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Landscape and Gods Among the Khanty

симфония.] Gottowik, Volker. 2014. Introduction. - Dynamics of Religion in Southeast Asia: Magic and Modernity, edited by Volker Gottowik. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press, 9-29. Gračeva, Galina N. 1989. Nganasan Shaman’s Ways and Worldview. - Uralic Mythology and Folklore. Ethnologica Uralica 1, edited by Mihály Hoppál and Juha Pentikäinen. Budapest, Helsinki: Ethnographic Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences; Finnish Literature Society, 233-238. Harwood, Frances. 1976. Myth, Memory, and the Oral Tradition

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Historical Narratives of Sinophobia – Are these echoed in contemporary Australian debates about Chineseness?

Islamophobia, may be having an impact on the way cultural diversity and migrant groups, such as the Chinese, are being perceived. As a way of engaging with these issues, a brief overview of Australian multiculturalism is presented in the next section of the paper. 2 ‘Multicultural’ Australia Debate continues on how best to understand the relationship between ethnicity and nation ( van Reekum, Duyvendak and Bertossi 2012 ). This debate is relatively pronounced in settler societies such as Australia. In Australia, the imagined nation assumes migration and therefore a

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National Identity Formation in Pakistan: Analysis of the Anti-Secular Narrative

diversity in Pakistan. The conflict between the majority Muslims and the Ahmadiyyas should have been settled a long time ago when they were declared non-Muslims in 1974; but that is not the case, as fundamentalists and extremists endeavour for an Islamic state for Muslims alone. This is evident through attacks on other religious minorities too, mainly Christians and Hindus, and even on sectarian minorities such as Shias and Ismailis. In Pakistan, religion (Islam) is considered to be supranational; therefore, the country struggles to form a singular nation based on

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