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Creative Industry in South Baltic Area Region


The article presents primary and secondary data collected in research on Creative Industry in South Baltic Region. In the article authors present the wide overview on creative industries in West Pomerania region and give the background on situation of creative industries in South Baltic Area. This region is particularly interesting in research considering the diversity in the development dynamics of the creative sector. In this region there are places leading in the development of the creative sector in Europe, as well as places where this sector is just beginning to develop and take advantage of the prevailing trends.

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The Impact of Demographic Changes on the Organization of Emergency Medical Services: the Case of Slovenia

Literature Berwick, D.M., Nolan, TW., & Whittington, J. (2008). The triple aim: Care, health, and cost. Health Affairs, 27(3), 759-769, Bleicher, K. (2011). Das Konzept Integriertes Management. Frankfurt am Main: Campus Verlag. Bryson, B. (2004). Strategic Planning for Public and Nonprofit Organizations. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass. Bufon, M. (2014). Družbena geografija sveta: Globalni sistemi in regionalne dinamike [Social geography of the world: The global systems and regional dynamics

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Reflections of intercultural communication from the perspective of a foreign teacher


The challenges of the globalized world, the constant progress of science and technology increasingly lead to a state of interdependence between countries which should lead to intercultural relations generate an attitude of respect for diversity with a more humane vision of life to work in international teams. Universities as organizations embedded in the dynamics of globalization offer academic programs with international or multicultural approach that encourage the development of skills, aptitudes and values according to international defendant. To do this, the recruitment of foreign personnel becomes imperative in meeting planned objectives, so the challenge of foreign teachers is presented to be inserted in different cultural environments transcend and reach their educational work in the formation of their students. The aim of this paper is to offer some reflections on the importance of intercultural communication product born of the increasing mobility of teachers who face the challenge of surviving in a country with different culture.

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Linking diversity management and corporate social responsibility

References Bjerregaard T., Lauring J., ( 2013) , ‘Managing contradictions of corporate social responsibility: the sustainability of diversity in a frontrunner firm’, Business Ethics: An European Review, vol22, no2, April, pp.131-142 Boxenbaum, E. (2006), ‘Lost in translation? The making of Danish diversity management’, American Behavioral Scientist, vol. 49, no7, pp. 939-948. Boxenbaum, E., Jonsson, S. (2008), ‘Isomorphism, diffusion and decoupling’, in Greenwood, R., Oliver, C., Sahlin, K., Suddaby, R. (ed

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Diversity Challenges and Organizational Cynicism: A study on Egyptian Physicians

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Trust Triggers and Barriers in Intercultural Teams

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Intercultural Challenges in Virtual Teams

Bibliography Child, J. (2001) Trust – The Fundamental Bond in global Collaboration. Organizational Dynamics, Vol. 29, No. 4, pp. 274–288. Chua, R.Y.J., Morris M.W., Mor, S. (2012) Collaborating across cultures: Cultural metacognition and affect-based trust in creative collaboration. Organizational Behaviour and Human Decision Processes, no. 118, pp. 116–131. Chutnik, M. and Grzesik, K. (2009) Leading Virtual Intercultural Team. Implications for Virtual Leaders. Journal of Intercultural Management, Vol. 1, no. 1, pp. 82–90. Eom, M

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Attitudes towards Collaboration in Multicultural Teams in the opinion of Polish and Chinese Students

Bibliography Behfar, K., Kern, M. and Brett, J. (2006) Managing Challenges in Multicultural Teams , in: Ya-Ru Chen (ed.) National Culture and Groups (Research on Managing Groups and Teams, Volume 9) Emerald Group Publishing Limited, pp. 233–262. Brown, R. (2006) Group Processes: Dynamics Within and Between Groups . Gdańskie Wydawnictwo Psychologiczne. Chen Yi-Feng, N. and Tjosvold, D. (2013) Inside the Leader Relationship: Constructive Controversy for Team Effectiveness in China. Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 43, 1827

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Thinking Styles and Intercultural Competencies

References Abrams, D., Rutland, A. & Cameron, L. (2004) The development of subjective group dynamics: Children’s judgments of normative and deviant in-group and out-group individuals. Child Development, vol. 74, pp. 1840-1856. American Psychological Association (2008) Report of the APA task force on the implementation of multicultural guidelines [Online], Available: [25 June 2016]. Ang, S. and Van Dyne, L. (2008) Conceptualization of cultural intelligence: Definition, distinctiveness, and

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Responsible Leadership and Organizational Commitment among Physicians: Can Inclusive Diversity Climate Enhance the Relationship?

References Abidin, S.N.S.Z., Muda, M.S., Hasan, F.A., Salleh, A.M.M. (2010) Organizational commitment in Malaysian public sector. IJMS, Vol. 17 No. 1, . Alas, R. & Mousa, M. (2016) Cultural diversity and business schools’ curricula: a case from Egypt. Problems and perspectives in management, Vol. 14, No. 2, pp. 130–137. Alas, R. & Mousa, M. (2016). Organizational culture and workplace spirituality. International journal of emerging research in management and technology, Vol. 5, No. Allen, N. & Meyer, J

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