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School Screening for Bad Posture with Spine Mouse Device

;31(8):570-6. Portek I, Pearcy MJ, Reader GP et al. Correlation between radiographic and clinical measurement of lumbar spine movements. Br J Rheumatol. 1983;(22):197-205. Keller S, Mannion FA, Grob D. Reliability of a new measuring device Spine Mouse in recording the sagital profile of the back. European Spine Journal. 2000;9:303. Mannion FA, Dvorak J, Muntener M et al. A prospective study of the interrelationship between subjective and objective measures of disability before and 2 months after lumbar decompression surgery for

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Efficacy and durability of radiopaque gelified ethanol in management of herniated discs

Introduction Number of adults burdened by acute and chronic back pain is rising in prevalence in the industrialized Western societies lately. 1 Disability with physical and cognitive consequences of the back pain usually leads to long-lasting treatment span, along with the cost of lost productivity, resulting in a substantial societal cost. Deterioration of the intervertebral disk quality with decrease in disc hydration and height reduction with eventual disk bulging, which further affects spatial relationship of the surrounding anatomic structures

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