:, DoA: 20 May 2015. Desrochers, P. and Leppälä, S., 2011: Creative Cities and Regions: The Case for Local Economic Diversity. In: Creativity and Innovation Management, Volume 20, Issue 1, John Wiley & Sons Ltd, pp. 59-69. DOI:

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Regional diversification of cultural sector potential in Poland

, culture can play a role in creating and maintaining the identity of the local community, its creativity, vitality and internal cohesion. The aim of this article is to assess the potential of the cultural sector in Poland and present its regional diversity. The author selected features referring to infrastructure in terms of culture, activity of the population in the sphere of culture, expenditure on culture and income derived from culture; then, on the basis of these features, a synthetic measure determining the development potential of regions (voivodships) in Poland

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Settlement Type and Educational Effectiveness of Polish Schools on the Example of the Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivoideship

, A. editor, Jedna Polska? Dawne i nowe zróżnicowania społeczne [Poland united? Problem specification In: Kojder, A. editor, Poland united? Social Diversity now and in the past]. Kraków: WAM PAN. Kojder A. 2007 Jedna Polska? Problem i jego konkretyzacja In Kojder A. editor, Jedna Polska? Dawne i nowe zróżnicowania społeczne [Poland united? Problem specification In: Kojder, A. editor, Poland united? Social Diversity now and in the past] Kraków WAM PAN Kwieciński, Z. (1973). Poziom wiedzy uczniów a środowisko szkoły [Levels of student knowledge vs

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Cultural Clusters as a Local Economic Development Strategy in Rural Small-Town Areas: Sarah Baartman District in South Africa

, Bathurst, Nieu-Bethesda and Kenton-on-Sea). These types of towns are the threshold as they have a good level of pre-existing infrastructure and a decent number of existing CCIs on which they can expand. This means that for them, CCI-led development is more likely to be a viable option for local economic development. The high-CCI municipalities exceed the threshold and so are even more likely to be able to foster CCI-led development. These classifications of municipalities based on their numbers of CCIs show that there is a diversity that exists in rural areas with

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The spatial pattern of voter choice homogeneity in the Nigerian presidential elections of the fourth republic

( Geoda, 2005 ; Anselin, Syabri, Kho, 2006 ). Religious diversity is generally measured as the probability that two randomly chosen individuals are not of the same religion. Thus, a Herfindahl-type fractionalisation index, HI = Σxi 2 , was used to measure it (see Yamamura, 2011 ). It is expected that the higher the religious diversity index, the less religiously heterogeneous a state is, i.e., the more religiously homogeneous the state and the more similar the voter choice in that state and vice versa . Multivariate regression analysis was done with the VCH as the

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Construction coefficient in the settlements of Gllogoc Municipality (Republic of Kosova)

(1999) , Jenks et al. (1996) , Holden (2004) , Hoyer and Holden (2003, 2001 ), Mclaren (1992) and Banister (1992) , who discuss this process as an interaction between social and technical solutions for sustainable cities. Sustainable settlements are developed based on some important criteria: high density and integrated land use ( Kenworthy, 2006 ); the diversity of activities ( Jacobs, 2002 ); mixed land use or heterogeneous zoning; compactness of built environment ( Rudolf et al., 2017 ); sustainable transportation ( Acioly, 2000 ); passive solar design

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