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Correspondence of butterfly and host plant diversity: foundation for habitat restoration and conservation

.B. & Launer, A.E. (1997) Butterfly diversity and human land use: Species assemblages along an urban gradient. Biological Conservation, 80,113–125. Bonebrake, T.C., Ponisio, L.C., Boggs, C.L. & Ehrlich, P.R. (2010) More than just indicators: a review of tropical butterfly ecology and conservation. Biological Conservation, 143(8), 1831-1841. Cameron, G.N., Culley, T.M., Kolbe, S.E., Miller, A.I. & Matter, S.E. (2015) Effects of urbanization on herbaceous forest vegetation: the relative impacts of soil, geography, forest composition, human access, and an invasive

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First record of spider Tegenaria ferruginea (Panzer, 1804) from Belarus with notes on overwintering

. (2015) Spider assemblages and dynamics on a seasonal island in the Pripyat River, Belarus. Turkish Journal of Zoology, 39(5), 877–887. Hassall, C. (2015) Odonata as candidate macroecological barometers for global climate change. Freshwater Science, 34(3), 1040–1049. Ivanov, V. V. (2013) The checklist of Belarusian spiders (Arachnida, Araneae). Zoology and Ecology, 23(4), 293–311. Kirchner, W. (1987) Behavioural and physiological adaptations to cold. In Ecophysiology of spiders. Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg. Kiss, B., & Samu, F. (2002

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Geographic trends in range sizes explain patterns in bird responses to urbanization in Europe

of species. The American Naturalist , 124, 255–279. Brown J.H. & Kodric-Brown A. (1977) Turnover Rates in Insular Biogeography: Effect of Immigration on Extinction. Ecology , 58, 445–449. Cardillo M. (2002) The life-history basis of latitudinal diversity gradients: how do species traits vary from the poles to the equator? Journal of Animal Ecology , 71, 79–87. Cardoso G.C. (2014) Nesting and acoustic ecology, but not phylogeny, influence passerine urban tolerance. Global Change Biology , 20, 803–810. Clergeau P., Croci S., Jokimäki J

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Long-term species richness-abundance dynamics in relation to species departures and arrivals in wintering urban bird assemblages

References Aronson, M.F.J., La Sorte, F.A., Nilon, C.H., Katti, M., Goddard, M.A., Lepczyk, C.A., Warren, P.S., Williams, N.S.G., Cilliers, S., Clarkson, B., Dobbs, C., Dolan, R., Hedblom, M., Klotz, S., Kooijmans, J.L., Kuehn, I., MacGregor-Fors, I., McDonnell, M., Mortberg, U., Pysek, P., Siebert, S., Sushinsky, J., Werner, P. & Winter, M. (2014) A global analysis of the impacts of urbanization on bird and plant diversity reveals key anthropogenic drivers. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B, 281, 20133330. Beninde, J., Veith, M

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Distribution of mosquito larvae in rice field habitats: a spatial scale analysis in semi-field condition

.G., Mwangangi, J.M., Mbogo, C.M., Githure, J.I.& Novak, R.J. (2008) Diversity of riceland mosquitoes and factors affecting their occurrence distribution in Mewa, Kenya. Journal of American Mosquito Control Association, 24(3), 349–358. Mwangangi, J.M., Muturi, E.J., Shililu, J.I., Jacob, B., Kabiru, E.W., Mbogo, C.M., Githure, J.I.& Novak, R.J. (2008) Distribution of mosquito larvae within the paddy and its implication in larvicidal application in Mewa rice irrigation scheme, Central Kenya. Journal of American Mosquito Control Association, 24(1), 36–41. Ohba, S

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Diversity of actinobacteria in the marshes of Ezzemoul and Djendli in northeastern Algeria

) Classification and salt-tolerance of actinomycetes in the Qinghai lake water and lakeside saline soil. J Sustain Dev 2:107–110 Chenchouni H (2009) Place des argiles dans la caractérisation écopédologique du Chott de Djendli (Batna, Algérie) et mise en évidence de la relation salinité–répartition des halophytes, (in French). In: Proceedings of the 3rd Maghrebin Symposium on Clays ‘SMA. pp 23–25 Cocolin L, Alessandria V, Dolci P, et al (2013) Culture independent methods to assess the diversity and dynamics of microbiota during food fermentation. International Journal

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The contribution of the Canary Island date palm (Phoenix canariensis) to the winter diet of frugivores in novel ecosystems

nutritional characterizations of date palm fruits (Phoenix dactylifera L.). Journal of Applied Scientific Research, 6(6), 1060–1067. Fatima, G. (2016). Diversity and nutritional properties of Pakistani dates: implications for sustainable value chain and decent living perspectives of rural households. (Doktor der Agrarwissenschaften), University of Kassel, Kassel. Fulton, G. R. (2018) Pied Currawong Strepera graculina nesting in an underground carpark. Australian Field Ornithology, 35, 91–92. Gbanie, S., Griffin, A., & Thornton, A. (2018) Impacts on the

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The conceptual structure of evolutionary biology: A framework from phenotypic plasticity

.1098/rstb.2016.0138. Crispo, E. (2007) The Baldwin effect and genetic assimilation: revisiting two mechanisms of evolutionary change mediated by phenotypic plasticity. Evolution, 61, 2469–2479. DeLong, J.P., Forbes, V.E., Galic, N., Gilbert, J.P., Laporte, R.G., Philips, J.S. et al. (2016) How fast is fast? Eco-evolutionary dynamics and rates of change in populations and phenotypes. Ecol. Evol.,6, 573–581. De Witt, T.J., Sih, A. & Wilson, D.S. (1998) Costs and limits of phenotypic plasticity. Trends Ecol. Evol., 13, 77–81. Ehrenreich, I.M. &Pfennig

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Tree Species Composition and Forest Stratification along the Gradients in the Dry Deciduous Forests of Godavari Valley, Telangana, India

References Anonymous (2015) Telangana State of Forest Report, 2014. Telangana Forest Department, Government of Telangana, Hyderabad. pp. 128. Baraloto, C., Goldberg, D.E. (2005) Performance trade-off among tropical tree seedlings in contrasting microhabitats. Ecology, 86(9), 2461-2472. Baraloto, C., Molto, Q., Raband, S., Herault, B., Valencia, R., Blanc, L., Fine, P.V.A. & Thompson, J. (2013) Rapid simultaneous estimation of above ground biomass and tree diversity across Neotropical forest: a comparison of

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Tree diversity in the tropical dry forest of Bannerghatta National Park in Eastern Ghats, Southern India

vernacular names of south Indian plants. Divyachandra Prakashana, Bangalore, India, pp.56. Heywood, V.H. (Eds) (1995) Global Biodiversity Assessment. UNEP, Cambridge University Press, pp.1140. Huang, W., Pohjonen, V., Johansson, S., Nashanda, M., Katigula, M.I.L. & Luukkanen, O. (2003) Species diversity, forest structure and species composition in Tanzanian tropical forests. Forest Ecology and Management, 173, 11-24. Hubbell, S.P. & Foster R.B. (1992) Short-term dynamics of a neotropical forest: why ecological research

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