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Islam and Muslims as Elephants in the Interfaith Room:
Frame governance of dialogue and de-radicalisation

References Abdel-Fadil, M 2005, ‘Truede identiteter: Identitetsarbeid blant unge muslimer i Norge’, in Somaliere i Norge: Perspektiver på spåk, religion og integrering , eds. K Nes, T Skoug & M Strømstad, Oplandske Bokforlag, Vallset, pp. 91-111. Abdel-Fadil, M & Liebmann, LL 2018, ‘Gender, diversity and mediatized conflicts of religion: lessons from Scandinavian Case Studies’, in Contesting Religion: The Media Dynamics of Cultural Conflicts in Scandinavia , ed. K Lundby, De Gruyter, Berlin, pp. 281-298, DOI:0.1515/9783110502060-021. Alghamdi

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The Multilingual City

, Frankfurt am Main, pp. 149-247. Kraus, PA 2008, A union of diversity: language, identity and polity-building in Europe, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. Kraus, PA forthcoming, ‘The politics of complex diversity: a European perspective’, in Ethnicities (Vol. 12, 2012). Laponce, JA 1987, Languages and their territories, University of Toronto Press, Toronto. Linz, JJ 1975, 'Politics in a multilingual society with a dominant world language: the case of Spain', in Les

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Book reviews

References Bell, D 1999 [1974], The coming of the post-industrial society. A venture in social forecasting, Basic Books, New York . Harris, N 2002, Thinking the unthinkable. The immigration myth exposed, IB Tauris, London . Kraal, K, Roosblad, J & Wrench, J (eds) 2009, Equal opportunities and ethnic inequality in European labour markets. Discrimination, gender and policies of diversity, Amsterdam University Press, Amsterdam . Penninx, R 2006, ‘Introduction

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Rural Diversification Strategies in Promoting Structural Transformation in Zimbabwe

Economics . 42(3):279 -290. Cavatassi, R., Lipper, L. & Winters, P. (2012). Sowing the seeds of social relations: social capital and agricultural diversity in Hararghe, Ethiopia. Environment and Development Economics . 17(5): 547-578. Chapoto, A., Banda, D., Haggblade, S. & Hamukwala, P. (2011). Factors Affecting Poverty Dynamics in Rural Zambia. Food Security Research Project . Working Paper No. 55, Lusaka. Chaudhuri, S., Jalan, J. & Suryahadi, A. (2002). Assessing household vulnerability to poverty from cross-sectional data: A methodology and estimates

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Besides Conviviality
Paradoxes in being ‘at ease’ with diversity in a Copenhagen district

increasing focus on ‘mixing’ and social cohesion in policies and interventions implemented on urban, municipal and neighbourhood levels ( Fortier 2010 ; Grünenberg & Freiesleben 2016 ). These policy foci can be related to research investigating how ‘countless residents successfully live with difference on a daily basis in cities marked by cultural diversity’ through everyday encounters and practices ( Fincher et al. 2014 , p.2; Watson & Saha 2012 ). Thus an emphasis on conviviality, or mundane, everyday (or even ‘successful’) rubbing together and getting along, reflects

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Closer to the Truth:
DNA profiling for family reunification and the rationales of immigration policy in Finland

.fi . Available from: <> [Retrieved 20.4.2013]. M’Charek, A 2005, The human genome diversity project: an ethnography of scientific practice , Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. Middleton, T 2011, ‘Right to family reunion: the dynamics between EU law and national policy change, MPG briefings for Green Paper on Family Reunion # 2’. . Available from: < reunion-the_dynamics_between_EU_law_and_national_ policy

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Contesting neoliberal governance. The case of Romanian Roma

. Bache, Ian and Matthew Flinders. 2004. Multi-Level Governance. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Bădescu, Gabriel. 2001. “A Quantitative Analysis of the Roma projects.” In Roma Projects in Romania, 1990-2000, edited by Viorel Anăstăsoaie and Daniela Tarnovschi, 35-68. Cluj-Napoca: Ethnocultural Diversity Resource Center. Barany, Zoltan. 2000. "Politics and the Roma in State-Socialist Eastern Europe." Communist and Post-Communist Studies 33(4): 421-437. Barany, Zoltan. 2002. The East European Gypsies. Regime Change

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, ‘Guestworkers in Europe: a resurrection?’, International Migration Review, vol. 40, pp. 741-766, DOI: 10.1111/j.1747-7379.2006.00042.x. Castles, S 1995, ‘How nation-states respond to immigration and ethnic diversity’, New Community, vol. 21, no. 3, pp. 293-308, DOI: 10.1080/1369183X.1995.9976493. Castles, S & Davidson, A 2000, Citizenship and migration. Globalization and the politics of belonging, Routledge, New York. Castles, S & Miller, M 2003, The age of migration: international

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Out of Touch
Understanding Post-divorce Relationships between Children and Fathers in Ethnic Minority Families

-628. Bernardi, F, Härkönen, J & Boertien, D 2013, ‘State-of-the-art report. Effects of family forms and dynamics on children’s well-being and life chances: literature review’, Families and Societies: Working Paper Series 4(2013). Björnberg, U & Ottosen, MH (eds) 2013. Challenges for future family policies in the Nordic Countries,SFI - the Danish National Centre for Social Research, Copenhagen. Bonke, J 2009, Forældres brug af tid og penge på deres børn, University Press of Southern Denmark, Odense. Bonke, J & Schultz-Nielsen, ML

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Attractiveness of Rural Areas for Young, Educated Women in Post-Industrial Society

Companies Create the Dynamics of Innovation, New York: Oxford University Press. O’Connor, K. (ed.) 2010 Gender and Women’s Leadership: A Reference Handbook, Los Angeles: Sage Publications. OECD 1994. Creating Rural Indicators for Shaping Territorial Policy. OECD, Paris. Oedl-Wieser, T. 2008 Rural Gender studies in Austria: State of the Art and Future Strategies, Universität für Bodenkultur Wien, Department für Wirtschafts-und Sozialwiss. Philo, C. 1993 ‘Postmodern rural geography? A reply to Murdoch and Pratt’, Journal of Rural Studies 9(4): 429

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