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Monitoring the Bacterial and Fungal Biota of Eleven Tobacco Grades Stored at Three Different Locations

–700. 3. Di Giacomo, M., M. Paolino, D. Silvestro, G. Vigliotta, F. Imperi, P. Visca, P. Alifano, and D. Parente: Microbial community structure and dynamics of dark fire-cured tobacco fermentation; Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 73 (2007) 825–837. 4. Welty, R. E. and G. B. Lucas: Fungi isolated from flue-cured tobacco at time of sale and after storage; Appl. Microbiol. 17 (1969) 360–365. 5. Welty, R. E. and L. A. Nelson: Growth of Aspergillus repens in flue-cured tobacco; Appl. Microbiol. 21 (1971) 854

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Soil heat flux and air temperature as factors of radon (Rn-222) concentration in the near-ground air layer

of near-ground atmospheric Rn-222 concentration between urban and rural area with reference to microclimate diversity. Atmos. Environ. , 126 , 225–234. Podstawczyńska A. 2016 Differences of near-ground atmospheric Rn-222 concentration between urban and rural area with reference to microclimate diversity Atmos. Environ. 126 225 234 18. Winkler, R., Ruckerbauer, F., Trautmannsheimer, M., Tschiersch, J., & Karg, E. (2001). Diurnal and seasonal variation of the equilibrium state between short-lived radon decay products and radon gas in the

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Total nitrogen, water-soluble nitrogen and free amino acids profile during ripening of soft cheese enriched with Nigella sativa seed oil

References 1. Georgescu M, Dobrea M, Georgescu D. Microbial Population Dynamics in Presence of Lactococcal Bacteriophage During Ripening of Traditional Raw Milk Romanian, Agriculture and Agricultural Science Procedia, ELSEVIER, Volume 6, Pages 324-331, 2015. 2. Georgescu M, Savu C, Neagu I, Georgescu D. Coliform bacteria contamination profiling of raw milk cheeses using statistical assessment of type-linked correlations. AgroLife Scientific Journal - Volume 3, Number 2, 2014. Pag. 39-44, ISSN 2285-5718. 3. Nicolaescu M, Savu C. Assessment of

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Vibrations attenuation of a system excited by unbalance and the ground movement by an impact element

Vibration and Control 15 1229 1246 [11] G. W. Luo, X. H. Lv and Y. Q. Shi. (2014), Vibro-impact dynamics of a two-degree-of freedom periodically-forced system with a clearance: Diversity and parameter matching of periodic-impact motions. International Journal NonLinear Mechanics, 65, 1-286. 10.1177/1077546308091216 Luo G. W. Lv X. H. Shi Y. Q. 2014 Vibro-impact dynamics of a two-degree-of freedom periodically-forced system with a clearance: Diversity and parameter matching of periodic-impact motions International Journal NonLinear Mechanics 65 1 286 10

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Alternative Forms of Storage Protection: Biological Insecticides for the Control of the Cigarette Beetle (Lasiodermaserricorne) and the Tobacco Moth (Ephestiaelutella)

References 1. Adams, L. F., Uu, C. L., Mac Intosh, S. C. and R. L. Starnes: Diversity and biological activity of Bacillus thuringiensis; in: Crop protection agents from naturę, edited by L. G. Copping, SCI, U.K., 1996, pp. 360-388. 2. Aronson, A. J.: The two faces of BadlUts thuringiensis: insecticldal proteins and post-exponential survival; Mol. Microbiol. 7 (1993) 489-496. 3. Ashworth, J. R.: The biology of Lasioderma serii-corne; J. Stored Prod. Res. 29 (1993) 291

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Shear Strength Enhancement of Cemented Reinforced Sand: Role of Cement Content on the Macro-Mechanical Behavior

affected by water content, cement content and curing time. – The increase in the water content significantly increases the shear strength of the sand-cement mixture due to the hydration of the cement, and reduces the deformability of the sand-cement mixtures (by increasing the dilatant character). – The addition of cement in the sand increases the shear strength considerably; it not only improves the shear strength of the soil, but also provides diversity in the resistance against the deformations imposed loads, which can result in a minimization of expansion

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The genus Portulaca as a suitable model to study the mechanisms of plant tolerance to drought and salinity

-283. 37. Ren S, Weeda S, Akande O, Guo Y, Rutto L, Mebrahtu T. Drought tolerance and AFLP-based genetic diversity in purslane ( Portulaca oleracea L.). J Biotech Res 2011; 3: 51-61. 38. Liu L, Howe P, Zhou YF, Hocart C, Zhang R. Fatty acid profiles of leaves of nine edible wild plants: an Australian study. J Food Lipids 2002; 9: 65-71. 39. Zheng ZH, Dong ZH, Yu J. Modern study of traditional Chinese medicine, Xue Yuan Press, Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Beijing, 1997. 40. Simpoulos AP. Omega-3 fatty acids in health and disease

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Nicotiana: Breeding Research and Breeding - Nicotiana: Züchtungsforschung und Züchtung

dynamics of Maryland tobacco cultivars (Nicotiana tabacum L); Tob. lnt. (N.Y.) 183, No. 7 (1981) 26. 66. Dix, P. J., R. S. Pearce: Proline accumulation in NaCl resistant and sensitive cell lines of Nicotiana sylvestris; Z. Pflanzenpbysiol. 102 (1981) 243. 67. Douglas, G. C., L R. Wetter, W. A. Keller, G. Setterfield: Production of sexual hybrids of Nicotiana rustica X N. tabacum and N. rustica X N. glutinosa via in vitro culture of fertilized ovules; Z. Pflanzenziicht. 90 (1983) 116. 68. Dulieu

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Transient bioimpedance monitoring of mechanotransduction in artificial tissue during indentation

, presumably due to an outward flux of cross-linking ions into the surrounding medium [ 101 ], at large strains the degradation of the cross-links in the alginate is being accelerated and that the calcium ions released are affecting the cell behaviour [ 102 , 103 , 104 ]. The oscillation observed in the resistivity as shown in Fig. 15 are reminiscent of typical action potential including a depolarization, repolarization and refractory stage [ 105 ]. The delay in the response may be due to the temporal dynamics of Ca 2+ signalling events in fibroblasts which involve a

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