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Investigation into Millennials’ and Z generation’s perception over dual education systems in Romania in a tourism oriented institution

References Agapie, A., Vizitiu, C., Cristache, S., Năstase, M., Crăciun, L., & Molănescu, A. (2018). Analysis of Corporate Entrepreneurship in Public R&D Institutions. Sustainability, 10(7), 2297. Becker, A. (2006). Duale Studiengänge- Eine Übersichtstudie im Auftrag der IG Metall-Jugend, IG Metall Vorstand, Frankfurt am Main. Bell, S.M., McCallum, R. S., & Cox, E. A. (2003). Toward a research-based assessment of dyslexia: Using cognitive measures to identify reading disabilities. Journal of learning disabilities, 36(6), 505-516. Brătianu

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Determinants of Tourist Activity of People with Disabilities Living in Rural Areas

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