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Microbiological Activity in the Soil of Various Agricultural Crops in Organic Production

.K., VIVANCO, J.M.: Root exudates regulate soil fungal community composition and diversity. Applied and Environmental Microbiology , 74: 738-744, 2008. CINNADURAI, C., GOPALASWAMY, G., BALACHANDAR, D.: Diversity of cultivable Azotobacter in the semi-arid alfisol receiving long-term organic and inorganic nutrient amendments. Annals of Microbiology , l63: 1397–1404, 2013. DARBYSHIRE, J.F., GREAVES, M.P.: Protozoa and bacteria in the rhizosphere of Sinapis alba L., Trifolium repens L., and Lolium perenne L. Canadian Journal of Microbiology, 13: 1057

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Microbial Activity in Forest Soil Under Beech, Spruce, Douglas Fir and Fir

., SESSITSCH A., ZECHMEISTER-BOLTENSTERN S., RICHTER A.: Plants control the seasonal dynamics of microbial N cycling in a beech forest soil by belowground C allocation. Ecology, 92: 1036-1051, 2011. KANERVA S., KITUNEN V., KIIKKILÄ O., LOPONEN J., SMOLANDER A.: Response of soil C and N transformations to tannin fractions originating from Scots pine and Norway spruce needles. Soil Biology and Biochemistry, 38: 1364–1374, 2006. KILLHAM K.: Soil ecology. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. p. 242, 1994. LENHARD G.: Die dehydrogenase aktivitat das Bodeusald

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