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Investment Activity of Local Administrative Units and the Level of Entrepreneurship Development in the Rzeszów Functional Area

the differences in the level of entrepreneurship in 2012 and 2016, the analysis of quantitative changes in business entities, the dynamics of their number and the synthetic indicators were used. The basis for the calculation of synthetic indicators were the methods of taxonomic analysis, that is, a simple aggregate measure, the Hellwig taxonomic development pattern method ( Pluta, 1986 ) and the positional method using the Weber median ( Młodak, 2006 ). When selecting the variables, both substantive and formal criteria were taken into account. As a result of the

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Leasing Puzzle in Polish Small Firms Listed on the Alternative Market

market and loan market in Poland are under ongoing development. The institutions are racing in terms of services offered to smaller companies. It is worth examining how large was the value of provided services and leased assets over the years and which institutions have developed the most. Fig. 1 presents the dynamics in financing of Polish companies with leasing and loans, according to data accessed from the website of Polish Leasing Association. Between 2010 and 2011 the uptake of investment loans grew substantially – up to 27.5 % – which makes up for more than two

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Institutional Efficiency, Entrepreneurship, and the Premises of Economic Development in the Eastern European Countries

.S. (2018) From convergence to divergence? Some new insights into the evolution of the European Union. Structural Change and Economic Dynamics , 47 , 82-95. Brenner, T., Capasso, M., Duschl, M., Frenken, K., Treibich, T. (2018) Causal relations between knowledge-intensive business services and regional employment growth. Regional Studies , 52 (2), 172-183. Camagni, R., Capello, R. (2013) Regional competitiveness and territorial capital: a conceptual approach and empirical evidence from the European Union. Regional Studies , 47 (9), 1383

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Oil Shocks and the Excise Duty Tax in a DSGE Model Setting

. Journal of Monetary Economics, 12, 383-398. Christiano, L.J., Eichenbaum, M., & Evans, C.E. (2005). Nominal Rigidities and the Dynamic Effects of a Shock to Monetary Policy. Journal of Political Economy, 113(1), 1-45. Christoffel, K., Coenen, G., & Warne, A. (2008). The New Area-Wide Model of the Euro Area: a Micro-founded Open-economy Model for Forecasting and Policy Analysis. ECB Working Paper no. 944. Dixit, A.K., & Stiglitz, J.E. (1977). A Monopolistic Competition and Optimum Product Diversity. The American Economic

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Local Contributions of Forests to Economic Growth of Peru: A Case of Pinus radiata Plantations

Contributions of Forests. In United Nations Forum on Forests Tenth Session 8-19 April 2013 (p. 132). Istanbul, Turkey. Andersen, L. E., Granger, C. W., Reis, E. J., Weinhold, D., & Wunder, S. (2002). The dynamics of deforestation and economic growth in the Brazilian Amazon. New York, NY, USA: Cambridge University Press. Angelsen, A. (2007). Forest cover change in space and time: combining the von Thünen and forest transition theories (Vol. 4117). World Bank Publications. Angelsen, A., & Kaimowitz, D. (1999). Rethinking the causes of deforestation: lessons

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Multidimensional Poverty Analysis of Urban and Rural Households in South Africa

Livelihoods Guidance Sheets. Department for International Development (DFID): London, UK. Dunga S. H. (2017) A gender and marital status analysis of household income in a low-Income township, Studia Universitatis Babes-Bolyai Oeconomica, 62(1): 20-30. Ele-Ojo Ataguba, J., Eme Ichoku, H., Fonta, W. M. (2013) Multidimensional poverty assessment: applying the capability approach. International Journal of Social Economics, 40(4): 331-354. Ellis F. (2000) Rural livelihoods and diversity in developing countries. Oxford University press. Finn A., Leibbrandt

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A Refugee Crisis Without Refugees: Policy and media discourse on refugees in the Czech Republic and its implications

’s Legitimate: News Media Framing of Immigrants and Refugees. International Journal of Communication , 11 (0), 25. Lovell, T. (2003). Resisting with Authority: Historical Specificity, Agency and the Performative Self. Theory, Culture & Society , 20 (1), 1–17. Murray, K. E., & Marx, D. M. (2013). Attitudes toward unauthorized immigrants, authorized immigrants, and refugees. Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology , 19 (3), 332–341. Perloff, R. M. (2010). The

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Understanding the Informal Economy in Practice – Evidence from Bosnia and Herzegovina

R eferences Breusch, T. (2005). Estimating the Underground Economy Using MIMIC Models. Working paper, Canberra, Australia. Retrieved from: . Castells, M., Portes, A. (1989). World Underneath: The Origins, Dynamics and Effects of the Informal Economy. In: A. Portes, M. Castells, L.A. Benton (Eds.), The Informal Economy: Studies in Advanced and Less Developed Countries . Baltimore: John Hopkins University. Chen, M. (2006). Rethinking the Informal Economy: Linkages with the Formal Economy

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Organizational Factors, Organizational Culture, Job Satisfaction and Entrepreneurial Orientation in Public Administration

.M. (2013). Public sector innovation - From theory to measurement. Structural Change and Economic Dynamics, 27, 133-145. doi:10.1016/j.strueco.2013.06.008. Bowen, D.E. (1986). Managing customers as human resources in service organizations. Human Resource Management, 25(3), 371. doi:10.1002/ hrm.3930250304. Calantone, R.J., Cavusgil, S.T., & Zhao, Y. (2002). Learning orientation, firm innovation capability, and firm performance. Industrial marketing management, 31(6), 515-524. doi:10.1016/S0019-8501(01)00203-6. Chatman, J

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What Drives Price Dispersion in the European E-commerce Industry?

technique used to analyse the price dynamics, for example, by Cavallo (2015) . The novelty of our approach lies in using data from price comparison services instead of working with great number of individual sites which often use incompatible web technologies. In this way, we are able to collect tons of individual price signals from virtually all shops selling a particular item in each country. With such a large and diversified data, we can measure price dispersion in a robust way and make frequent updates at relatively low cost. With respect to the pattern of observed

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