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Business models innovation based on crowds: a comparative study

, the Business Model Canvas. We choose three cases of crowdsourcing business models of three various companies to ensure a degree of diversity. They are presenting diversified examples of the same business model category. A discussion of the results and conclusions are drawn in the end. 2 From business model to open business model innovation Starting from the mid-1990s, business model (BM) has become an important concept and field of research. In the literature, one can find reviews of literature on evolution of the use of the term. Zott et al. [2011] review

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Institutional Efficiency, Entrepreneurship, and the Premises of Economic Development in the Eastern European Countries

.S. (2018) From convergence to divergence? Some new insights into the evolution of the European Union. Structural Change and Economic Dynamics , 47 , 82-95. Brenner, T., Capasso, M., Duschl, M., Frenken, K., Treibich, T. (2018) Causal relations between knowledge-intensive business services and regional employment growth. Regional Studies , 52 (2), 172-183. Camagni, R., Capello, R. (2013) Regional competitiveness and territorial capital: a conceptual approach and empirical evidence from the European Union. Regional Studies , 47 (9), 1383

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Do Strategic Alliances, Acquisitions, and R&D Investments Act as Complements or Substitutes?

, Vol. 52, pp.68-82. [4] Cohen W.M., Levinthal D.A., 1990. Absorptive Capacity: A New Perspective on Learning and Innovation. Administrative Science Quarterly , Vol. 35, pp.128-152. [5] Das S., Sen P.K., Sengupta S., 1998. Impact of strategic alliances on firm valuation. Academy of Management Journal , Vol. 41, pp.27-41. [6] Das T.K., Teng B.-S., 2000. A Resource-Based Theory of Strategic Alliances. Journal of Management , Vol. 26, pp.31-61. [7] de Leeuw T., Lokshin B., Duysters G., 2014. Returns to alliance portfolio diversity: The relative

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An Empirical Analysis of Economic and Socio-Demographic Determinants of Entrepreneurship Across German Regions

. 359-365. Audretsch, D.B. (1995), Innovation and Industry Evolution, MIT Press, Cambridge, MA. Audretsch, D.B., Fritsch, M. (2002), Growth Regimes over Time and Space, Regional Studies , 36 (2), pp. 113-124. Audretsch, D.B., Dohse, D., Niebuhr, A. (2010), Cultural Diversity and Entrepreneurship: A Regional Analysis for Germany, The Annals of Regional Science , 45 (1), pp. 55-85. Bates, T. (1995), Self -Employment Entry Across Industry Groups, Journal of Business Venturing , 10, pp. 143-156. Baumol, W.J. (1990), Entrepreneurship: Productive, Unproductive

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Dynamic Externalities and Regional Manufacturing Growth: Evidence from India

the United States and the Alternatives Before Us. Supplementary Paper No. 13, Committee for Economic Development. Dougherty, S. M. (2009). Labour regulation and employment dynamics at the state level in India. Review of Market Integration , 1 (3), 295-337. Gao, T. (2004). Regional industrial growth: Evidence from Chinese industries. Regional Science and Urban Economics , 34(1) , 101–124. Ghani, E., Kerr, W. R., & Tewari, I. (2013). Specialization, diversity, and Indian manufacturing growth. World Bank Policy Research Working Paper No. 6648

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Generational Differences In Organizational Justice Perceptions: An Exploratory Investigation Across Three Generational Cohorts

7 References [1] Bakker A.B., Demerouti E. (2007) - The job demands-resources model: State of the art . Journal of Managerial Psychology, 22, pp. 309–328. [2] Bowen D.E., Gilliland S.W., Folger R. (1999) - HRM and service justice: How being just with employees spills over to customers. Organizational Dynamics, 27, pp. 7–23. [3] Colquitt J.A. (2001) - On the dimensionality of organizational justice: a construct validation of a measure. Journal of Applied Psychology, 86, pp. 386–400. [4] Cropanzano R., Rupp D.E., Mohler C.J., Schminke M

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Multidimensional Poverty Analysis of Urban and Rural Households in South Africa

Livelihoods Guidance Sheets. Department for International Development (DFID): London, UK. Dunga S. H. (2017) A gender and marital status analysis of household income in a low-Income township, Studia Universitatis Babes-Bolyai Oeconomica, 62(1): 20-30. Ele-Ojo Ataguba, J., Eme Ichoku, H., Fonta, W. M. (2013) Multidimensional poverty assessment: applying the capability approach. International Journal of Social Economics, 40(4): 331-354. Ellis F. (2000) Rural livelihoods and diversity in developing countries. Oxford University press. Finn A., Leibbrandt

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Socio-Economic Implications of Female Inclusion in Organizational Structures and in Leadership Positions

), The Glass Ceiling: Why Women Can’t Seem to Break The Invisible Barrier That Blocks Them From the Top Jobs, Wall Street Journal , March 1986. Ibarra, H. (1993), Personal networks of women and minorities in management: A conceptual framework, Academy of Management Review , Vol. 18, No. 1, pp. 56–87. Ibarra, H. (1995), Race, opportunity, and diversity of social circles in managerial networks, Academy of Management Journal , Vol. 38, No. 3, pp. 673–703. Ibarra, H. (2005), Identity transitions: possible selves, liminality and the dynamics of

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The strength and weaknesses of the varieties of capitalism approach: the case of Central and Eastern Europe

changes, and the differences of variants of capitalism in the region and in the EU. It is conducive to identifying strategic dilemmas, choices, and limitations that exist in countries seeking an “optimal” model of contemporary capitalism. As sociologist Michał Federowicz aptly pointed out, ”the school of diversity in capitalism focuses on the centers of modern capitalism, but also follows the dynamics of competing with each other and internal changes. Each of them provides a language for ‘latecomers’, or countries [...] which joined the ranks of advanced economies with

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Organizational Culture and Scale Development: Methodological Challenges and Future Directions

-234. Kotter, J. P., & Heskett, J. L. (1992). Corporate culture and performance . New York: Free Press. Lee, S. K. J., & Yu, K. (2004). Corporate culture and organizational performance. Journal of Managerial Psychology, 19 (4), 340-359. doi: 10.1108/02683940410537927 Lund, D. B. (2003). Organizational culture and job satisfaction. Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing, 18 (3), 219-236. Manoharan, A., Gross, M., & Sardeshmukh, S. (2013). Ethnic diversity in hospitality firms: A conceptual framework and research propositions. Meglino, B. M

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