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Species diversity and litter dynamics in secondary mixed deciduous forest, Thung Salaeng Lung National Park, Northern, Thailand

, Thailand. Satiago L.S., Mulkey S.S. 2005. Leaf productivity along a precipitation gradient in lowland Panama: patterns from leaf to ecosystem. Structure Function, 19 (3), 349-356. Srikanha P., Gajaseni J. 2000. Structure, compositions and species diversity in deciduous forest ecosystem in Huai Kha Khaeng Wildlife Sanctuary, Thailand. In research reports on biodiversity in Thailand, Biodiversity Research and Training Program (BRT), 11-14th October 2000, 710-714. Suksomut P. 1987. Community dynamics of hill evergreen forest

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Impact of climate change on ivy (Hedera helix L.) expansion in forests of Central Poland

R eferences Bakkenes, M., Alkemade, J.RM., Ihle, F., Leemans, R., Latour, J.B. 2002. Assessing effects of forecasted climate change on the diversity and distribution of European higher plants for 2050. Global Change Biology , 8, 390–407. DOI:10.1046/j.1354-1013.2001.00467.x Berner, U., Streif, H.J. 2004. Klimafakten: der Rückblick – ein Schlüssel für die Zukunft., 4 Auflage. Schweizerbartˋsche Verlagsbuchthandlung, Stuttgart, Germany. Bernhardt-Romermann, M., et al. 2015. Drivers of temporal changes in temperate forest plant diversity vary

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Harmfulness of xylophagous insects for silver birch (Betula pendula Roth.) in the left-bank forest-steppe of Ukraine

–90. Pažoutová, S., Šrůtka, P., Holuša, J., Chudíčková, M., Kolařík, M. 2010. Diversity of xylariaceous symbionts in Xiphydria woodwasps: role of vector and a host tree. Fungal Ecology , 3 (4), 392–401. Raffa, K.F., et al. 2008. Cross-scale drivers of natural disturbances prone to anthropogenic amplification: The dynamics of bark beetle eruptions. Bioscience, 58, 501–517. Rauleder, H. 2003. Observations on the flight dynamics of bark beetle ( Xyleborus saxeseni and dispar ). Gesunde Pflanzen , 55 (3), 53–61.

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Molecular Evidence of Q Fever Agent Coxiella Burnetii in Ixodid Ticks Collected from Stray Dogs in Belgrade (Serbia)

-induced abortion in dairy goat herds. Appl Environ Microbiol 2009, 75:428-33. 5. Maurin M, Raoult D: Q fever. Clin Microbiol Rev 1999, 12:518-53. 6. Rodolakis A: Q Fever in Dairy Animals. Ann N Y Acad Sci 2009, 1166:90-3. 7. Joulié A, Laroucau K, Bailly X, Prigent M, Gasqui P, Lepetitcolin E, Blanchard B, Rousset E, Sidi-Boumedine K, Jourdain E: Circulation of Coxiella burnetii in a naturally infected fl ock of dairy sheep: Shedding dynamics, environmental contamination, and genotype diversity. Appl Environ Microbiol 2015, 81

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Looking for the causes of and solutions to the issue of honey bee colony losses

: do pollen quality and diversity matter? PLoS ONE 2013, 8:e72016. 21. Asensio I, Vicente-Rubiano M, Muñoz MJ, Fernández-Carrión E, Sánchez-Vizcaíno JM, Carballo M: Importance of ecological factors and colony handling for optimizing health status of apiaries in Mediterranean ecosystems. PLoS ONE 2016, 11:e0164205. 22. Stanimirović Z, Soldatović B, Vučinić M: Honey bee – Biology of the bees [in Serbian] Beograd, Srbija: Medicinska knjiga – Medicinske komunikacije 2000, 1-375. 23. Cirkovic D, Stanimirovic Z: Beekeeping manual [in Serbian] Državni

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Development of forest inventory methods in multifunctional forest management


The demand for wide range and precise information on forests promotes continuous development of forest inventory methods, owing to the fact that compilation of reliable data is prerequisite not only for improving forest management schedules but also planning land use and natural environment management. In the reality of contemporary forestry, a requirement to improve forest inventory methods stems from obligation to acquire information on broadly understood issues of forestry as well as the protection of nature and environment.

The paper points out to the essential steps, as said by the authors, on the way to the improvement of now used forest inventory methods and calls attention to remote sensing technologies such as ortophotomaps and aerial lidar data.

The revisions proposed concern gathering information on: site conditions, species diversity, forest stock range as well as sample size and work scope on sampling areas. At the same time, in view of surveying the dynamics of forest change, there is recommended the use of permanent observation plots, especially in mountainous forests.

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Plant ecological groups and soil properties of common hazel (Corylus avellana L.) stand in Safagashteh forest, north of Iran

. Environmental Research , 111, 967–977. Koorem K., Moora M. 2010. Positive association between understory species richness and a dominant shrub species ( Corylus avellana ) in a boreonemoral spruce forest. Forest Ecology and Management , 260, 1407–1413. Lencinasa M.V., Pastur G.M., Gallo E., Cellini J.M. 2011. Alternative silvicultural practices with variable retention to improve understory plant diversity conservation in southern Patagonian forests. Forest Ecology and Management , 262, 1236–1250. McEwan R.W., Muller R.N. 2011. Dynamics, diversity, and

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Effect of repeated fire on understory plant species diversity in Saravan forests, northern Iran

Primer of Methods and Computing. Wiley Press, New York. Magurran A.E. 1988. Ecological Diversity and Its Measurement. Croom Helm, London. Malkisnon D., Wittenberg L., Beeri O., Barzilai R. 2011. Effects of Repeated Fires on the Structure, Composition, and Dynamics of Mediterranean Maquis: Short- and Long-Term Perspectives. Ecosystems, 14, 478-488. Marafa L.M., Chau K.C., Shatin N.T. 1999. Effect of hill fire on upland soil in Hong Kong. Forest Ecology and Management, 120 (1/3), 97-104. Marozas V

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Root biomass of Fagus sylvatica L. stands depending on the climatic conditions

Soil, 258 (1/2), 43-56. Le Goff N., Ottorini J. 2001. Root biomass and biomass increment in a beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) stand in North-East France. Annals of Forest Science, 58, 1-13. Meinen C., Hertel D., Leuschner Ch. 2009. Biomass and morphology of fine roots in temperate broad-leaved forests differing in tree species diversity: is there evidence of below-ground overyielding? Oecologia, 161 (1), 99-111. Norby R.J., Jackson R.B. 2000. Root dynamics and global change: seeking an ecosystem perspective. New Phytologist

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Diversity of flora in the undergrowth of park afforestations, rural plantings and oak-hornbeam forests

-12. Fornal-Pieniak B., Wysocki C. 2009b. Przekształcenia szaty roślinnej parków wiejskich w Kotlinie Sandomierskiej. Acta Scientarium Polonorum Formatio Circumiectus, 8 (1/2), 12-20. Fornal-Pieniak B., Wysocki C. 2009c. Typy parków wiejskich w krajobrazie rolniczym na przykładzie Krainy Kotlina Sandomierska. Woda-Środowisko- Obszary Wiejskie, 9 (2), 51-57. Fornal-Pieniak B., Wysocki C. 2009d. Diversity of ancient forest plant species in country parks. Annals of Warsaw University of Life Sciences - SGGW, Horticulture and Landscape

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