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A Review of the Characteristics of Modern Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

helicopter flight dynamics and control: Theory and experiment. In Proceeding of the AIAA Guidance, Navigation, and Control Conference, 2007. HRISTOV, G. – ZAHARIEV, P. 2013. Approaches for remote monitoring of the parameters of an unmanned aerial vehicle. In Complex Control Systems, Institute of System Engineering and Robotics at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, vol. 12, 2013. KEANE, J. F. – CARR S. S. 2013. A brief history of early unmanned aircraft. In Autonomous Systems, The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, vol. 32, 2013, no. 3

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Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of virtual team in Nigerian construction industry

, and Management in Construction, 6(2), pp. 784-790. Aspin, R., DaDalto,L., Fernando,T., Gobbetti, E., Marache, M., Shelbourn, M., & Soubra, S. (2001). A conceptual framework for multi-modal interactive virtual workplace. Information Technology Conference, 7, p. 149. Badrinarayanan, V., & Arnett, D. (2008). Effective new product development teams: An integrated framework. Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing, 4, pp. 242-248. Bamgbade, A. A., Jimoh, R. A., & Kuroshi, P. (2014). Cultural diversity management of

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Case-Study Modelling Analysis of Hydrodynamics in the Nearshore of the Baltic Sea Forced by Extreme Along-shore Wind in the Case of a Cross-shore Obstacle

., Ostrowski R., Szmytkiewicz P. (2015) Climate change related increase of storminess near Hel Peninsula, Gulf of Gdañsk, Poland, Journal ofWater and Climate Change , 6 (2), 300–312. Kovaleva O., Ryabchuk D., Sergeev A., Zhamoida V., Nesterova E. (2014) Abrazionnie processi yuzhnoi beregovoi zoni Finskogo zaliva: prichini, dinamica, prognoz razvitiya. [Erosion processes at the south shore of the Gulf of Finland: causes, dynamics, forecast of development], Scientific Transactions of the Russian State Hydrometeorological University , No 35, 87–101 (in Russian

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Do Tillage Methods Affect Germination and Species Similarity of Soil Weed Seeds Bank?

. Challenges and opportunities for integrated weed management. In Weed Science, vol. 50, pp. 273-280. BUHLER, D.D. - KOHLE, K.A. - THOMPSON, R.L. 2009. Weed seed bank dynamics during a five-year crop rotation 1. In Weed Technology, vol. 15, pp. 170-176. CARDINA, J. - NORQUAY, H.M. 1997. Production and seed bank dynamics in sub-threshold velvetleaf population. In Weed Science, vol. 45, pp. 85-90. CHANDRAMOHAN, S. - CHARUDATTAN, R. - SONODA, R.M. - SINGH, M. 2002. Field evaluation of a fungal pathogen mixture for the control of

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Long-term changes in the hydrological regime of high mountain Lake Morskie Oko (Tatra Mountains, Central Europe)

., Gerdeaux, D., Rask, M., Malmquist, H.J., Holmgren, K., Volta, P., et al. 2012. Impacts of climate warming on the long-term dynamics of key fish species in 24 European lakes. Hydrobiologia, 694, 1–39. Kabała, C., Bojko, O., 2014. Trends in trace element concentrations in holocene bottom sediments of a lake Wielki Staw in the Karkonosze Mountains. Polish Journal of Environmental Studies, 23, 2, 357–362. Kawecka, B., Galas, J., 2003. Diversity of epilithic diatoms in high mountain lakes under the stress of acidification (Tatra Mts, Poland). Annales de Limnologie

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Innovativeness of Chosen Polish Textile-Clothing Companies

Statistics, 119-127. [24] Huang, H., Lai, M., Kao, M., Sung, C. (2014). A team-learning framework for business model innovation in an emerging market. Journal of Management & Organization, 20, 100-120. [25] Janasz, W., Kozioł-Nadolna, K. (2011) Innowacje w organizacji. Polskie Wydawnictwo Ekonomiczne (Warszawa). [26] Jasiński, A.H. (2006) Innowacje i transfer techniki w procesie transformacji. Difin (Warszawa). [27] Jörg, T., Akkaoui H. S. (2013) Architecting the Dynamics of Innovation. Proceedings of the International Conference on Intellectual

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Effects of olive mill wastewater disposal on soil: Interaction mechanisms during different seasons

fertilising potential of olive mill wastewaters for maize cultivation. Agronomy for Sustainable Development, 28, 2, 313–319. Hanifi, S., El Hadrami, I., 2009. Olive mill wastewaters: diversity of the fatal product in olive oil industry and its valorisation as agronomical amendment of poor soils: a review. Journal of Agronomy, 8, 1, 1–13. Hillel, D., 2003. Introduction to Environmental Soil Physics. Academic Press, San Diego, CA, USA. Jaeger, F., Bowe, S., Schaumann, G.E., 2009. Evaluation of 1H NMR relaxometry for the assessment of pore size distribution

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Biological soil crusts cause subcritical water repellency in a sand dune ecosystem located along a rainfall gradient in the NW Negev desert, Israel

.H., Oostindie, K., Ziogas, A.K., Ritsema, C.J., 2001. Water repellency and critical soil water content in a dune sand. Soil Sci. Soc. Am. J., 65, 1667–1674. Diehl, D., 2013. Soil water repellency: Dynamics of heterogeneous surfaces. Colloids Surf. Physicochem. Eng. Asp., 432, 8–18. Doerr, S.H., Shakesby, R.A., Walsh, R.P.D., 2000. Soil water repellency: its causes, characteristics and hydro-geomorphological significance. Earth-Sci. Rev., 51, 33–65. Drahorad, S.L., Felix-Henningsen, P., 2013. Application of an electronic micropenetrometer to assess mechanical

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Thermal and Oxygen Conditions of Lake Charzykowskie in the Years 2014-2016

structure of selected Polish lakes, Limnological Review 7 (3), 161-169; 14. Jańczak J, Maślanka W, 2006, Cases of occurrence of secondary metalimnia in some lakes of the Ełk Lakeland, Limnological Review, 6, 123-128; 15. Maślanka W, Nowiński K, 2006, Diversity of development of summer thermocline layer in Lake Upper Raduńskie, Limnological Review, 6, 201-206.]; 16. Sobolewski W, Borowiak D, Borowiak M, Skowron R, 2014, Database of Polish lakes and its use in limnological studies. Uniwersytet Marii Curie-Skłodowskiej Wydział Nauk o Ziemi i Gospodarki

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Influence of Cyanobacterial Bloom on Freshwater Biocoenosis. Use of Bioassays for Cyanobacterial Microcystins Toxicity Assessment

. Chen J., Xie P.: Seasonal dynamics of the hepatotoxic microcystins in various organs of four freshwater bivalves from the large eutrophic lake Taihu of subtropical China and the risk for human consumption, Environmental Toxicology, 20 (2005a) 572-584. 4. Chen J., Xie P.: Tissue distribution and seasonal dynamics of the hepatotoxic microcystins-LR and -RR in two freshwater shrimps, Palaemon modestus and Machrobrachium nipponensis, form a large, eutrophic lake of the subtropical China, Toxicon, 45 (2005b) 615-625. 5. Chen J., Xie P., Guo

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