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Assessment of the quality and irrigation purpose suitability of alluvial water in Erfoud, Morocco

and Engineering S 24 1 129 140 El Bakouri H., Ouassini A., Morillo J., Usero J., 2008.Pesticides in groundwater beneath Loukkos perimeter, Northwest Morocco. Journal of Hydrology 34: 270–278. El Bakouri H. Ouassini A. Morillo J. Usero J. 2008 Pesticides in groundwater beneath Loukkos perimeter, Northwest Morocco Journal of Hydrology 34 270 278 EL Khoumsi W., Hammani A., Kuper M., Bouaziz A., 2014. Deterioration of groundwater in arid environments: what impact in oasis dynamics? Case study of Tafilalet, Morocco. International

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The assessment of the suburbanisation degree of Warsaw Functional Area using changes of the land development structure

relevant subject literature, the diversity of urbanisation of suburb areas is widely described, considering demographic, economic, socio-cultural, natural landscape and spatial factors ( Kutkowska et al. 2010 ; Małek 2011 ; Zegar et al. 2016 ; Mikołajczyk & Raszka 2016 ; Harasimowicz 2018 ). The set of variables used in the study of the urbanisation level and dynamics is extensive, considering: – the demographic aspect – these include a natural increase, the migration attractiveness ratio, the percentage of the population of working age, the fertility rate of

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Analysing riverbed morphology as a response to changes of geological and neotectonic conditions: A case study of the oľšava river

measurements throughout the Oľšava River’s profile. Acknowledgment This study was supported by the Scientific Grant Agency: VEGA 1/0963/17 Landscape dynamics in high resolution and VEGA 1/0119/15 Terrestrial laser scanning of urban vegetation for creation of virtual 3-D models of cities and their applications , funded by the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic. The authors are also indebted to R.J. Marshall for the language correction. We would also like to thank the reviewers for their insightful and helpful comments on

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Geoarchaeology of the early medieval stronghold surroundings in grzybowo near Września, Greater Poland

character of Struga River, resulting from the dynamics of waters in a flat area of among others Greater Poland, its straight section next to the stronghold raises questions. In addition to other methods, archaeological data was also analysed. The interior of the stronghold is investigated considerably more thoroughly, because archaeological works have been conducted there for more than 20 years. Five boreholes were performed in its area ( Fig. 1 ), aimed at preserving the continuous character of the profiles (to introduce them to the archaeological contour map), and the

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New Urban Economic Agents: A Comparative Analysis of High-Performance New Entrepreneurs

, Amsterdam. Clark K., Drinkwater S., 1998. Ethnicity and self-employment in Britain. Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics 60: 383-407. Cohen W., Levinthal D., 1989. Innovation and learning. Economic Journal 99: 569-596 Constant A.F., Zimmermann K.F., 2006. Measuring ethnic identity and its impact on economic behavior. Journal of the European Economic Association 6: 424-433. Cormack J., Niessen J., 2002. Supplier diversity, the case of immigrant and ethnic minority enterprises. Background paper prepared

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Land use changes and landscape pattern dynamics of a peatland area under diversified human impact: the Grójec Valley (Central Poland)

appearance of large artificial objects, in the form of a forested external waste dump. Despite the size of this anthropogenic facility, it had only a minor impact on the landscape pattern dynamics and on changes in landscape diversity. Disclosure Statement No potential conflict of interest was reported by the authors. Author Contributions Study design: B.G., Ł.M.; data collection B.G, Ł.M., M.S., statistical analysis: Ł.M., M.S.; result interpretation B.G., Ł.M., M.S..; manuscript preparation B.G., Ł.M., M.S.; literature review: B.G., Ł

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Landform recognition in granite mountains in East Asia (Seoraksan, Republic of Korea, and Huangshan and Sanqingshan, China) – a contribution of geomorphology to the UNESCO World Heritage


Applied research in geomorphology includes landform analysis and evaluation from a specific perspective of scientific significance and global relevance. In this paper, landform diversity of Seoraksan, Republic of Korea, a UNESCO World Heritage candidate, is compared with geomorphic characteristics of two World Heritage properties in China, Huangshan and Sanqingshan. Seoraksan represents an almost complete mountain geomorphic system of considerable contemporary dynamics, with outstanding scenery and spectacular landforms such as domes, fins, bedrock channels, waterfalls, and inherited block fields. It is argued that Seoraksan contains outstanding scientific and aesthetic values, not present at the Chinese properties, offering scope for successful nomination.

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geoekosystemów zlewni rzecznych V. Rozwój dolin rzecznych w warunkach zmian klimatu i zróżnicowanej antropopresji”. UAM Poznań: 80-81. Kociuba W., Janicki G., Siwek K., 2010. Dynamics of changes the bed load outflow from a small glacial catchment (West Spitsbergen). In: D. de Wrachien, C.A. Brebbia (eds), Monitoring, Simulation, Prevention and Remediation of Dense Debris Flow III. WITPress, Southampton, Boston: 261-270. Kostrzewski A., Kaniecki A., Kapuściński J., Klimczak R., Stach A., Zwoliński Zb., 1989. The dynamics and rate of denudation of

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Hydroclimatic and Geological Conditions of the Variability of Fluvial Transport Rate in the Upper Part of the Wieprz River Catchment

. Świeca A., Kociuba W., 2004. Dynamika przepływu i transportu fluwialnego w zlewniach cząstkowych górnej części dorzecza Wieprza w latach 2001-2003. Charakter, zróżnicowanie przestrzenne i dynamika zmian rzecznego transportu (The dynamics of the flow and fluvial transport in the sub-catchments of the upper part of the Wieprz basin in 2001-2003. Nature, spatial diversity and dynamics of river transport). In: Świeca A. (ed.), Przyrodnicze uwarunkowania dynamiki obiegu wody i natężenia transportu fluwialnego w zlewni górnego Wieprza. Wydawnictwo UMCS, Lublin: 160

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Local Disorder and the Success of Firms in Residential Neighbourhoods

presented at the 1998 Babson Entrepreneurship Research Conference, Ghent, Belgium, available at . BAILEY, N., BARNES, H., LIVINGSTONE, M. and MACLENNAN, D. (2013), ‘Understanding neighbourhood population dynamics for neighbourhood effects research: a review of recent evidence and data source developments’, [in:] VAN HAM, M., MANLEY, D., BAILEY, N., SIMPSON, L. and MACLENNAN, D. (eds.), Understanding neighbourhood dynamics: new insights for neighbourhood effects research , Dordrecht: Springer, pp. 23

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