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How species colonize gaps after soil disturbance in temporary ponds? Implication of species traits

. 44. Iss. 2‒3 p. 105‒145. B onis A. 1993. Dynamique des communautés et mécanismes de coexistence des populations de macrophytes immergées en marais temporaires [Dynamics of communities and coexistence mechanisms of macrophyte populations immersed in temporary ponds]. PhD Thesis. Université de Montpellier II pp. 173. B rewer J.S., L evin J.M., B ertness M.D. 1997. Effects of biomass removal and elevation on species richness in a New England salt marsh. Oikos. Vol. 80. No. 2 p. 333–341. B rose U., B lanchard J.L., E klof A., G aliana N., H

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Escherichia coli as a potential indicator of Biebrza River enrichment sources / Escherichia coli jako potencjalny wskaźnik wzbogacania wód rzeki Biebrzy

as a Skurce of nitrifying bacteria in river systems. Water Research. Vol. 34. No. 12 p. 3213-3221. BUCCI V., VULIC M., RUAN X., HELLWEGER F. 2011. Population dynamics of Escherichia coli in surface water. Journal of the American Water Resources Association. Vol. 47. Iss. 3 p. 611-619. CHORMAŃSKI J., OKRUSZKO T., SKĄPSKI J., MICHALOWSKI R., BOROWSKI J. 2000. Assessment of the flooded area in the Biebrza valley. In: Some aspect of water management in the valley of the Biebrza River. Eds. W. Mioduszewski, M. Wassen. Falenty. IMUZ p. 101

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Biodiversity Conservation and Strategies of Public Awareness. Case Study: The Natural Landscapes of Central Tunisia

and Sustainable Development 6(1): 1-17. Saadaoui I. (2017), Fragilisation of transboundary areas: Essay of landscaped Geomédiation of mountains of the central west Tunisia , PhD Thesis, Higher Agronomic Institute of Chott Mariem, Chott Mariem, Tunisia. Saadaoui I. (2013), Landscape dynamics of Bouchebka’s natural zones: A test taming of mountains landscapes , Master’s thesis, Higher Agronomic Institute of Chott Mariem, Chott Mariem, Tunisia. Scăunaşu D. A., Petrişor A.-I., Ivanov Finica Mariana (2012), Diversity of arthropod communities as an

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Age and Land Use as Factors Differentiating Hydrochemistry and Plant Cover of Astatic Ponds in Post-Agricultural Landscape

.A., Sramko G., Molnar A. 2013. Plant diversity and conservation value of continental temporary pools. Biological Conservation. Vol. 158 p. 393–400. Matuszkiewicz W. 2001. Przewodnik do oznaczania zbiorowisk roślinnych Polski [Guide to plant communities in Poland]. Warszawa. Wydaw. Nauk. PWN. ISBN 8301135204 pp. 536. Miracle M.R., Oertli B., Cereghino R., Hull A. 2010. Preface: conservation of european ponds - current knowledge and future needs. Limnetica. Vol. 29 p. 1-8. Nicolet P., Biggs J., Fox G., Hodson M.J., Reynolds C, Whitfield M., Williams P. 2004. The

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Effect of two management techniques applied to the reduction of Juncus maritimus (Lam.) abundance in a selected temporary wetland

. 2007. Restoration of montane fen meadows by mowing remains possible after 4–35 years of abandonment. Botanica Helvetica. Vol. 117. Iss. 1 p. 1–13. DOI 10.1007/s00035-007-0743-9. B ischoff A. 2002. Dispersal and establishment of floodplain grassland species as a limiting factor in restoration. Biological Conservation. Vol. 104. Iss. 1 p. 25–33. DOI 10.1016/S0006-3207(01)00151-3. B lossfeld S., G ansert D., T hiele B., K uhn A.J., L ösch R. 2011. The dynamics of oxygen concentration, pH value, and organic acids in the rhizosphere of Juncus spp. Soil

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The role of wetland management agencies within the local community in the conservation of wetlands in Uganda

. Backhuys Publishers, Leiden: 101–131. Colchester M. 2000. Self-determination or environmental determinism for indigenous peoples in tropical forest conservation. Conservation Biology, 14, 5: 1365–1367. Dahlberg A.C., Burlando C. 2009. Addressing trade-offs: experiences from conservation and development initiative in mkuze wetlands, South Africa. Ecology and Society , 14, 2: 37. Dearborn D.C., Kark S. 2009. Motivations for Conserving Urban Diversity. Conservation Biology , 24, 2: 432–440. Decaro D., Stokes M. 2008. Social

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Spatial and Temporal Dynamics of the Vegetation of Comoé-Léraba Reserve and its Surrounding Lands (Burkina Faso, West Africa)

), Ouagadougou, 30 p. Cohen W. B., Maiersperger T. K., Gower S. T., Turner D. P. 2003: An improved strategy for regression of biophysical variables and Landsat ETM+ data. Remote Sensing of Environment, 84: 561-571. Da S. S. (2010): Spatial patterns of West-African plant diversity along a climatic gradient from coast to Sahel. Dissertation. University of Bonn. 131 pages. Davidar P., Sahoo S., Mammen C.P., Acharya P., Puyravaud Garrigues J.P., Roessingh K.(2010): Assessing the extenta nJd-P c.,a uAsrejsu onfa nfo Mres

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Quality of shallow groundwater and manure effluents in a livestock farm

p. 151–160. S moroń S., K owalczyk A. 2012. Nitrogen and phosphorus dynamics in the surface flowing waters of the loessial areas in northern Małopolska. Polish Journal of Environmental Studies. Vol. 21. No. 5A p. 392–395. S moroń S., K owalczyk A. 2014. Diversity of surface waters quality in Szreniawa river sub catchments. Polish Journal of Environmental Studies. Vol. 23. No. 3A p. 151–155. S moroń S., S apek A. 1988. Zagrożenie dla środowiska ze strony produkcji zwierzęcej w gospodarstwie rolnym. W: Dobre praktyki w produkcji rolniczej

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Geostatistical Approach to Find ‘Hotspots’ Where Biodiversity is at Risk in a Transition Country

(6):765-771. Petrişor A.-I., Meiţă V., Chicoş Alina, Peleanu I., Simion-Melinte C.-P. (2011), Assessing the Vulnerability to Climate Change in the Romanian Part of the Tisza River Basin, Romanian Review of Regional Studies 7(2):121-128 Petrişor A.-I., Sârbu C. N. (2010), Dynamics of geodiversity and eco-diversity in territorial systems. Journal of Urban and Regional Analysis 2(1):61-70. Prăvălie R. (2013), Aspects regarding spatial and temporal dynamic of irrigated agricultural areas from southern Oltenia in the last two decades, Present Environment

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Spatial variability and dynamics of soil pH, soil organic carbon and matter content: The case of the Wonji Shoa sugarcane plantation

REFERENCES A lba S.D. 2003. Simulating long-term soil redistribution generated by different patterns of mouldboard ploughing in landscapes of complex topography. Soil and Tillage Research. Vol. 71 p. 71–86. A naya C.A., H uber -S annwald E. 2015. Long-term soil organic carbon and nitrogen dynamics after conversion of tropical forest to traditional sugarcane agriculture in East Mexico. Soil and Tillage Research. Vol. 147 p. 20–29. A smamaw M., H aile A., A bera G. 2018. Characterization and classification of salt affected soils and

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