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Analysis of Selected Aspects of Knowledge Management in the Context of Their Impact on the Quality Level in Metallurgical Enterprises

.im.2010.11.001 Cho, H., Pucik, V., (2005), Relationship between innovativeness, quality, growth, profitability, and market value, Strategic Management Journal, 26, 555-75. Connelly, C. E., Kelloway, K. E., 2003, Predictors of employees’ perceptions of knowledge sharing cultures, Leadership and Organization Development Journal, 24 (5), 294-301. Cummings, J. N., 2004. Work Groups, Structural Diversity, and Knowledge Sharing in a Global Organization, Management Science, 50(3), 352-364. Dale, B.G., Cooper, C

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A Comparative Analysis of Artificial Intelligence-Based Methods for Fault Diagnosis of Mechanical Systems

index i shows the rule number in the rule set. In the next step, to increase the diversity of the data sets, the “remainder random selection” is used to select several pairs of parents from the strings showing the condition section of the existing data. The condition section of the new data is created using the crossover method applied to the parent strings. In this method, the value of each conditional variable is obtained using the following relation: a i = α ( a i F ) + ( 1 − α ) ( a i M ) $$\begin{array}{} \displaystyle ai = \alpha(aiF) + (1 - \alpha

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A Framework for Creating Value from Fleet Data at Ecosystem Level

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