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The late Silurian–Middle Devonian long-term eustatic cycle as a possible control on the global generic diversity dynamics of bivalves and gastropods

, Palaeoecology 251, 422-436. Ruban, D.A., 2010a. Do new reconstructions clarify the relationships between the Phanerozoic diversity dynamics of marine invertebrates and long-term eustatic trends? Annales de Paléontologie 96, 51-59. Ruban, D.A., 2010b. Palaeoenvironmental setting (glaciations, sea level, and plate tectonics) of Palaeozoic major radiations in the marine realm. Annales de Paléontologie 96, 143-158. Ruban, D.A., 2011a. Do outdated palaeontological data produce just a noise? An assessment of the Middle Devonian

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Did plate tectonics control the generic diversity of Jurassic brachiopods? One point of view

) and its enigmatic origin. GeoActa 9, 21–30. Ruban, D.A., 2011. Diversity dynamics of Callovian-Albian brachiopods in the Northern Caucasus (northern Neo-Tethys) and a Jurassic/Cretaceous mass extinction. Paleontological Research 15, 154–167. Ruban, D.A., 2013. Was there more space in the late Early Devonian for marine biodiversity to peak than in the early Late Ordovician? A brief note. Geološki anali Balkanskoga poluostrva 74, 1–8. Ruban, D.A., 2015. Mesozoic long-term eustatic cycles and their uncertain hierarchy. Geoscience Frontiers 6

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Do the Available Data Permit Clarifcation of the Possible Dependence of Palaeozoic Brachiopod Generic Diversity Dynamics on Global Sea-Level Changes? A Viewpoint

extinctions in the marine fossil record. Science 215, 1501–1503. Ruban, D.A., 2010. Do new reconstructions clarify the relationships between the Phanerozoic diversity dynamics of marine invertebrates and long term eustatic trends? Annales de Paléontologie 96, 51–59. Ruban, D.A., 2013. The late Silurian-Middle Devonian long-term eustatic cycle as a possible control on the global generic diversity dynamics of bivalves and gastropods. Geologos 19, 193–200. Ruban, D.A. & van Loon, A.J., 2008. Possible pitfalls in the procedure for paleobiodiversity-dynamics analysis

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The assessment of the suburbanisation degree of Warsaw Functional Area using changes of the land development structure

relevant subject literature, the diversity of urbanisation of suburb areas is widely described, considering demographic, economic, socio-cultural, natural landscape and spatial factors ( Kutkowska et al. 2010 ; Małek 2011 ; Zegar et al. 2016 ; Mikołajczyk & Raszka 2016 ; Harasimowicz 2018 ). The set of variables used in the study of the urbanisation level and dynamics is extensive, considering: – the demographic aspect – these include a natural increase, the migration attractiveness ratio, the percentage of the population of working age, the fertility rate of

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Conceptions of Landscape-Ecological Relevance Emerged in the Czech Botany during the Second Half of Twentieth Century

plant communities in NE Bohemia. Vegetatio , 36(1): 43-51. Kropáč, Z., (1966), Estimation of weed seeds in arable soils. Pedobiologia , 6: 105-128. Kropáč, Z., Hadač, E. et Hejný, S. (1971). Some remarks on the synecological and syntaxonomic problems of weed plant communities. Preslia , 43: 139-153. Longman, K.A. et Jeník, J., (1992). Forest-savanna boundaries - general considerations. - In: Furley, P.A., Proctor, J. et Ratter, J.A. (eds.)(1992): Nature and dynamics of forest-savanna boundaries (p. 3-20). Chapman & Hall, London. Mikyška, R

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“Lost” and rediscovered: Holotype of Palaeobatrachus diluvianus (Goldfuss, 1831)

Palaeobatrachus . I. Theil. – Jahresbericht und Abhandlungen des Naturwissenschaftlichen Vereins in Magdeburg, 1885: 1–81. Wolterstorff, W. (1887): Ueber fossile Frösche insbesondere das Genus Palaeobatrachus . II. Theil. – Jahresbericht und Abhandlungen des Naturwissenschaftlichen Vereins in Magdeburg, 1886: 83–159. Wuttke, M., Přikryl, T., Ratnikov, V. Yu., Dvořák, Z., Roček, Z. (2012): Generic diversity and distributional dynamics of the Palaeobatrachidae (Amphibia: Anura). – Palaeobiodiversity and Palaeoenvironments, 92: 367–395.

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The siliciclastics/carbonates shift in the Jurassic of the Western Caucasus (central northern Neo-Tethys): reconsidering research over the last 50 years

.V., Abdulkasumzade, M.R., Avanesian, A.S., Belenkova, V.S., Bendukidze, N.S., Vuks, V.Ya., Doludenko, M.P., Kiritchkova, A.I., Klikushin, V.G., Krimholz, G.Ya., Romanovskaya, G.M. & Schevchenko, T.V., 1992. Yura Kavkaza [ Jurassic of the Caucasus ]. St. Petersburg (Nauka), 192 pp. (in Russian). Ruban, D.A., 2006a. Taxonomic diversity dynamics of the Jurassic bivalves in the Caucasus: regional trends and recognition of global patterns. Palaeogeography, Palaeo-climatology, Palaeoecology 239, 63-74. Ruban, D.A., 2006b. The Palaeogeographic Outlines of the Caucasus in

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Vegetation and climate dynamics in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (NW Pakistan), inferred from the pollen record of the Kabal Valley in Swat District during the last 3300 years

.1080/01916122.2015.1052154 KHAN N. 2012. A community analysis of Quercus baloot Griff, forest. district Dir upper, Pakistan. African J. Plant Sci., 6(1): 21–31. KHAN S.M., PAGE S., AHMAD H., SHAHEEN H. & HARPER D. 2012. Vegetation dynamics in the western Himalayas; diversity indices and climate change. Science Technology and Development, 31(3): 232–243. KRUSS P.O., KHAN K.A.Y., MALIK F.M.Q., MUSLEHUDDIN M. & MAJEED A. 1992. Cooling over monsoonal Pakistan. Proceedings of 5th international meeting on statistical climatology. Environment Canada, Toronto: 27. LEPS J. & SMILAUER

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Changes in microbiological properties of soil during fungicide degradation

atrazine and its residues under atrazine and lead contamination. Environmental Science and Pollution Research 22: 996–1007. Grządziel J., Gałązka A., 2018. Microplot long-term experiment reveals strong soil type influence on bacteria composition and its functional diversity. Applied Soil Ecology 124: 117–123. Jankowska M., Hrynko I., Kaczyński P., Łozowicka B., 2016. Dissipation of six fungicides in greenhouse-grown tomatoes with processing and health risk. Environmental Science and Pollution Research 23: 11885–11900. Jeffries T.C., Rayu S., Nielsen U

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Three millennia of vegetation and environmental dynamics in the Lagunas de Mojanda region, northern Ecuador

4000 years before present: a review. Earth-Sci. Rev., 66: 217–260. MUTKE J. & BARTHLOTT W. 2005. Patterns of vascular plant diversity at continental to global scales. Biol. Skr., 55: 521–531. NIEMANN H. & BEHLING H. 2008. Late Quaternary vegetation, climate and fire dynamics inferred from the El Tiro record in the southeastern Ecuadorian Andes. J. Quat. Sci., 23: 203–212. NIEMANN H. & BEHLING H. 2010. Late Holocene environmental change and human impact inferred from three soil monoliths and the Laguna Zurita multi-proxi record in the southeastern

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