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Content of phenolic compounds in soils originating from two long-term fertilization experiments

, L.A. (2003). The role of root exudates and allelochemicals in the rhizosphere, Plant and Soil, 256, pp. 67-83. Bielińska, E.J. & Mocek, A. (2003). Enzymatic activity of soil under orchard as an indicator of environmental condition brought about by use of plastics for soil mulch, Zeszyty Problemowe Postępów Nauk Rolniczych, 492, pp. 25-37. (in Polish) Bonanomi, G., Incerti, G., Antignani, V., Capodilupo, M. & Mazzoleni, S. (2010). Decomposition and nutrient dynamics in mixed litter of Mediterranean species, Plant Soil, 331, pp. 481

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The Content of Heavy Metals in the Soil and Litterfall an a Beech-Pine-Spruce Stand in Northern Poland

.W., Laroi, G.H. & Ellis, R.A. (1986). Litter production in Pinus banksiana dominated stands in northern Albert, Canadian Journal of Forest Research, 16, 772–777. [11] Greszta, J. & Małek, S. (2001). Tenative results of studies on the dynamics of selected chemical properties of the soils in beech stands on the example of experimental plots located in Ojców National Park and Experimental Forest Station in Krynica in the period 1997–1998, Monitoring of processes occurring in beech stands in the changing environmental conditions on the example of the Ojców National Park and

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Effects of cotton stalk, maize stalk and almond bark on some soil microbial activities

soil, Biology Fertility of Soils, 48, pp. 205–216. Gouaerts, B., Mezzalama, M., Unno, Y., Sayre, K.D., Luna-Guido, M., Vanherck, K., Dendoouen, L. & Deckers, J. (2007). Influence of tillage, residue management, and crop rotation on soil microbial biomass and catabolic diversity, Applied Soil Ecology , 37, pp. 18–30. Hoffmann, G.G. & Teicher, K. (1961). A colorimetric method for the determination of urease activity in soils, Zeitschrift für Pflanzenernahrung und Bodenkunde (Journal of Plant Nutrition and soil Science), Bodenk, 91, pp. 55

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Effect of Phosphorous Loadings on Macrophytes Structure and Trophic State of Dam Reservoir on a Small Lowland River (Eastern Poland)

References [1] Barko, J.W., & James, W.F. (1998). Effects of submerged aquatic macrophytes on nutrient dynamics, sedimentation and resuspension. Ecological Studies , 131, 197-214. [2] Bernatowicz, S. (1960). Methods of plants studies in lakes. Rocznik Nauk Rolniczych , t. 77, B 1, 61-79. [3] BIPROMEL: Zbiornik retencyjny na rzece Wyżnicy w m-ci Suchynia gm. Kraśnik i miejscowości Kolonia Wyżnianka gm. Dzierzkowice. Projekt instrukcji gospodarowania wodą, Warszawa , 2007. [4] Bowes, M

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Statistical approach for the estimation of watershed scale nitrate export: a case study from Melen watershed of Turkey

emissions to surface waters, Journal of Hydrology , 304 (1–4), pp. 183–192. DSI (State Hydraulic Works), (2011). 1995–2006 Stream Pollution Parameters Measurements in the Melen Watershed , Ankara, Turkey 2011. (Unpublished report). Essahale, A., Malki, M., Marín, I. & Moumni, M. (2010). Bacterial diversity in Fez tanneries and Morocco’s Binlamdoune River, using 16S RNA gene based fingerprinting, Journal of Environmental Sciences , 22 (12), pp. 1944–1953. Everitt, B.S. (2006). The Cambridge Dictionary of Statistics , Third Edition, Cambridge

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Design and simulation of high purity biodiesel reactive distillation process

heterogeneous advantage: biodiesel by catalytic reactive distillation. Top. Catal. 40(1), 141–150. 19. Machado, G.D., de Souza, T.L., Aranda, D.A.G., Pessoa, F.L.P., Castier, M., Cabral, V.F. & Cardozo-Filho, L. (2016). Computer simulation of biodiesel production by hydro-esterification. Chem. Eng. Process. Process Intensif. 103, 37–45. 20. Bildea, C.S. & Kiss, A.A. (2011). Dynamics and control of a biodiesel process by reactive absorption. Chem. Enginee. Res. Des. 89(2), 187–196. 21. Dimian, A.C., Bildea, C.S., Omota, F. & Kiss, A.A. (2009

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Bioecological and statistical risk assessment of toxic metals in sediments of a worldwide important wetland: Gala Lake National Park (Turkey)

from porsuk dam (Turkey), Biological Diversity and Conservation , 6(1), pp. 13–17. Farombi, E.O., Adelowo, O.A. & Ajimoko. Y.R. (2007). Biomarkers of oxidative stress and heavy metal levels as indicators of environmental pollution in African Cat fish (Clarias gariepinus) from Nigeria ogun river, International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health , 4(2), pp. 158–165. Güher, H., Erdoğan, S., Kırgız, T. & Elipek, B.Ç. (2011). The dynamics of zooplankton in national park of Lake Gala (Edirne-Turkey), Acta Zoologica Bulgarica , 63(2), pp. 157

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Microbiota of anaerobic digesters in a full-scale wastewater treatment plant

different defined substrates, Applied and Environmental Microbiology , 78, 7, pp. 2106–2119. Kim, W., Hwang, K., Shin, S.G., Lee, S. & Hwang, S. (2010). Effect of high temperature on bacterial community dynamics in anaerobic acidogenesis using mesophilic sludge inoculums, Bioresource Technol , 101, pp. 17–22. Klimiuk, E. & Łebkowska, M. (2003). Biotechnology in environmental protection , Wyd. Naukowe PWN, Warszawa 2003. (in Polish) Lee, Y.J., Romanek, C.S., Mills, G.L., Davis, R.C., Whitman, W.B. & Wiegel, J. (2006). Gracilibacter thermotolerans gen

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Impact of Mining Dump on the Accumulation and Mobility of Metals in the Bytomka River Sediments

the sediments of Northern Adriatic Sea - a new approach for environmental toxicity determination, Heavy Metals in the Environment, 2, 454. [41] Perret D., Gaillard J.F,. Diminik J. & Atteia O. (2000). The diversity of natural hydrous iron oxides, Environmental Sciences and Technology, 34, 3540. [42] Polyak K. & Hlavay J. (1999). Environmental mobility of trace metals collected in the lake Balaton, Frasenius Journal of Analytical Chemistry, 363, 587. [43] Prasad M.B.K., Ramanathan A.L., Shrivastav S.K., Saxena A. & Saxena R. (2006). Metal fractionation

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Optimization of Enset Fermentation in the Production of Kocho Using Response Surface Methodology

) in the Gamo Highlands of Ethiopia : Physicochemical and microbial community dynamics. Food Microbiology 73:342–350. 4. AOAC (2000). Official Methods of Analysis of AOAC, 17th ed. AOAC International, Washington DC, U.S.A. 5. Ashenafi, M. (2006). A review on the microbiology of indigenous fermented foods and beverages of Ethiopia. Ethiopian Journal of Biology 5:189–245. 6. Bosha, A., Lagibo, A., Tana, T., Mohammed, W., Tesfaye, B., Karlsson, L.M. (2016). Nutritional and chemical properties of fermented food of wild and cultivated genotypes of enset

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