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Do Strategic Alliances, Acquisitions, and R&D Investments Act as Complements or Substitutes?

, Vol. 52, pp.68-82. [4] Cohen W.M., Levinthal D.A., 1990. Absorptive Capacity: A New Perspective on Learning and Innovation. Administrative Science Quarterly , Vol. 35, pp.128-152. [5] Das S., Sen P.K., Sengupta S., 1998. Impact of strategic alliances on firm valuation. Academy of Management Journal , Vol. 41, pp.27-41. [6] Das T.K., Teng B.-S., 2000. A Resource-Based Theory of Strategic Alliances. Journal of Management , Vol. 26, pp.31-61. [7] de Leeuw T., Lokshin B., Duysters G., 2014. Returns to alliance portfolio diversity: The relative

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Generational Differences In Organizational Justice Perceptions: An Exploratory Investigation Across Three Generational Cohorts

7 References [1] Bakker A.B., Demerouti E. (2007) - The job demands-resources model: State of the art . Journal of Managerial Psychology, 22, pp. 309–328. [2] Bowen D.E., Gilliland S.W., Folger R. (1999) - HRM and service justice: How being just with employees spills over to customers. Organizational Dynamics, 27, pp. 7–23. [3] Colquitt J.A. (2001) - On the dimensionality of organizational justice: a construct validation of a measure. Journal of Applied Psychology, 86, pp. 386–400. [4] Cropanzano R., Rupp D.E., Mohler C.J., Schminke M

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