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Choreographies of entrepreneurship. How different formats of co-presence are combined to facilitate knowledge creation in seed accelerator programs

relational distance 2.1 Co-presence: initiating open and contingent social dynamics What are the social effects of physical co-presence? Goffman (1963: 17) defines co-presence as follows: “Persons must sense that they are close enough to be perceived in whatever they are doing, including their experiencing of others, and close enough to be perceived in this sensing of being perceived”. This quote illustrates that physical co-presence itself has no social consequences. Yet it provides a physical setting in space that allows the conscious awareness of the presence of

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Innovierende Industrieunternehmen und ihre Einbindung in intraregionale versus interregionale Netzwerke

, P. Keeble, D.: High Technology Industry and Innovative Environments: The European Experience. — London, New York 1988; vgl. dazu auch: Maillat, D. Crevoisir, O. Lecoq, B.: Innovation Networks and Territorial Dynamics: A Tentative Typology. In: Patterns of a Network Economy. — Berlin 1994, S. 33–54 und Camagni, R.: High Technology Milieux in Italy and New Reflections about the Concept of Milieu Innovateur. = Arbeitspapier, vorgestellt auf dem „European Workshop on High Technology Enterprise and Innovative Regional Milieux”. — Cambridge 1995 und den Netzwerkansatz

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A model of the analysis of the dynamics and structure of socio-economic development (an example of the set of the largest Polish cities in the years 1998–2015)

there after 1989 have been the research subject of many authors. Unfortunately, the majority of works have been published in Polish and therefore their accessibility is limited. There are certain exceptions, although the published articles concern changes related to the political transformation rather than socio-economic development dynamics (cf. Węcławowicz 2002 ; Parysek 2004 , 2005 ; Parysek & Mierzejewska 2005 ; Parysek 2007 ; Korcelli-Olejniczak 2007 ; Mierzejewska 2009 ; Parysek 2010a , 2010b ; Smętkowski 2010 ; Steinführer et al. 2010 ; Korcelli

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The Role of Traditional Communities n the Management of Diversity of Sheep Populations in Caras - Severin County

: geographical distribution and dynamics in relation to the ecology of West Africa, 1999. pp. 44-50. London: Overseas Development Institute. [5] Chambers, R., and G. R. Conway, Sustainable rural livelihoods: practical concepts for the 21st century, Institute for Development Studies Discussion Paper, 1991; 296. [6] FAO, World Watch List for Domestic Animal Diversity. Third Edition. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), Rome, Italy, 2000. 726 p. [7] Gandini, Gustavo C., and Emanuele Villa, Analysis of the

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How species colonize gaps after soil disturbance in temporary ponds? Implication of species traits

. 44. Iss. 2‒3 p. 105‒145. B onis A. 1993. Dynamique des communautés et mécanismes de coexistence des populations de macrophytes immergées en marais temporaires [Dynamics of communities and coexistence mechanisms of macrophyte populations immersed in temporary ponds]. PhD Thesis. Université de Montpellier II pp. 173. B rewer J.S., L evin J.M., B ertness M.D. 1997. Effects of biomass removal and elevation on species richness in a New England salt marsh. Oikos. Vol. 80. No. 2 p. 333–341. B rose U., B lanchard J.L., E klof A., G aliana N., H

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Escherichia coli as a potential indicator of Biebrza River enrichment sources / Escherichia coli jako potencjalny wskaźnik wzbogacania wód rzeki Biebrzy

as a Skurce of nitrifying bacteria in river systems. Water Research. Vol. 34. No. 12 p. 3213-3221. BUCCI V., VULIC M., RUAN X., HELLWEGER F. 2011. Population dynamics of Escherichia coli in surface water. Journal of the American Water Resources Association. Vol. 47. Iss. 3 p. 611-619. CHORMAŃSKI J., OKRUSZKO T., SKĄPSKI J., MICHALOWSKI R., BOROWSKI J. 2000. Assessment of the flooded area in the Biebrza valley. In: Some aspect of water management in the valley of the Biebrza River. Eds. W. Mioduszewski, M. Wassen. Falenty. IMUZ p. 101

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Knoten in Netzwerken wissensintensiver Dienstleistungen. Eine empirische Analyse des polyzentralen deutschen Städtesystems

steigern. Die übersichtlichen Zusammenfassungen am Ende jeden Kapitels sind aber eine wichtige Gedankenstütze, um den Überblick in der komplexen Argumentationskette nicht zu verlieren. Literatur Duranton, G.; Puga, D. (2000): Diversity and Specialisation in Cities: Why, Where and When Does it Matter? In: Urban Studies 37, 3, 533–555. 10.1080/0042098002104 Duranton G. Puga D. 2000 Diversity and Specialisation in Cities: Why, Where and When Does it Matter? Urban Studies 37 3 533 555 Kujath, H. J.; Zillmer, S. (Hrsg.) (2010): Räume der

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Age and Land Use as Factors Differentiating Hydrochemistry and Plant Cover of Astatic Ponds in Post-Agricultural Landscape

.A., Sramko G., Molnar A. 2013. Plant diversity and conservation value of continental temporary pools. Biological Conservation. Vol. 158 p. 393–400. Matuszkiewicz W. 2001. Przewodnik do oznaczania zbiorowisk roślinnych Polski [Guide to plant communities in Poland]. Warszawa. Wydaw. Nauk. PWN. ISBN 8301135204 pp. 536. Miracle M.R., Oertli B., Cereghino R., Hull A. 2010. Preface: conservation of european ponds - current knowledge and future needs. Limnetica. Vol. 29 p. 1-8. Nicolet P., Biggs J., Fox G., Hodson M.J., Reynolds C, Whitfield M., Williams P. 2004. The

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Effect of two management techniques applied to the reduction of Juncus maritimus (Lam.) abundance in a selected temporary wetland

. 2007. Restoration of montane fen meadows by mowing remains possible after 4–35 years of abandonment. Botanica Helvetica. Vol. 117. Iss. 1 p. 1–13. DOI 10.1007/s00035-007-0743-9. B ischoff A. 2002. Dispersal and establishment of floodplain grassland species as a limiting factor in restoration. Biological Conservation. Vol. 104. Iss. 1 p. 25–33. DOI 10.1016/S0006-3207(01)00151-3. B lossfeld S., G ansert D., T hiele B., K uhn A.J., L ösch R. 2011. The dynamics of oxygen concentration, pH value, and organic acids in the rhizosphere of Juncus spp. Soil

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Quality of shallow groundwater and manure effluents in a livestock farm

p. 151–160. S moroń S., K owalczyk A. 2012. Nitrogen and phosphorus dynamics in the surface flowing waters of the loessial areas in northern Małopolska. Polish Journal of Environmental Studies. Vol. 21. No. 5A p. 392–395. S moroń S., K owalczyk A. 2014. Diversity of surface waters quality in Szreniawa river sub catchments. Polish Journal of Environmental Studies. Vol. 23. No. 3A p. 151–155. S moroń S., S apek A. 1988. Zagrożenie dla środowiska ze strony produkcji zwierzęcej w gospodarstwie rolnym. W: Dobre praktyki w produkcji rolniczej

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