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Sport, Disability, and Women: A Study of Organised Swedish Disability Sport in 1969-2012

Literature 1. DePauw K., Gavron S. (2005). Disability sport . Second Edition. Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics. 2. Bailey S. (2008). Athlete first: A history of the Paralympic Movement . London: Wiley and Sons. 3. DePauw K. (1986). Horseback riding for individuals with disabilities: Programs, philosophy and research. Adapted Physical Activity Quarterly 3, 217-226. 4. De Pauw K. (2001). The Paralympic Movement: Past, present and future. ICHPER-SD Journal 2, 42-47. 5. Carlsson B., Lindfelt M. (2010). Legal and moral pluralism

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Developing Expertise in Sport Coaching Through Engagement with Disability Programmes

References 1. ANTONAK, R. F. & H. LIVNEH, 2000. Measurement of attitudes towards persons with disabilities. In: Disability and Rehabilitation. 22 , pp. 211-224. 2. BELLEY-RANGER, E., H. CARBONNEAU, R. ROULT, I. BRUNET, M. DUQUETTE & E. NAUROY, 2016. Determinants of Participation in Sport and Physical Activity for Students with Disabilities According to Teachers and School-based Practitioners Specialized in Recreational and Competitive Physical Activity. In: Sport Science Review. 25 , pp.135-158. 3. BIGGS, J. & C. TANG, 2007. Teaching for

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Self-Esteem in People with Physical Disabilities: Differences between Active and Inactive Individuals

domains between active and inactive individuals. In: Physical Activity Review. 4(4): 62-71. 24. NEMČEK, D., 2016(c). Quality of life of people with disabilities from sport participation point of view. In: Acta Facultatis Educationis Physicae Universitatis Comenianae. 56(2): 77-92. 25. NEMČEK, D., 2016(d). Life satisfaction of people with disabilities: a comparison between active and sedentary individuals. In: Journal of Physical Education and Sport. 16(2): 1084-1088. 26. NEMČEK, D., J. LABUDOVÁ, T. JAVANAINEN-LEVONEN, & J

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Quality of Life of People with Disabilities from Sport Participation Point of View

disabled. In: International Disability Studies. 9(2), pp. 87-89. 16. KURKOVÁ, P., 2010. Vzdělávání žáků se sluchovým postížením z hlediska vedení ke zdravému životnímu stylu. [The education of pupils who are deaf or hard of hearing from guiding to healthy life style point of view]. Olomouc: Palacky University in Olomouc, ISBN 978-80-244-2582-5. 17. KURKOVÁ, P. 2015. Emotions in the physical activi ties of Czech students who are deaf or hard of hearing in general and special education. In: Journal of Physical Education and Sport. 15(4), pp

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Relationships Between Anaerobic Performance, Field Tests and Game Performance of Sitting Volleyball Players

Jadczak Ł, Kosmol A, Wieczorek A, Śliwkowski R. Motor Fitness And Coordination Abilities vs. Effectiveness of Play in Sitting Volleyball. Antropomotoryka, 2010; 49: 57-67 Jadczak Ł, Śliwkowski R, Wieczorek A, Wieczorek J. The Degree of Disability and the Level of Physical Fitness and Co-Ordination Abilities of Sitting Volleyball Players. Med Sport, 2009; 6(6) 25: 377-385 Lode. Operator manual Wingate software. Groningen, the Netherlands; 1998 Molik B, Kosmol A, Skucas K. Sport – specific and general sporting physical fitness of sitting volleyball

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Game Performance Evaluation in Male Goalball Players

of Disability and Anthropometric Parameters. Clin J Sport Med, 2012; 22: 65-69 Morgulec-Adamowicz N, Kosmol A, Bogdan M, Molik B, Rutkowska I, Bednarczuk G. Game efficiency of wheelchair rugby athletes at the 2008 Paralympic Games with regard to player classification. Hum Movement, 2010; 11: 29-36 Pilianidis T, Christodoulos A, Douda H, Anastos A, Tokmakidis PS. Heart rate responses and blood lactate concentration of goalball players during the game. 10 th Annual Congress of the European College of Sport Science, July 13-16, Belgrad-Serbia. Book

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Cyborgsportpersons: Between Disability and Enhancement

, S.D. (2008). Should Oscar Pistorius Be Excluded From the 2008 Olympic Games? Sports Ethics and Philosophy , 2(2), 112-125. Fukuyama, F. (2002). Our Posthuman Future: Consequences of the Biotechnologicaly Revolution . London: Profile Books. Greely, H. T. (2004). Disabilities, Enhancements, and the Meanings of Sports. Stan L & Pol'y Rev , 15, 99-155. Hoberman, J. (1992). Mortal Engines. The Science of Performance and the Dehumanization of Sport . New York: The Free Press. King, M. (2011). A league

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Static Balance of Visually Impaired Athletes in Open and Closed Skill Sports

.J., Dhamija E., Malhotra M. (2013). A comparative study on static and dynamic balance in male collegiate soccer and basketball athletes. Medicina Sportiva 9(2), 2087-2093. 7. Kartal A. (2014). Comparison of static balance in different athletes. Anthropologist 18(3), 811-815. 8. Moran-Navarro R., Valverde-Conesa A., Lopez-Gullon J.M., De la Cruz-Sanches E., Pallares J.G. (2015). Can balance skills predict Olympic wrestling performance? Journal of Sport and Health Research 7(1), 19-30. 9. Mononen K., Konttinen N., Viitasalo J

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Sport for All Frail Bodies

Regulatives 2010. Copenhagen: Statens Byggeforskningsinstitut. Hansen, J. (2015). The Origin of the Term Handicap in Games and Sports - History of a Concept. Physical Culture and Sport. Studies and Research, 65, 7-13. DOI: 10.1515/pcssr -2015-0006. Imrie, R. (2012). Universalism, universal design and equitable access to the built environment. Disability & Rehabilitation, 34(10), 873-882. International Federation of Adapted Physical Activity (IFAPA: 2004). By Laws. Retrieved March 2, 2015, from http

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The Contribution of Sport as a Means of Inclusion in Discussions of Sustainable Development for Visually Disabled People

agenda . Retrieved September 15, 2001, from Urzanqui, A. (1995). Psimotricidad, deficiencia visualy y deporte. /Psicomotricity, visual disability and sport/. Revista Blind Sport International , 9, 52-98. Vieira, C. S. (1998). Influěncia da Prática do Judô no Comportamento Ansioso de Adolescentes Deficientes . /Influence of the Practice of Judo on Anxious Behavior of Adolescents with Disabilities/. Unpublished master's thesis. Rio de Janeiro: Rio de Janeiro State

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