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The Significance of Business Localization Factors in the Czech Republic

Hongkong and Macao in mainland of China [online]. Chinese Geogrephical science , vol. 7, iss. 4, s. 328 - 338 [ibidem 2011-09-28]. Retrievable from: Hlaváček, P. (2009). The foreign direct investments in the Ústí region: Theory, actors and space differentiation. E+M Ekonomie a Management. vol. 12, iss. 4, s. 13-27. ISSN 1212-3609. Hnilicová, H

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Client characteristics and therapist style: a combined analysis of impact on retention and effectiveness in outpatient substance abuse treatment

motivational interviewing across behavioral domains: A systematic review. Addiction 96 (12): 1725-1742 Hojat, M. (2007): Empathy in patient care. Antecedents, development, measurement and outcomes. New York: Springer Imel, Z. E. & Wampold, B. E. & Miller, S. D. & Fleming, R. R. (2008): Distinctions without a difference: Direct comparisons of psychotherapies for alcohol use disorders. Psychology of Addictive Behaviors 22 (4): 533-543 Kadden, R. M. & Longabaugh, R. & Wirtz, P. W. (2003): The matching

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Factors Influencing whether Nurses Talk to Somatic Patients about their Alcohol Consumption

.09.002 Lock, C. A. (2004). Screening and brief alcohol interventions: What, why, who, where and when? A review of the literature. Journal of Substance Use, 9 (2), 91–101. Retrieved from Mandag, M., & Trygfonden. (2009). Fremtidens alkoholpolitik: Ifølge danskerne [The future alcohol policy: according to Danes]. København: Mandag Morgen. Miller, W. R., & Wilbourne, P. L. (2002). Mesa Grande: A methodological analysis of clinical trials of treatments for alcohol use

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The importance of origin and destination country skills for labour market attachment of immigrants from Pakistan, Iran and Turkey

by post-migration skill investments, in the case of complementarity, and 3) Indirectly, when mediated by post-migration skill investment. These hypotheses therefore provide three standard but different causal mechanisms on how pre-migration skills matter for labour market outcomes, as illustrated in a causal model in figure 1 . Figure. 1 The causal models and underlying hypothesis There are other potential explanations for the lower participation rates and higher overeducation rates for immigrants, than those just examined. Poor job search behaviour

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The rise and implications of temporary staffing as a migration industry in Norway

Introduction The two eastward enlargements of the EU in 2004 and 2007, which gradually opened the labour markets of western Europe to migrant workers from former socialist countries in central and Eastern Europe, triggered west-bound migratory flows of unprecedented scale, as millions of workers moved west in search of employment and higher wages. In the following decade, temporary staffing agencies – defined by the tripartite employment relationship between workers, agencies, and client firms – came to play an important role in facilitating the

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“America is the dream of so many things”
Images and experiences of German speaking au pairs in the United States

program, which has also become popular in recent years, au pairs still live in a protected environment (i.e. in a family), have their own permanent room (instead of backpacking) and don’t have to search for new jobs every once in a while. One might say they are the ‘bourgeois’ kind of temporary migrants, but this does not mean that they are less adventurous or safe from difficult situations. It should in fact be stressed that due to the ambiguous au pair regulations worldwide, every au pair, regardless of their class, gender and ethnicity, is likely to struggle with

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Political, Practical and Architectural Notions of the Concept of the Right to the City in Neighbourhood Regeneration

prevent processes of differentiation. The data material was collected by mixed methods: following and observing ongoing regeneration projects in project meetings; conducting qualitative interviews with local actors in the city administrations, organisations and development projects as well as inhabitants with various ethnic backgrounds; collecting planning and design material that includes drawings, memos, public releases, blogs and reports; organising design workshops for ethnic minorities; participating and observing in workshops that were organised for concerned

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Welfare Policing and the Safety–Security Nexus in Urban Governance
The expanded cohesion agenda in Malmö

clubs, some of them illegal (in popular discourse referred to as ‘black clubs’). The city authorities gave the police permission to close the street for traffic between 9 p.m. and 5 a.m., and those who did not comply with the restrictions risked having their cars searched by the police ( Polisen website 2011 ). In an interview with the local newspaper, Sydsvenskan , the commander-in-chief of the programme declared that the police will be more visible in this particular area of the city, and the undercover police will actively target Malmö’s criminal underworld

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Development of Somatic Complaints Among Adolescents and Young Adults in Switzerland

–411. Spini, Dario, Laura Bernardi, and Michel Oris. 2017. Toward a Life Course Framework for Studying Vulnerability. Research in Human Development 14(1): 5–25. Surís, Joan-Carles, Christina Akre, Claire Piguet, Anne-Emmanuelle Ambresin, Grégoire Zimmermann, and André Berchtold. 2014. Is Internet Use Unhealthy? A Cross-Sectional Study of Adolescent Internet Overuse. Swiss Medical Weekly 144: w14061. Taushanov, Zhivko and André Berchtold. 2017. A Direct Local Search Method and Its Application to a Markovian Model. Statistics, Optimization & Information

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The fuzzy concept of collaborative governance: A systematic review of the state of the art

, Nabatchiand Rosemary O'Leary, 2005 ; McGuire, 2006 ; Emerson, Nabatchiand Balogh, 2012 ; Huxham et. al., 2000 ; Newman et al., 2004 ; Cooper et al., 2006 ; Bingham and O'Leary, 2015 ; Sirianni, 2010 ; Camarinha-Matos and Afsarma, 2008 ; Donahue et al., 2012 . Kallis et al., 2009 ; Booher, 2004 ; Purdy, 2012 ; Ghose, 2005 ; Donahue, 2004 ; Buuren, 2009 ; Johnston et al., 2011 . and 20 recent and relevant. Selected from comprehensive list generated by combined EBSCO Service Delivery and Google Scholar searches (July 2017: Gugu and Dal Molin, 2016

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