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Benjamin Stelzle and Jörg Rainer Noennig

Mitarbeit website ) were reviewed in detail and digested. The goal of this preliminary research was to structure the existing and available methods, and to assess their appropriateness for different participation objectives. Building upon the information collected, a database was set up and will be launched this year that comprises an overview and search tool for 70 methods. Compared to existing databases it provides a filter function for a fast preselection of methods according to specific project requirements. The second goal was to compare these methods with the

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Anna Staniewska

characteristic of a given area can be discussed—in the form of a ranking of preferred solutions, the search for forms that fit a given place, games or the construction of miniature models ( Photo 1 ). The workshop is documented, filmed and photographed, with each thematic group preparing a report. The functional programme of the future park is once again updated and supplemented. The entire process resembles the Participatory Rapid Appraisal method (Theis & Grady 1991) in which the future designer steps into the role of a student treating the participants in the meetings as

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Elżbieta D. Ryńska and Maria L. Lewicka

issues may also form important barriers. Sustainable conditions for the design and construction of buildings directly involve the implementation of particular design procedures and management methods together with specifications for environmentally friendly building materials. Designers participating in building design represent a group of professionals who have a direct influence on the process whereby the building materials become part of a circular closed-loop economy. Such an approach reduces the dependence of further economic development on the finite supply of

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Katarzyna Nikorowicz-Zatorska

new connections with Western Europe. Regarding the latest changes in the demographic structure and migration patterns, it would be appropriate to search for new eastern destinations. Wherever possible, Lodz Airport development should be geared to high-quality general aviation and VIP aviation ( Nowak & Sikora 2005 ) services and innovative products with added value capable of satisfying demanding markets and market niches. A commitment to VIP aviation is recommended as the city and region of Lodz has attracted many foreign direct investments of late. A great

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Justyna Kleszcz

, functional, energy-related and food production related characters within unfavourable external conditions. The scheme based on both of these concepts is shown in Fig. 1 . Figure 1 Scheme of city transformations through introducing point - and - network elements or corridors Source: own analysis. The beginning Although the literature review on issues related to the functioning of urban agriculture is very wide, it does not, in fact, directly address the question of urban agriculture as a method of transforming cities and redefining urban

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Łukasz Drozda

reactions against state-directed urban planning’ ( Mullins 1987 : 366) or are directly opposed to urban renewal programmes, including the most well-known initiatives led by Jane Jacobs ( Zipp & Storring 2016 ), they usually represent first and foremost the interests of their own activists. As the Fainsteins point out (1985: 189) , such groups of activists ‘are the products of social collectivities, which consist of members with shared statuses or social conditions’. Whereas sometimes they are able to unify excluded groups, in other situations they strengthen the

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Gérard-François Dumont

have heard – 60 years ago people used to burn less coal, which is now a common practice’. Thus, this part of the text indicates that a city, because of high population density, consumes a lot of fossil energy on a limited surface area, thus creating pollution. This produces – compared to the countryside – more insalubrity and excess mortality. According to John Graunt, the development of urbanisation based almost exclusively on immigration (which has both a direct and indirect (due to their fecundity) influence on the number of inhabitants), will necessarily